The Sacrifice of Fear

Before I get into this, I want to state for the record, that everyone has choice. To choose the high road or the low road. Or to even just hang out in the middle and watch others make their choices.

ALL choices have a karmic reaction, good and bad. Cause and effect.

And I also want to mention that as we do not see behind the scenes, it is not our place to judge others choices.

That being said, I want to share the behind the scenes insights I have received through my awakening.

Every single person on this planet (and off, if you want to get picky) are being of service to every one they meet, whether in a “good” way or a “bad ” way. As Children of God, we are always of service to each other, and we do this through playing out the energy that we are. From the moment of our “separation” at the Big Bang, we have been exploring and evolving into continuously more complex energy configuration, eventually manifesting on the physical plane in a wide variety of forms. And the choices and reactions we make in the course of this process is the continuation of our energetic evolution and manifestation. We explore deeply until the topic or experience is exhausted and we seek something new to challenge us. As Children Of God, we are voraciously curious. It is how we make the Universe grow and expand.

At this time on this planet, there are tons of highly evolved beings calling Earth home, if only for this one life. In fact, there was a whole chunk of time where only those with at least a smidgen of Christ Consciousness were allowed to incarnate onto the planet. From the mid 1940’s through the mid 1980’s, 93% of the souls incarnating in had had a basic awakening in a previous life. They had to “know”, at least, that they were Children Of God. How deep or complex that understanding went, is another matter entirely. Note: Christ Consciousness provided a necessary frequency. And we almost always “pick up” where we left off. That is why for that requirement.

When we behave in ways that seem dark and hateful we are also being of service. We provide other people with opportunities to grow in compassion and empathy and light. This is where our choices become important. By being reactive, we do not grow much, if at all. But when we control the knee jerk reactions of fear and anger and hate, we evolve and raise our vibration. As where, when we just lash out, we hold steady or lower our frequency. This is unfortunate. But when we truly want to grow, opportunities to do so will become available in a timely fashion. I have seen this happen in my life so many times, where I had reacted out of fear, but recognized my behavior for what it was, I usually had another opportunity to try again. It is kind of like taking a test. And there are no limits on the number of times you can take it, until you “pass.”

We are ALL Children of God, no exception, ever. And sometimes…I know you are thinking about the jerks you know and thinking they must be part of that 7% who DON’T have their Christ Consciousness. Well, that 7% is a very special group, usually limited to the dark beings and their families and immediate toadies serving the darkness. This is an intentional calling. Heavy duty contracts and paths. You see, sometimes we take on heavy loads of darkness to be of greater service and sacrifice. As humans, we can not wander too far from our truth. We may not remember and we may even reject the Light during the course of a life, but we usually never wander too far from home. But by playing for “team darkness,” we risk losing our path home, and becoming separate from Source. This is a great service and requires great dedication. Kind of sounds like I like these guys, doesn’t it. Not so much but I have evolved to the point of having “sympathy for the devil.” I respect their sacrifice. My first spontaneous healing was for Hitler. NOT a being of darkness, just a man with an intense contract of service to the greater good. Lesson: look at the results, not the actions. What did the human race learn, in general, from what he did. We learned that no one deserves to be persecuted because of their differences. It was a major step in human rights right a cross the globe. Again, not approving his actions, I feel compassion for ALL concerned. But I see the bigger picture and with out his contribution, we would not have evolved nearly as far as we have. And this was required, we had bigger fish to fry! A bigger project to participate in.

A word about contracts: we all have contracts to provide a very specific service to certain individuals at certain times, as appropriate. We might call these “callings.” That is appropriate. Now there are a lot of experiences that happen that we might feel are contracts, but contracts are things THAT HAVE TO HAPPEN. Big time energy is put into play to make sure certain people meet up at certain points to play out their roles. A contract usually is like a major event. A murder is always a contract. A birth is also a contract. Much thought is put into the placement of children. And those kids have contracts too. Remember, those kids are old souls, we are all old souls. And within our soul groups, we all take turns playing baby, and mommy, and daddy. Back to contracts. Sometimes we agree or plan to be an instrument of change, by bombing a high rise, or two. Sometimes we agree to play boss of a country. And those kinds of contracts are massive, especially the ugly political ones. Whole groups of people choose to participate in those dramas. Emphasis on “choose”.  We all choose where we want to play, for growth, or connections with others. There is something we need from the experiences we get that we need for personal growth, and certain types of situation provide greater opportunities for that growth. So we place ourselves where the greater opportunity is. This is not something we do as humans but as spiritual beings. Our higher selves, the part of us that always KNOWS we are God, made these plans. 

Everything on the physical plane is a manifestation of energy configurations in the higher planes. The original “trickle down” theory. Everything starts with Source/God. Then God explores Duality, then multiplicity and so on and so forth until there are billions of trillions (+/-) of individualized aspects of God exploring the universe. That’s us! And that is our purpose. Our experience doesn’t have to be complex or important, it just has to be lived. Preferably with intention. I really hope you choose Love over fear. To trust this little journey-adventure we are on, and to not freak out every time somebody does something mean or hateful.

So forgive the fear and accept the light. It is our truth, after all. And remember, everything that is happening is an opportunity for growth into greater Light and Love. Let that be your truth and experience. And share it far and wide. Those haters hiding in the shadows, need us to do this for them. Easy peasy.


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