A Fork in the Road

Published on my Facebook page: True You Awakenings 2/1
This past week has been challenging. Every morning I have awoken to the anxiety that is gripping the collective consciousness right now. This general fear energy has been pervasive and at time difficult for me to deal with. As an empath, I have done what was needed to break free of it. To move back into my natural state of peace, love and joy. I have been tracking down my own beliefs that the fear connects with, to release, clear and love.
That is not always easy and can take time. But through the clearing, one thing kept surfacing in my mind every time this happened:
The Fork in the Road.
I have blogged about this at goldenbraidreiki.net and I have shared it quite a few times in various classes and discussions groups I have had. And it goes like this: In 2012, early in the morning of December 22, I was shown a drawing of a “fork in the road.” A line splitting into to 2 lines. With one angled up and the other angled down. With a thicker line crossing the line at the fork. It was a progress graph. And the being that showed me pointed out where we were on this image: at that darker line. Reality was beginning to split again (we had had a compression of many realities 14 months earlier). The graphs purpose was to reveal where we were in the planetary ascension process. Not as a society or as the human race but where Gaia was in the cycle. After all, it is really her ascension we came here to help with. We have all “been there and done that” before.
Previously, I had come across a concept within the spiritual ascension community concerning this very topic. It was called either: the “Earth A and Earth B scenarios,” or the “3D and 5D platforms”. In the later, it was an explanation of how the planet was moving FROM the 3D platform TO the 5D platform. And from my own experiences, this is true.
But the other label is correct too and more complete and involved, and the one I have focused on all along. It is where my personal education has focused. And the vision/image I received fits in with that concept.
The basic concept is this: The Earths reality was splitting into 2 distinct realities. And through our choices and focuses, through our continuously rising vibrational frequency, and subsequent awakening/ascension, we would move into the Earth A/5D platform and experience the benefits of that level. But if those choices and focuses were consistently fearful, negative, hateful, harmful to self and others, our vibration would maintain or fall, and we would experience the Earth B/3D platform. And our fear based energies would manifest into experiences that supported our beliefs. This is how Law of Attraction works.
We are in the Earth A/B scenario right now. That is a blended stage of transition and CHOICE. We are existing in the space between Earth A and Earth B.
Most people are just cruising along with the program, experiencing the world without getting too worked up about it. Their vibration is gradually rising and they are beginning to experience greater 5D skills and knowing-nesses. Whether they are aware is a different matter.
Here are some elements of 5 D personality traits: Awakening to and desire to express personal truth to the best of ones ability. Ease of manifesting personal beliefs (Law of Attraction, you didn’t think it was just about wishing, did you?) Clarity of truth. Purity or honesty in motivation. High degree of personal respect and love. Strong desire to “make a difference.” Many people are expressing these traits without being actively awake or in the know. Many more ARE aware. Vibrationally, everything is becoming 5 D. And some of the societal issues are coming from that. We are stirring the pot to see what needs to be cleared out.
So this week, I have been getting that ol’ “Fork in the Road” image. So I asked what its significance was, coming at me now. I was told that it is becoming increasingly important to choose Love, to consciously let go of fear. To make a choice, to BE love.
And how do we BE love?
Well, the first thing that comes to mind is this: we remember our truth. Not that we are currently humans having a wide variety of experiences and that we might be spiritual. But that we are God/Spirit/Love/Light and currently we are having a human experience. But human is not our truth, only our experience. Many people like the car analogy: our bodies are the cars we are currently driving. But they are not our truth, just our cars.
I do appreciate that it is hard to step that far back and see the world (and universe) that way. And to be honest, it is a level of awakening. But by accepting the truth of it, it will manifest in our lives to an increasingly higher degree. And it will become a part of our human functionality and how we respond to the world. When you can step back and say “Gee, why I am I getting all worked up, I Am God, this is just an experience to help me remember that. To learn all ways to be Love. I’ll be fine.” You will be there or at least a few steps closer!
So, a very long post made short: Let go of fear. Be Love. We are God having a human experience. We got this!
“We are all individualized manifestations of God, exploring the Universe, as we create it.” ~Lightweaver (me)
Gods Children Hear My Voice
Footnote: about that fork in the road and making choices. The more we accept our truth and consciously choose to be Love, the more that will manifest in our personal lives as well. This is not just about society but about personal experiences too. When we stay focused in our truth, we have a higher level of experience (experiences have a vibrational frequency too.) Except when there may be lessons or karma to be resolved. And even when we do have those sucky experiences, which we will (as that is usually part of our growth process), we will handle it better with a more positive response and bounce back. Which raises our vibration, which helps us be Love more. Which raises our vibration…
Namaste Awaken Kristoss
Footnote #2: There is some debate as to how the shift to 5D will be experienced, though technically it has already happened. But what I have consistently gotten is that when we hit that critical mass, all the solutions to all the “problems” will come on line for us to use and we will change the world. But, we have to clear, release and/or heal our attachments to what we perceive as reality. Sure it is our experience. But it is also THE PAST. It happened, that means it is the past. Let that shit go. We are not here to fix the old reality (past) but to create/shift to a new one. The tools to create a dynamically exciting new reality are already in place, we just have to get there. Everything was put in place before 12-21-2012. It is a done deal. So wake up!
* I know, something else…About critical mass. It is not a standard 51% that is required. The number changes based upon the criteria. AND it is compiled from all criteria. There are a ton of ways to break this down, and I am told not to go there but I can share a bit:
An average is required. But not all criteria are equal. And any of the criteria can force the shift, to maintain the “schedule.” And yes, there is a type of schedule.We have this one group: the sleeper cell (that’s how the concept translated…) I’m part of this group. We’re kind of a fail safe. There is 1 million of us. 53% of that group needs to awaken to their Christ Consciousness** for the shift to happen. We are at 48%. That is a rise of 12% in the past year. It is going to be an exciting year!
If we serve the greater good. I know there are other groups set up to also provide fail safes. Then there is the general population. This groups awakening is the ideal. 51% will make awakening a social phenomena. Like smart phones :/ (BTW smart phones and their ilk are a 3D manifestation of 5D telepathy and omniscience…) All humor aside, it doesn’t look like the general population is going to instigate the shift, though its response to the awakening of the various sleeper cells might be how it will play out. I suspect that everything will happen all at once.
**Christ Consciousness is a deep awareness of our truth as God.
And so it is.

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