Stop Feeding The Power Junkies!

Got onto Facebook for a few, and all I saw was bad things happening and people reacting to them. Over and over and over again.

Well, it is true that reacting is human nature. But what got my attention was the number of supposedly spiritually awake people playing the very same fear games that we are continuously being encouraged to play by the very people causing the problems.

As I see it, we can either respond from the 3-D perspective, which is that there is only this physical reality, and we can only react physically on this physical field of play.

Or we can observe and ACT from the 5-D perspective and clear/heal the old energy (anything that has already happened is old energy) and focus on creating the reality we actually want.

Reacting serves a purpose, to be sure but really? Awake people reacting like a bunch of scaredy cats? That is so 3-D!

But we ARE 3-D, you might be thinking. Well, yes. But we are also 5-D, and 6-D and 7-D and so on and so forth through 13-D. (But we generally think of that level as just being unified with God/Source/All That Is.)

The thing is, for the last 2000 years (at least!) we have been encouraged and educated to play from the 5-D level. Jesus said: “ask and it is given”, meaning that we just have to ask for what we want/need and we would receive from the universe in some capacity.

Now a days we call this Law of Attraction. Which is all about focusing on what we want, telling the universe about it and believing we will get it. Emphasis on BELIEVING.

The thing is, all those supposedly awake people on Facebook are using reactionary means to change the world, which will do nothing effective in the long run. Because, this physical reality we see and experience? It is just energy fulfilling itself. Past tense. “We” put this energy in motion, and we keep it in motion by reacting to it.

And that energy came BEFORE the reality. That is just how L of A works.

But why is the energy manifesting the way it is? Well, it comes down to desire and belief. Some one desires some benefit from the fulfillment of the energy. In 3-D terms, someone wants the oil or Trump or what ever the situation is, and is willing to effect the needed situations to acquire it.

That is the desire part of it. But there is belief involved too. Those people who want those situation believe that if they do certain things, they will get what they want. They are determined and financially powerful and well connected. They have gotten used to getting what they want because they have put certain “rules” in to this reality that favors them. So they use them and get what they want. Which actually reinforces: “believe and receive.”

But those are 3-D rules of play. The rules have always been that way. And except for the switching out of the people playing those games, those rules will always be here as long as we experience a 3-D reality. As long as we are physical.

But then there is the Law of Attraction rules. The 5-D rules of acquirement. And these have nothing and I mean ZERO to do with reaction and everything to do with intent. And desire and BELIEF.

I suspect that those “in power” use their beliefs to support their desires to effect the acquirement of what they want. They are doing Law of Attraction, too. Consciously or unconsciously doesn’t matter….in fact, most if not all, aspects of this reality are created through totally unconscious belief, from every one. If the world is going to hell in a hand basket, it is our belief that creates that hellish hand basket.

The thing is, we all have the power to create the reality we want. And when it comes to everyone participating, majority rules. Critical mass. We need critical mass!

But people are still reacting! They believe that they have no power, they believe that those in power wish to do them harm, they believe that we are only physical beings, having a physical experience. They believe that the ONLY way to change things in the physical reality is through physical means.

And we have been well programmed to believe this…by those in power! They know this is an energetically responsive reality/matrix and that if they control what we believe, they control the direction of the world. They tweak the news, plant seeds in movies and TV shows, get us addicted to a certain quality of life, and then stir things up, inciting fear, and only they  have the power of creation. This is their belief. If they keep us distracted from our higher consciousness, they control us.

I realize I changed my stance a bit on the power junkies knowing/not knowing about Law of Attraction. What I am seeing is that they feel they have power and control by keeping us in fear. Whether they are consciously or unconsciously doing Law of attraction, I couldn’t say.

I do believe they understand about the energy process of this reality. And by limiting (an illusions they believe in) our access to our higher truth and power, they maintain their power. And they limit us by keeping us in fear. In whatever ways, for whatever reason. How is less important to them than whether the fear guides us towards fulfilling their goals. Which is power. They currently have a win-win situation, as long as we react in fear to anything and everything that happens, they win.

And they discourage us from seeking out our higher truth and power. They use the same methods of control to make us believe it is too whoo-whoo or complex or “out there.” They keep us distracted.

It is kind of like we are on the wall in a dodge ball game, and they have a ton of balls to throw. We react to the discomfort of being hit, anticipating the next hit, forgetting it is only a ball, and a bouncy one at that. We just keep worrying about them throwing that damn ball at us. But if we get hit enough, it wears us down, making us slower, and a weaker target. Easier for them. We are distracted by discomfort and thus easier to control (more of their programming at work.)

It is true, we can throw the balls back, and hit them too. We can step aside. But there is this other thing: IT IS JUST A GAME. We do not need to get emotionally involved, we can choose to not respond at all. We don’t have to be afraid of the ball. We can enjoy the strategy of catching the ball and throwing it back. Sure, no problem. There is experiences to be had. Some are walking off the game field. That is OK, too. But it is just a game, and I feel it is time to change the game. And we start by NOT playing their game any more. By learning the rules and by choosing to make our own game, both individually and collectively.

Reality is created by energy, guided through belief. Good belief, bad belief, it does not matter. And the longer a belief is in play, the stronger reality is in that regard. If we believe a certain thing and there is nothing to contradict it, it will continue indefinitely, adapting as new small needs are imposed on that reality. And the reality changes as our needs and beliefs change.

And certain aspects of reality need to continue. But many aspects are designed to maintain control by those who believe they “know better” or are “empowered by God.” Well, I am empowered by God but have not become the Queen of England yet!


And that is because the energy in motion will stay in motion until it is neutralized and/or redirected by belief and need.

So here is the trick. We have to change our beliefs. And it is hard to do because we look out at the world and see what is happening. And we believe that is the truth and the only way to change reality is by changing it through physical means. This is a lie. We change reality by changing our beliefs. Unless we do, reality will just reinvent itself with in the same old paradigm (story).

But HOW do we change our beliefs? Well, we detach from them, acknowledge them as the past and then focus all our energy, desire, intent and belief on what we actually want in this reality.

But there are those who feel that to make a difference you have to be rational and deal with things as they are, in a practical physical way to make real change. The rational argument. The 3-D approach. This is fine. But there is also a problem with that. Energy, directed by belief, creates reality. Unless our beliefs change, we will repeat history over and over and over again. New sets and stages and players but the same damn play being retold again and again.

And as long as we continue to react to the old play being produced, we will continue to experience that play.

Now, this is OK too. Living in the physical reality in a purely physical way serves the Greater Good, just as much as awakening to our higher truth does, and functioning in a spiritual energetic way. It is all good. There are lessons to be learned watching or acting in any play.

Which raises more question that need to be answered. What lessons are we learning (hopefully) about the play we are experiencing? That we don’t like others selfishness? That we want a part in the play too? Or perhaps how to be empowered ourselves and to change the play to something new? Or build our own stage?

Are we learning what we need to learn from these experiences? I can’t answer that. My lesson is to allow you to have your experiences. I will help where and how I can, like writing blogs. Or offering classes on advanced Law of Attraction (only advanced because it has a larger stage of influence.) Or help people to shift into the 5-D reality….

What are my points?

1) This physical reality that we see and experience is just energy fulfilling itself. Neither good or bad, right or wrong.

2) The energy came before reality/physicality, waiting for direction.

3) The energy is controlled/effected by desire, intent and belief.

4) If we change our beliefs, we change our reality, personally and collectively.

5) By resolving* past placed energy/reality matrices, we more easily change/create a new reality. (* clear, release, heal.)

6) Consciously choosing to focus on desired results produces desired results. Especially if the old reality was resolved appropriately.

7) Where our attention goes energy flows. We create/do Law of Attraction 24/7. So it might behoove us to check our beliefs, both conscious and UNCONSCIOUS and see what it is we believe and are feeding energy to. Are we empowering problems by focusing on problems? Or are we empowering solutions and new creative ways of thinking and doing by focusing on finding the solution?

It can be hard to tell sometimes. And that is because we become emotionally engaged in the problem. Our emotions are powerful tools that we just don’t know nearly enough about using. So we practice. And keep plugging away. We will get this. We will change the world. We ARE changing the world. (It’s just the old energy playing its self out, so be patient.)

And last and most important point of all: You have choice, you always did and you always will. You can continue with the games in play, or you can create something new. Or a little of both. You have always had this choice. And this is a choice that no one can give to you. Or make for you. Just as your personal power is not something you get from others. You have to claim it for your self. You have the power and the right to create whatever you feel deeply called to create or experience.

Oh, and stop encouraging the power Junkies by giving them all of your attention! They had their game, time for us to make our own!


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