Highest Greatest

Declarations of intent and their concepts.

I work with intent quite a lot. Part of being a voice of Spirit, I suppose. That whole “And so it is!” thing rings my bells. Voice is my ritual.

Anyway, here are several vocal rituals that I use on a regular basis, probably 3-4 times a week, or when ever I feel I am not living up to my potential, or have forgotten my truth.

They go like this:


Each one means something different. When I first started using them they looked the same to me, but Spirit kept making me break them down into their own individual expressions. So I questioned that, trying to understand why they were different and some interesting insights soon came to me.

The first one, “Highest Greatest Truth” is about the One Truth. Or as some put it, “The Law Of One.” This is a term that the ascended masters and archangels and higher councils use to refer to God, or the concept of God. And which means that there is no separation, only the illusion of separation. Literally, all is ONE.

We are all One, We are all God. No exceptions. So, awakening to our truth as God is very empowering and beneficial to the greater good. Because when we see that All is God, we stop separating people out as bad or wrong or evil. Actions can be evil, to be sure. But not the people, as everyone is God. On the personal front, it creates more compassion and forgiveness. This does not absolve people of their crimes, as we agree to the rules in play when we incarnate in, but we don’t have to hate them for those crimes, and we can start to see them as God having a human experience, who has forgotten their truth and needs help remembering. And that is a much better perspective towards helping them.

It’s also helpful to remember that every THING is God too. When I started seeing this, it shifted my perspective of God from a BEING to energy. Then I realized that God is intelligent energy. But energy, none the less. And as such, there are laws of physics that apply to how God behaves. Our problem is we haven’t discovered all the different laws that govern the operation of the cosmos. As we do, we will understand God better…and ourselves.

The next one, “Highest Greatest Potential” is much more personal. It deal with personal gifts, talents and other forms of individualized expression. Combined with our highest truth, it makes us wonderful! Because we are learning about who we are as individuals on this journey. From the moment of our creation, to this moment, and the next, and how we can, and how we choose to express our energy-self.

Now, the reason it is even included at all is because my purpose is to help people realize their ascended master state. Which just happens to be the next stage of human evolution on this planet. Which is a fully awakened melding of higher truth with individual expression. The best of both worlds, God expressed as a person! Once we awaken to “God is all,” then we get to start working towards our ascended truth. This is when we start looking at the different ways to be of service. Love in action. Also in this process, we learn that we already are love in action just by being here. It is an act of love to incarnate at all. We don’t have to do that. But we chose to for one basic reason:

“Highest Greatest Good!”
It serves the highest greatest good of All That Is (God) to incarnate. This is from the human perspective, or any other physical being state you might remember having experienced.

The Highest Greatest Good is experience. Period. End of story. From the very beginning, our purpose has been to explore the universe, as we create it. Yup, we created this universe. Or more specifically, as individualized manifestations of God, WE created it. The proper term is “Co-created.”God is the energy that we use to manifest the universe. What and how we manifest is a whole different topic.

Also, from the energetic perspective, our experiences create a dynamic energy field that EXPANDS the universe! And that is how God grows. God grows as We grow. Remember, God is very simple, God sees every single thing as God. Singular perspective. We’re out here to see that God is everything. Plural perspective. Subtle.

So, when we say “our Highest Greatest Good”, we are really saying, “the experiences that help us grow in our individualized truth, and that help us, in our own way, to find our highest truth as God, as well.” The experiences we need to become more, to remember fully and deeply, that we are God. Experience, and the potentiality of awakening, is where the true magic happens. We are evolving in all ways, and we always have been, and we probably always will be. So anything that we experience helps us grow. Strange as some of those experiences may be.

And it doesn’t just have to be experiences, in the traditional sense. It can be through “stories’. Media has been a powerful tool of potential awakenings for decades. For centuries and millennium. So, next time you declare your intent to realize your highest greatest good, you’re asking for more experiences to help you grow. And, this is critically important, we only have the experiences that we need to help us grow. Personally.

A note about Law of Attraction: Whether we are aware of it or not, we always draw to ourselves the experiences that we need to grow. Our soul and higher self is constantly seeking balance. If we are out of balance, then the experiences that we need to grow, will come to us for education purposes. Not because we are bad or deserve it, but because it is the best fit for who were are at any given moment. No moral judgement involved.

Once we wake to this insight, we can start taking a more actively involved approach to our spiritual education and awakening. We can notice trends in experiences and synchronicity and consciously engage those experiences and learn what needs to be learned, instead of rehashing the same lesson over and over again in multiple lifetimes. That is what Karma really is, the balancing process through lessons. Not because we are bad or deserve it but because we NEED it to grow into our higher truth. A self empowered and responsible and awakened Being of Light.

So, is there anything else? Yes, a bit.

We are individualized for a reason. When we were One with Source/God/Spirit, we only knew the One Perspective. And We spent a lot of “time” staring at Our navel. Looking inward. Then the idea came in, because it was time for it to happen, the idea came in that We should separate for the purpose of exploration. Looking outward. And We did that, from the singular Divine perspective. And We saw all there was to see pretty quickly.

But then the idea that We could split into multiple perspectives and then look at things. And that idea was so exciting that We exploded! Seriously, what do you think the Big Bang was? And We shot off in all direction, seeking to see what We could see and experience. At the beginning, there wasn’t much but as We questioned and searched, and hoped, and daydreamed, We created. And We explored that creation, and soon more creation and so on and so forth forever. We are still exploring what We create.

And so it goes. We forgot, and now We are remembering. And this current awakening process on Planet Earth is Our current path of exploration. And with this journey of exploration, just remember: When all is said and done, We are still just God, exploring the universe as we create it. Not our experiences, just God.


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