Which Wolf Will You Feed?

Last night, I finally got around to watching Tomorrowland.

I would like to think that it is a subtle movie, but it isn’t.

Disney Corp. wants us to do Law of Attraction to manifest a better world.

It is that simple. They showed us the results of our current dominant beliefs, and the direction they are taking us. And then proposed that we change the way we think so as to manifest a better world. They want us to know that: Our beliefs create our reality. Both small scale and large. We’re a collective consciousness, OUR beliefs create our reality!!!

Now, I know there are people who do not believe that their thoughts have any impact on the world. I wish that were true. I know there are people who believe that they are only observing the world “the way it is.”

If it was only observing, it wouldn’t be a problem. But then people get all worked up about it. DO YOU KNOW HOW TO DO LAW OF ATTRACTION????? You focus on something and then get emotionally involved! Emotion is the power of the Law of Attraction machine.

To help the world, we have to let go of our emotional involvement with the doom and gloom crap, and joyfully focus on what we want the future to be. And get happy about it. We are not here to fulfill some money grabbers view of the world, we are here to create our own.

What kind of world are you creating?

Which wolf are you feeding?


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