I have been looking at the “Truth War” going on right now. Five months ago, I called it the “opinion war.” Things have heated up recently. This is a crazy time where every one is determined that what they believe to be true IS THE TRUTH.
AND that it applies to everyone else too.
AND they have to share this truth so loud and so intensely, that it makes places like Facebook very uncomfortable for those of us who are awakening to this one little idea:
That means it is open to interpretation. The problem is the ego. Ego likes to be right. I think it is the modern equivalent of “survival of the fittest.” Ego is all about survival. All about comfort, not in the sense of a comfy couch but safe, provided for. Not in imminent danger of dying kind of comfortable.
But there is this other thing going on. Energetically, we are moving into the vibrational frequency of the 5th dimension. Funny thing about the 5D, is everything is about truth! And about expressing our truth, and when we express our truth we are being of service to the Greater Good. (What and why is a different article all together!)
Problem. People are awakening to what EGO thinks is the truth. And that is going to be based on background, family history, personal experiences, education and the most flattering elements of that all combined together (comfort).
What I have come to understand is this. There is the BIG TRUTH, of which I have found only one. The ascended masters and archangels call it the Law of One. The Law of One states quite simply that “All is One” or more mystically, “All is God” and I try to leave that definition open to peoples interpretation. Though personally, I have experienced “The One” as an intelligent energy. Not in a rational intellectual way but definitely aware…and joyful …and curious. Or maybe that is just me!
But then there is the small truth. We all have dozens, if not hundreds, or maybe even thousands of these. These are the truths that we use to define our selves and the world we live in. Both personal and collective realities. Things that impact us in personal ways. And things that we share with other.
It used to be that the collective reality was enough. Personal reality was considered a form of insanity. Some still think that is true. But the collective reality was large, massive, everything, and most people conformed to it to the best of their ability to do so. And they kept their secret personal realities secret. This was both a blessing and a curse. A blessing because people got a long fairly well, everyone had similar social manners and everyone knew what their place was and how to fit in. But a curse too. When people keep secrets, a lot of abuse can and did happen, on so many levels of society. And everyone kept quiet even if they knew so and so was a pedophile. They just didn’t leave their kids at that persons house. Or if the boss was a jerk, it was “his place” to be a jerk, and “my place” was to take it because there was nothing to do about it.
But one of the things we are awakening to is personal value. Equality. We have awoken to the idea that money or family status or what house you live in or what country you call home does not make you better than anyone else. And this brings us to where we are now.
Since we have lost the major defining (and confining) traits of our society, though there are those who are clinging tooth and nail to maintain them, we are kind of lost and scrambling to figure out where we fit, what our purpose is and how this all works together. And ego is screaming “survival!” and trying to hang on to something that has served the greater good for thousands of years.
But, if you have been listening to anyone who is actively involved in their awakening, you may have come across the concept of the Divine Feminine. The pendulum of the planet and the universe will be swinging in that direction for a while. That is our next great adventure as a species. How to nurture. And by nurture, I mean cultivate and create and encourage and support and hold space and just be. It is not about women being the bosses. No, not about one gender over the other. The female ego can run towards that if we are not careful, and I am seeing some who are embodying the worst of both the divine masculine and feminine and becoming …..bitches…….this is not about sex. We are not talking about gay people, but about the problems of ego attachment to gender based identities. When one gender thinks that they are better, smarter, more capable than the opposite gender, so should be in charge. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it.
And it is something to be aware of.
The thing is, and this is just my opinion, but I think we should agree to disagree (after we get over our insecurity about our roles and places in society, among other reasons) and just allow others to have their experiences without taking it as an insult/assault to our own ideas and experiences of truth.
Another thing I have seen is this: we are all here to awaken to OUR truth. And to follow where ever that leads us. Perhaps that is what every one needs. This basic idea that God, Spirit, Love, Light, Universe, Nature etc. wants us to stop trying to be like everybody else (safe, ego says) and allow and OWN what we discover within our own experience. And share that with others. But without the ego insecurity that seems to be the bases for the current “Truth War”. The universe loves us, regardless of who or what or how we think we are. Maybe we should trust that for a change and see who we really are when we stop trying to conform. Because the conformity standards are long gone folks, time to find our own standard and ALLOW others to discover theirs too.

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