Concerning the Subject of “Rape Culture”

I’m sorry, please forgive me, I love you and I thank you.

To all men women and children who have been the victim of rape: I am sorry, please for give me, I love you and I thank you.

Earlier, I commented on a Facebook post concerning an off shoot of rape culture. At the beginning I felt justified in the comments I made. I thought the woman who had written the piece was an extreme feminist looking for another way to say that men are scum.

But the more I thought about it and dreaded the fall out for my lack of compassion, the more thought I gave to my own reaction and what I was feeling about the topic.

The thing is, as a spiritualist and an energy worker, I have a knee jerk reaction every time I hear the phrase “rape culture.” You see, naming it validates it. Gives it more energy and in the long run, will make it more prevalent, though it will be seen as “not acceptable.” It will, I think, be accepted as normal in a certain strata of society.

And that is horrible.

Violence against others should never be seen or accepted as normal. It is the behavior of a bully, and those who feel the only way to feel personal power is to “steal” it from others.

You see, rape is generally not about sex. It is really about power. And the more our society is disempowered from various sources, the more people will act to “reclaim” their power from those weaker than themselves. And those people will generally be women and children and solitary men.

This creates several problems because we are not necessarily responsible for empowering the bully who is threatening us with physical violence as we walk home from work or the club. We are not capable of instilling in that person a sense of personal power without taking the “hit.” And the power they might feel for the moment will fade and need to be sought out again. Perpetuating the problem.

The problem is educational. And so many people who have violence issues resist being educated. They feel themselves a victim too. School made them feel stupid, parents didn’t have the intelligence or patience to help them. So school was not happy and informative.

Perhaps dad was a mean drunk, and took it out on the kids and wife. Perhaps mom was the one abused. And because many women are not empowered in any real way, she takes it out on the kids. Abused people tend to become abusers. It is a nasty cycle.

But I am making suppositions. There a many variables that contribute to making a violent person violent. And there are people who study and specialize in helping these people.

The thing is, it isn’t just men. Women disempower others too. Women disempower other women through criticism and shaming. They disempower men by dressing in ways to seduce and then make the men feel bad for asking for a dance. They embarrass and shame them in front of their friends, leading to intense feelings of embarrassment, disempowerment and anger.

The problem is complex. Both socially and energetically.

Socially because most people feel disempowered by life in so many ways. We feel victimized from all directions. We feel like we didn’t get the nurturing that we think we needed from our parents, because they were generally working hard just to make sure we all had food to eat. And classes were crowded so less time with our teachers. Perhaps our families were scattered, so no extended family to help raise and encourage us. Again, I am making suppositions.

Then there is the energetic perspective.

By naming anything, we empower it. Magic 101. And the more the “name is called,” the more power that subject will have. Until it will manifest in the physical reality.

In energy work, it all starts with a desire, which attracts the energy. The greater the desire, the greater the energy and then the energy manifest in some capacity. We call this Law of Attraction…lets look at that for a second.

Let look at what law of attraction is. It works like this: Like (energy) attracts like (energy.) That is magnetism. That is science, last time I checked. Law of attraction is a physical science!

OK, so that may be a simplistic perspective but energetically speaking, it is that simple! And the energy is affected, “good” or “bad” by thoughts and more specifically, beliefs. Also by intense emotions. And after a while of emotionally empowering a belief, it will be effected into reality. Our beliefs create our reality.

Personally and collectively. Most people don’t have difficulty with the personal reality part. But what if your beliefs are about other people? And your feelings about them are really strong. Are they being influenced by that energy? Yes.

And generalized beliefs and feelings, like the one for “rape culture,” will affect those who are predisposed, to engage in that behavior. So that guy, who grew up respecting women, in general, but mom was a bitch and disempowered him on occasion, well, he might feel justified in raping a date, if the opportunity presented its self. The energy can be that pervasive if enough belief is supporting it.

So not only do our beliefs create our own personal reality but the realities of others to. It is important to note that free choice is still the currency of the day. But some people are on the tipping edge and if my clearing on a topic can help others make better choices, then I will help by clearing that energy.

And this is one reason why spiritualist become mindful, so they catch those beliefs as they surface and clear or challenge them. So they are not projecting their beliefs out into the world to mess with other people.

But this is all just a lot of excuses and reasons and explanations. Yes, they are part of the problem, or at least the defining of the problem but not much towards the solution.

In my own mind, it comes back to respect, positive and enlightened empowerment, and compassion for others.

Also, I clear on all beliefs that say that other people are a certain way. Example: men having a rape culture, would be a good one. Feminist being man haters is another good one.

So please please please do NOT confuse or make one act of violence with a “culture.” Even if many people are doing it. Don’t make it culture. So many people strive for culture…how about we strive for a Gentlefolks’ Culture. Where do I sign up?

And for any confusion or frustration or any other thing I may have caused: I’m sorry, please forgive me, I love you and I thank you.


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