I Own This!

First published on my Facebook page: True You Awakenings
I have a Meetups group. I have had groups for several years, for different purposes. But the bottom line has always been to provide a safe place for people to share their spiritual journeys, to perhaps gain some clarity and hopefully grow from the sharing process. The first two groups I had never really got off the ground. My current group grows by about four people a week. It is up to about 650 people. With a core group of about a dozen who show up with any regularity.
Anyway, we have all noted, those who attend, that there seems to be an unintended theme each Meetups. And thus my topic.
We met this morning and right from the go get, we were looking at the personal responsibility of owning our feelings and their triggers in the current political climate. Basically, “own your own narcissism, accept it, get over it and move on, or learn to work with it in a knowing way.” Since we all consider our selves to be moderately awake, and firmly on our journeys to be more so, working with triggers (those irritating reactions we get to situations or other people and their behavior) is right up our alley.
But it wasn’t just what others do. They are only an outward reflections of our inner issues. If we don’t have issues, then we are generally not going to be triggered in any meaningful way.
What really caught our attention was the need to own all levels of our truth. To stop being drama llamas screaming about OTHER peoples dharma karma, and accept our own responsibility for the world. Basically (and this is the level we are at) if the world is going to hell in a hand-basket, then we need to shift our beliefs to better reflect our personal truth. And to stop waiting for others to decide the nature of this reality.**
But it get both better and “worst!” We all have our own reality! And as we focus on what we love, we strengthen the realities that support that, and they will start to magnetize (Law of Attraction) towards other people with similar personal realities, creating somewhat specialized communities. With similar vibrational frequencies and focuses for expression.
A note about expression. The fifth dimension is about expression of truth. Both highest:“we are all individualized manifestations of God, AND THUS GOD,” and personal “exploring the Universe as we create it.” AND we are bringing it into the physical reality! And this is why the world seems kind of crazy right now. Everybody is manifesting their reality at their current level of awake-ness (or asleep-ness.). It’s a 5-D thing.
Everybody is having difficulty with how others define their truth, while at the same time they are trying to figure out their own. This new thing about “alternate truth” or “alternate facts” is a practical world* manifestation of the process of personal discovery of truth. Their problem is they are trying to rewrite the collective past reality. And the past is the past. It can not be changed. How well we accept or deal with that can be an issue. We are all entitled to believe what ever we want. Trying to impose it on others is just pushy and rude. And as far as I can tell, God works with the laws of physics. However, there are still laws to be discovered. Or perhaps we are to invent some new ones. I was taught shape changing. Literally. Shape-changing, in a crowd, to express truth. I know, right!?!?!
Anyway, back to owning our PERSONAL truth.
What we kept coming up against was the personal truths we were having difficulty accepting. And not so much accepting, but maybe holding fast to. We know we are God, having a human experience. But we get hung up on the limitations of the physical world and lose sight of our truth. One of the things I have been getting from my team, all along: Hold fast and hard to your truth while allowing others their own experience of truth.
It seems to be a very human process.
Psychologically, it is clear: accept your self as you are.
Physically it is straight forward: this is your body, love it as it is and help it out where you can.
Emotionally: they are your feelings and no one is making you feel anything but you. Own it.
Spiritually, it starts to get tricky: you are God having a human experience. ALL IS PERFECT.
Well now! Did you feel it? Did you want to start arguing on that one? Yes! I argue with it every day and I WAS SHOWN how EVERYTHING IS PERFECT!
Here’s how that works: God is everything. Everything is energy. Energy fulfills its self to the best of its ability in the moment. Each and every moment. So every moment is perfect. Thus everything is perfect.
But not IDEAL. That is the trick. Took me two years to figure that one out!
Spiritually speaking, perfection and ideal are not the same thing. Perfect is done, complete, past tense. Ideal is yet to be, future, plans and hopes and dreams. We strive for ideal but we realize/manifest perfection.
Since spiritual people are to be IN THE MOMENT, everything is perfect! (If you can shift on this psychologically, your world will change drastically! But you have got to believe it.)
And the future hasn’t happened yet, so get dreaming, imagining, visualizing, daydreaming, playing and planning. And love the hell out of it! But be in the moment too!
When it comes to Law of Attraction, the universe does NOT distinguish between positive and negative emotions, and all emotion has energy. And emotional energy is what powers the process of Law of Attraction. So when we hate something, guess what, we manifest MORE of what we hate. Sucks, I know. THIS is why the spiritual people you know ignore the political drama as much as possible. They just don’t want to manifest more crap. They are focusing their energy towards situations that they love. They want to manifest THAT. They are owning their world by focusing on what they want to see manifested in it.
But I have wandered…which I am prone to do. You still learn stuff.
By owning our truth, we are basically saying “my beliefs about the world have manifested in the world. That crap is my fault. I will take responsibility by changing my beliefs about the world. And the world will change to reflect my new beliefs. The past is past, I am letting that shit go! And the future is yet to be determined. I will clear on everything that does not match the future I would like to experience. And I will focus my love on what I love. Both for who I really am and how I want my reality to be.” Some of you will get this.
I went looking to see if I had a point. And what I found is this:
Our reality is a reflection of our beliefs. Personally and collectively. That our beliefs about our reality create our reality. AND our beliefs about the collective reality create the collective reality. This is not a literal direct thought creation but a co-creation process that translates beliefs into subconscious emotion forms, which in turn radiate out into the energetic universe, only to manifest in some form in the location format the beliefs are about. So if you believe politicians are liars, you are creating more opportunities for them to be liars. This is where we have to own our beliefs, face them and clear on them and start fresh. Without attachments. And make a distinction between the past and the future. We may not be able to change an individual, nor should we really try. And we can’t change the past. But we can visualize the world the way we would like it to be. But we have to be clear and we have to love it. Law of Attraction from a place of fear, only creates more opportunities to be afraid. But Law of Attraction about what we love manifest more opportunities to experience that love.
* “Practical world” is what I sometimes call the 3rd dimension or the physical world/reality. It is where all energy tries to manifest.
** “Reality” is a word that can be used for the word “experience”. Quantum physics says that we all have our own reality streams and that they run parallel and interwoven with other peoples reality/experience. And just because they claim there is only one reality with one set of rules, it does not mean it is necessarily so. Yes, there are basic rules that work consistently straight across the board for everyone. But our personal experiences and interpretations of those experience are not required to agree with others. Also, our vibrational frequencies can alter physical laws. I believe we will begin to see more of these reality altering events.

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