Test, test, 1-2-3

Wow. Fresh off a dream test. Bare with me, this is going to be kind of weird.

Golden Braid Reiki, MY modality, has built-in tests.

Earlier, I felt called to take a nap. Wasn’t terribly tired but I have learned from previous experience that when I get like this I should go lay down before I FALL down. Just part of how my guides work. This energy is supposed to help you become an ascended human and there are things that have to happen in a timely fashion or you start over again. And my guides are on the ball!

OK, so I lay down for a nap. I doze a little and I hear, “we will test the systems at 3:30.” And the stress I have today and some of yesterday becomes clear. So I relaxed. I always forget that not only am I here to help YOU, I am here to become an Ascended Human and there are these hoops to jump through.

Well, after the 3:30 comment, I fall deeply asleep. And then I am dreaming I am in the back of a moving van, like U-Haul or Peinsky. Something like that. And we are driving at high speed down the freeway and there are these mountains in the distance and I have this other person in the back with me and this dog…no clue. And somebody is shooting at us and we are shooting back! Big ol’ revolver. Driving down the highway! High speed chase kind of thing. And then the guys driving hit a ramp and go sailing into the air and the van nosedives into a pond. I saw this coming so I grab the dog to keep him from getting hurt. Well, we get out of the van, wade to shore and the other person wanders away. The pond is part of a camp ground and I think it is kind of cool. I think I would like to camp here.

So I am wandering around and then I realize that I have nothing with me (as well as being wet). And I am still feeling like I need to hide (another really big element of my ascension process, I seem to be flying under the radar, to avoid excessive attacks. Another story and nothing to be concerned with.) Back to nothing with me. Well, the only thing I have is this child sized cell phone. Everything is in colors and weird programs and I can’t read it and I can’t figure out how to use the internet and where are the numbers so I can call home! MY stuff is gone! Several credit cards, my ID, all my cash. I have nothing, and I want to call home.

So I ask somebody from the campground “Where are we at?” “Banff.” In my mind I kept thinking it was Canada but they told me Montana. Not sure what that was about. But the point was, I have NOTHING! I was cut off from my husband and family. I had no money or way to get anywhere and I was expected in the dream to find my way home.

Well, let’s talk about my energy modality for a bit, and that will help put this dream into perspective.

Due to GBR, I have had bunches of dreams like this. I have been calling them anxiety dreams. You might think, so what I have anxiety dreams too. These are different. They are instigated by outside forces, namely my reiki guides. They are a test. And we have been using them since I started working with this energy to test my responses. Why you may ask? Glad you did.

The thing is, GBR is a mystery school in an energy modality. And mystery schools are all about testing your resolve in the face of your greatest fears and anxieties. Because the purpose of mystery schools is to make you a master, a guru, an ascended being of light and learning here to share this advanced state with others. Depending on the individual, I would imagine the test to be different for each person. I’m a home body so my test come through my dreams.

And since passing the test is not actually the purpose, the evaluation is valid to discern the degree of awakening or compassion or in the case of this dream, comfort going with the flow without freaking out. How many people can be totally uprooted from their homes and transported a distance with nothing but the clothes on there back and be calm and at peace? Not many.

Part of being a master is to be at peace in any situation one finds them selves in. To trust the process and to realize that all needs are met. Well, I was freakin’ out! FAIL! Serious frustration. Even some anger. At least I wasn’t punching anyone in this dream. Oh wait, forgot about the shooting. But that wasn’t personal. No emotion. Not part of the test…well, there was no emphasis on it.

Anyway, I failed, and even though my energy field is in good shape, I will get another chance.

And what’s the deal with Banff?




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  1. Nicky M
    Nov 03, 2016 @ 00:18:38

    I gave you a shoutout on my blog today 🙂


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