Purging Fear

I woke this morning thinking about creepy clowns. I heard a voice saying, “Those blasted clowns are trying to kill us!” And the feel was they were thinking of the politicians and corporate types who are harvesting the planet for all resources with out much regard for the PEOPLE living here. Their focus so tight on immediate profit that they don’t realize (or care) how short sighted it is.

Now, I can keep talking on that subject for a while, as I suspect that the people pushing for the fracking and deep mining projects (and many more) are some how playing out old karmic patterns, and a few new ones as well.

But back to clowns.

I’m not even sure why this is even on my radar, but it is and only in the last couple of days. Ever since a sighting was reported  20-30 miles west of here. A daily commute for a lot of people in the Treasure valley.

So I checked it out and saw that creepy clowns were a “thing.” Then discovered it is some how related to a movie called Purge, which I was only distantly aware of.  And I am fine with that.

So many distractions! It’s early and my coffee hasn’t kicked in yet.

OK, so my point is this. Our beliefs create our reality. And if the world is going to hell in a hand basket, what beliefs do we have or are hanging on to to manifest these situations? Not you? Think again. This reality is the manifestation of the collective (un)consciousness. And as we rise higher into the 5-D vibrational frequencies, we are better able to manifest our beliefs. Again, conscious or unconscious. So what do you believe? Do you believe those clowns are trying to kill us? Do you believe the world is falling apart at the seams? Do you believe everything is contaminated? Do you believe that we are being victimized? That our rights are being stolen?

Well, these beliefs are all lies that we are being told by media and the people who own the media. In the name of “you need to know” and “fair disclosure”.


Interesting thing just happened. I didn’t like the tone of what I was writing and I thought “I Am a Divine Channel, a pure channel of Source” which is part of my truth and calling, and suddenly this other stuff started to flow so here we go, a message of Light from our Source!

“Why are you afraid, this is not your truth. You are a magnificent being of light having a very human experience but it is time to remember who you are. And you are the I Am that I Am and you create reality! By what you focus on, whether it be love or fear, you create it. But fear is not your truth and yet it is the one thing you insist on manifesting, over and over and over again! Let it go! All of it. Focus on something you love, something you enjoy and have fun with. Choose another game to play! The game that has you all twisted up will fade away once they realize no one will play with them and they will come play with you. Invent a new game, a new way of playing and see what happens with that. That other game, that old game, has been played enough and as you can see, only a few are getting to play and the others are not having any fun watching them. So it is time to move on, let go of the old game and make a new one. Do any thing you want, be anything you want. You can choose anything. You can be a tap dancing zebra if you like, you just have to figure out how. You can do anything. But first you have to let go of your feelings of anger and resentment that you couldn’t play the other game. That they wouldn’t let you. It was their game, time to make your own. Take a deep breath with me and let’s blow it out, let it all go. Their game, let them clean up their own mess. Go make your own. And remember, ALL IS LOVE, GO BE LOVE.”


I wrote all kinds of other things: clearing, the nature of conspiracies from the higher perspective, the nature of spirit having a human experience but then I realized I kept coming back to this one point and I needed to let it go. To release it for myself. So I did.

And that leaves this blog, somewhat incomplete and you know what, the message is what is important here and you can make what ever you want of it. So, let it all go. BE your truth, what ever you think that is. Follow your bliss. Have fun. Be Love and Light.

And don’t let the media freak you out about creepy clowns.





4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Niki
    Oct 06, 2016 @ 13:12:43

    While clowns do tend to creep me out I haven’t let myself get caught up in the latest fear epidemic. I don’t watch the news but there are some things you just can’t help but hear about- this is one of them 😉 I’m with you, all in my world is perfect and full of love because that’s how I see it. Thanks for sharing and tagging #motivation so I could find this post ❤


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