“Good To Go!”

Some of you have met me. Maybe you have read my blogs. Perhaps your higher selves heard the call and made the necessary connections and agreements. What ever the path of association, let me just tell you, we are still

good to go

The delays, and derailments, misunderstandings and frustrations are for naught. The sabotages, of which there have been many, have not discouraged the crew from their commitments. The program is still good to go. We are on track and we will be given the command to take off “soon.”

Now this may all sound kind of weird. (she smiles) And you are not too far wrong. It is weird. But if you think this here is weird, you should see it from my perspective. I thought I knew what was going on but I am always finding out that what my human mind thinks is going on is no reflection of what is really going on. Of what WE think is going on.

As humans, we assume that we have to be consciously making effort ALL THE TIME to prepare, to be good enough, to be clear enough or be the light enough. But that is not necessarily the case. Most higher beings don’t spend any time at all psychoanalyzing themselves, or doing the inner work. They know and accept their truth and leave it at that. They don’t worry about mental or emotional blocks or limiting beliefs. They just, moment by moment, fulfill their truth. Always. They trust. They love. They support. They express. And all of this is their service to the Greater Good. Just as living in physical form is our service to the Greater Good.

So relax, be patient. Our flight will be taking off soon. We are good to go!

Now, that lead in may seem odd, perhaps out of context, well, here is the context.

I haven’t been writing much in the last year. Not sure when my last blog was. Long ago. Have been working on other projects. Getting my class program sorted out. Too much info, not enough time to share it. So what to keep and what to leave out. Then the book, a lot of writing not going anywhere fast.

But then there is the question of my calling. Is it still on track? And this is where my personal misunderstandings have led me astray. Part of me believes I have all the time in the world, and perhaps I do. But do I want all that time? Then another part, the more intuitive part says we are mostly done, and now just waiting to go. I can still collect people for this trip (in case you are interested, there will be an invite at the end). It has always been the goal to collect as many people as possible, though I have provided activation for everyone. But, if my dreams are any indication, I have collected quite a few. Well, that sounds creepy! I’m just providing a path of ascension. Nothing more. Kind of like a towrope…. Or a seat on an airplane.

Which brings me to this process to day.

I had a dream. I know, big whoop. But my dreams are psychic. Mystical. Analogous.

And that is the case today.

I dreamt our plane was in hiding. And because this planetary ascension process can seem like a rather aggressive game of steal the flag, hiding is a good thing. I am always saying to others, “I am working under the radar.” Though why, I am not sure, just something I say. (Sometimes it is kind of boring. The waiting seems unending. When are we leaving? When will we get there? Can we just please go already???)

All in good time.

So, our plane was in hiding. And I went to do a pre-trip inspection. The big ol’ bird was in a large hanger, plenty big enough for our needs, though the plane was very large indeed! But it was just sitting there, so I went on board to check systems and what do I see? My passengers!

Now this is a surprise for me as I had felt like I had lost track/connection with my people. I had been collecting them since 2010. Don’t ask me how, I don’t actually know. But I hadn’t seen them since ’13! I kind of figured everyone was becoming self ascending. In charge of their own process and progression. There had been indication in the early days that my personal process was driving this bus (collection bus) but then to lose everyone, I assumed I had failed some how or everyone was progressing under their own steam! Which would be lovely too. And I assume, ideal.

But here they all were, quietly cooling their jets, waiting for take off. I connected with a few, asked after everyone, encouraging everyone. Letting them know we were still good to go, just as soon as we were given the word.

When I went to check in with my crew chief, he told me there had been a “leak”. Someone was exporting messages. Location wasn’t being revealed but updates were being sent.

The question became: “Is this mission compromised to such a degree that we needed to cancel and cut people loose?” This was my call. This is my mission. Am I determined to see this project through till the end? I always have a choice.

And here is my answer: I have faith. I have faith that this process, the planetary and human ascension of Earth and her inhabitants, is a valid and valuable experience, and to be supported with full follow through. That I am more than capable of supporting my mission, fulfilling all steps and levels required for completion and ascension. I am NOT giving up. I may not know what to do in a practical sense; teach classes, run my own radio show or write a book, or maybe all of the above! But I will keep on keeping on.

I am not the only one ascending groups of people. But how many are aware of this mission? I have no idea. Does this absolve you of your own need to do your inner work? Hell No! Clear that shit out, better to do it consciously here now. Beliefs, especially beliefs of separation, limitation, victim-hood, human identity are all limiting and creates density. Clear them out to the best of your ability.

You are God having a human experience. The God part is your truth, the human part is only your experience. The car you are driving. You are Love, be Love. You are Light, be Light. And remember, you are a child of God and thus God.

And we are Good To Go!

Earlier I mentioned there would be an invite. It’s simple. You just need to want to ascend. To awaken to your higher truth, if you haven’t already. You may not even need me, or those like me. That’s cool. But if you want the help, then hear my call!

Gods children hear my voice.

Gods children Hear My Voice.


Namaste Awaken Kristoss

Namaste Awaken Kristoss


And so it is.”

Maybe I’ll see you on the flight.