Propaganda War

What if I told you that there was a propaganda war being fought against the people of this country?

That the purpose of this propaganda war was to keep every one distracted and reactionary and fearful for their well being.

And what if I told you the reason that this war was happening was because the ones waging this war KNEW, with out a shadow of a doubt, that the ones they were warring against were more powerful, and more creative and dynamic than they themselves were.

That the “victims” of this war could change every thing, just by agreeing to disagree, for a few moments, and stop reacting to the drama of the war. That if they would only just take a few moments and imagine the world they wanted, with passion and clarity, that the shear quantity of people making this effort would change the world over night, and those warring “generals” would be out of a job in no time flat.

Now to get a little bit mystical. The angels and all higher beings are watching to see which way we jump. Into fear, which is actually where we have been. Or into love, in all its complexities. We need to change.

We need to remember that there isn’t a person a live who can give us our power, except us. That no one can actually take our power away, either. As long as we get angry at them for “dis-empowering” us, they will hold power. But it is an illusion. And it is a powerfully crafted illusion.

You see, we are children of the Light, or God, or Spirit, or perhaps of Love. I have seen our spiritual birth, and we come from Light. We are energy first and foremost. And being here now as humans? It is just a part we are playing, like being in a movie. And at the end of the day, we all go for drinks and talk about the production of the day.

But it is only an illusion. Yes, part of our “role” is to react to the prompts or cues. But we also have the opportunity to add to the process by creating our own story within the larger story. We are not required to respond to the different games at all. We can go about our business.

Those in authority KNOW that they can rewrite the script at any time and the quest for power is exactly that. By seeking power they are endeavoring to “re-write the script.” But there are no hard fast rule to this rewrite. And it is up to us to write our part of the movie, or others will do it for us.

There is technically nothing wrong with their movie, it’s just that from certain perspectives, they are trying to write us OUT of the play. We don’t fit their esthetic concept of their movie. From certain perspectives.

What is important to note here is that THEY ARE NOT THE SCRIP WRITERS for every one. Only them selves and their parts. And this is ok. But they do not have the right to write us out. We are under contract until our part is completed.

It is up to us to “write our own parts” in the larger script that is the human experience on this planet at this time.

More whoo whoo. The thing is, there are movies within the movie and many of them function at vibrational frequency levels above the Washington DC script writers. And above means that they can not be impacted or influenced. They can only influence those actors performing at their own vibratory levels. Or close to.

So, if you don’t like the part they are writing for you, write your own, and raise your vibrational frequency to a different level and act out your part there.

And remember above all else:


And the monsters posing at script writers in Washington DC. They love fear. yum

(As I was preparing to post this I had this odd thought, or perhaps a reminder, that by even caring about this issue, which drives me nuts when I get on Facebook, that I am playing in that lower level game too. So, to make it simple, and more productive: Just remember that you are a being of light having a human experience. That as such, you have experienced far worst in your many incarnations. And right now all that is required of us is to remember who we really are and to not get stressed about the games our less awake siblings are playing. Raise your vibe, focus on what you need and want and know it is yours. And trust that you will always have what you need, when you need it. This is part of our truth. Seeking power and excessive wealth is lack of divine trust. They are afraid they will not have what they think they want and need when they want and need it. And like many small children, they are jealous and greedy and not sharing well. What they don’t know, and maybe you are not aware of this either, but there is more prosperity than any one can imagine and our needs are ALWAYS met….unless we don’t think they will be. And then we are in low vibe mode. Raise your vibe! get happy and stay there! You are loved and you are taken care of.)