The Body Oracle

My greatest, and most perplexing guidance, is my body.
My “health” always reflects a belief or attitude I hold on some topic. And the last couple of days, it has been pain in my lower back and hips.
For years, I knew I was psychosomatic*, since I was a teen and discovered I could “make” myself sick through thoughts. And then clear up the ailment by shifting out of those thoughts. So I have always watched my health, and the problems I have had, and tried to understand the beliefs that cause the issues. Clearing a belief has consistently cleared the physical problem.
For a long time, I didn’t know what the different problems tied in to. Different health issues deal with different beliefs. Eventually I got the book “Heal Your Body” by Louise L. Hay and have been using it ever since. Her methods are different than mine but the correlations between beliefs and the body and its ailments has proven invaluable!
What I discovered a while back, because of her book, is that lower back and hip issues deal with foundation beliefs structures of the most basic type, reality. In other words, what we believe reality is and how it works.
Now, this is personal beliefs. My beliefs are not necessarily your beliefs, we are all on different paths and have different foundation beliefs to deal with. It does take some presence and self awareness to play this particular game.
Well, this week, my back started really hurting me. Major twinge after major twinge. I know this is foundation beliefs, so I am looking, trying to see what I believe, and where I am tripping up again. And I always enlist the assistance of my guides and angels, I am a spiritualist, after all! And I used my favorite divination tool (tarot) as well, and ask what the problem is! What the heck is going on!?!?! The pain is scary intense. I do the cards, and I am guided to foundation concepts and the need to clear them immediately. Excellent!…..which ones? So I sit with my team and ask, what am I believing that is a lie, and messing with my well being?
And I am shown…drum role please….two different things.
The first is a TV show I just watch on Netflix, a full season in 3 days. It was only 13 episodes but I was busy too. The show is “The Messengers” about seven people activated to their angel truth for the purpose of battling the horsemen of the Apocalypse. Very Biblical.
The second thing was a conversation I engaged in the previous evening about the current political scene, the presidential elections and all the problems happening around it. The games and cheating and manipulations of the system to help certain candidates and hurt others. Nasty business. And the various financial problems also part of the problems of the current era. More nasty business.
Those are the topics of my false beliefs but what do I believe?
And as I asked that question, and examined the answer, the pain went away!
The answer? Well, I started believing in the illusion. In the dream. That this dream we call life is real, and not the manifestation of energy in movement. Energy shifting and reflecting into a dream/movie/play that we mistakenly call life.
Sure we need to be here now, and participate. But believe it is real? Well, in a way it is, and it is our purpose to be here. No doubts there. Our Divine Purpose is to live life! But our purpose is also to awaken to our truth, and that is a different creature all together. Creates some tricky situations! The experience of living what we believe to be a physical life, while waking to our truth as beings of light (or how ever you choose to express that idea) can require some fine tuning and a great deal of balance, until centered in our truth. At which point it becomes a great show!
You see, it is not easy being in the dream and realizing it is a dream. Why do we call it awakening? Because we realize we are in a dream.** The trick is to begin to LUCID dream the dream. And that means to begin to more actively shift the energy around you. And to choose your energetic focuses. To work with the energy, not fight it, to allow the energy to play out until it doesn’t need to any more. But we can speed up that process by working with it, instead of the fighting the way most people already do….Like me. I tend to fight the energy. Nothing wrong there, just not working with my own beliefs….*shift*….
If I had a word of advice for this, it might be to learn what your dream symbols mean. There does seem to be some connection. For example, dreaming about houses or a house, usually means we are dreaming about our selves, and the rooms of the house deal with different aspects of who we are. And what we need to deal with. But our “real world” houses might deal with who we are and our feelings or beliefs about our selves. Perhaps the condition of our house reflects our beliefs about our bodies. So then we have a dream within a dream….
I could be making this more complicated than it is. Or maybe not.
Another bit of advice, for those who made it this far (hello!), might be to view the world as an energy report. It works like this: everything is energy moving around, finding expression (the world we live in). What is the movement of any expression? The extreme fighting in the world would be duality swinging out of control, seeking balance, or trying to find dominance. Personally, I am ALWAYS being guided to find balance.
And the world is in extreme imbalance right now. From a Biblical perspective, it could be seen as a battle of good and evil. Angels and demons (both intelligent energies) duking it out for control of the world. We don’t have to be Christian or see things Biblically to use the same kind of allegory the Bible uses to explain the universe. The Bible as an energy report*** is fascinating!
I started this as just a little post to share my experiences with the mind body connection and the lessons I have received from this relationship. It has gotten complex, probably more than it needs to be. But when I checked if I should delete or edit this post, I get that it is fine and that it provides some perspectives for people to think about. And there is value there. I am sorry if it is confusing or out of control. And may peace be with you. May you find balance in your life and on your journey towards the Light. And may fear leave you, allowing your Truth to settle in your mind and heart.
Thank you for your patience.
*This is supposedly not the true definition of psychosomatic-ism. But it is what I have used to describe this experience all my life.
** BTW, awakening to the conspiracies is NOT waking up, it is only realizing that others have different dreams than you, and that they are trying to impose their dream on you, in one way or another. Waking up to your higher truth will free you of that problem.
*** An energy report is usually a channeled message shared with the general public, to let people know what is going on “behind the scenes” so they can watch for its manifestation in the “physical reality.”

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