Heal the World with Ho’oponopono

Now, I started this over on Facebook. I read something and it made me cry and so I did the Ho’oponopono. And I felt so inspired I wrote my blog over there instead of here. Thankfully we have “copy and paste”!

A call to all Beings of Light, having a human experience!
If it makes you sad, do the Ho’oponopono.
If it makes you angry, do the Ho’oponopono.
If it challenges you in any way, do the Ho’oponopono.
If you wish other people would just get their sh*t together, do the freakin’ Ho’oponopono!
What ever draws your heart, or causes you to “scan” pass a little faster, do the Ho’oponopono!
Your emotional responses are all clues that your energy resonates with those situations.
Doing the Ho’oponopono from a place of emotional resonance is incredibly powerful and productive. It heals you and them both.

The Ho’oponopono, in the right hands and from the right heart (and every body has the right hands and heart) can change the world. It is a tool of such simple and profound healing. If we would just use it from the place of spiritual responsibility, not fault or out of guilt, but from a place of compassion, we can ease the energetic manifestation of the pain and suffering in this world. As co-creators of this reality, we put that pain and suffering there by our conscious and unconscious beliefs. Because we needed it, or we just didn’t know any better. More on this later.

And by doing the Ho’oponopono, as the Beings of Light that we all are, We ease the manifestation of that energy. We learn spiritual responsibility from the ground up. We become, if only for a moment, energy masters of such power and truth, we change the world.

Here’s how it works:
Next time your heart is tugged, or you get angry by something, or someone in the world, decide to be responsible. That means that you step up to your Divine Truth as a Child of God and choose to be responsible for the energy of the situation you have chosen to heal. By taking responsibility you are telling the Universe that you put the energy of that situation into the world, into play, and now you are choosing to neutralize it by doing the Ho’oponopono. Ho’oponopono is just a tool but the path of responsibility is what does the trick. The tool just directs the process.

Next, gather that person or situation to you, visualize yourself wrapping your arms around them, or the place or situation. It can also be a group. See your Heart of Light opening to them, expanding bigger and bigger until your light engulfs them. They may begin to look like a big ball of energy. The only limitation is your ability to imagine it, so practice until there are no limits!

Repeat the Mantra 3 (or 9 or 27 or 81) times:
(after 9 times it can all blur together, so just until you feel peace, or lighter, that indicates the energy has shifted and a healing has occurred)
“Dear God ,” (or Source, Spirit, Love, etc. How ever you see and address the higher energies of the universe is totally appropriate, the point is to acknowledge our relationship to the higher energies through formal address.)
“I am sorry (that you [both God and the people you are doing this for] are experiencing this situation, event, or feeling)
(and for your own clarity, I suggest defining what exactly you are healing, take as much time as you need),
“Please for give me (for needing you to have that experience, event or feeling),
“I love you (for having that experience, event or feeling),
“And I thank you” (for having that experience, event of feeling.)

This tool is appropriate for use with friends and family and strangers, any one who has ever hurt you or yours. Or for anyone you have hurt, either consciously, unconsciously or accidentally. Any emotional response of any kind is a good indicator for doing the Ho’oponopono.

Here’s the advanced perspective on this process. When we do the Ho’oponopono, we are acknowledging that we needed others to have whatever experience they are having, for our growth and education (frequently compassion and empathy is the lesson, but not always). And as spiritual beings having this human experience, we all cooperate with each other on the spiritual levels and agree to play the victim or victimizer on the human level. If you are not seeing this yet, trust me, as spiritual beings having a human experience, we are all actively and joyfully participating in this very complex cooperative learning experience. As both teacher and student. And Ho’oponopono is just a tool to help us grow up a little bit more, and step into our higher truth a little more productively.

Interestingly enough, by doing the Ho’oponopono from a place of responsibility, you are also clearing karma. Karma is about relationships and responsibility. Energetically speaking. So it will also raise vibration by clearing your karma (karma cause energetic density). And it seems to help the karma of the people you are doing this for. Not sure why I see this to be true but I have received validation on this from Higher Beings.

Personally, I have done Ho’oponopono and seen changes happen in the world that were not expected to happen.
I have cleared dramatic chunks of my Karma with this method. Just by systematically running this method for everyone I have ever encountered. It has never been necessary to know names, I have listed “my third grade class” as a focus group. “Congress” has received my focus. They’re a tough group. “That guy over there,” has worked. “Those kids living on the streets” works. Whole countries. Earth, a time or two. Events that have happened in the past, and technically, every thing we observe is in the past. So any event or person, living or dead, can be the focus for healing with the Ho’oponopono.

Now you may be thinking, “Hey, there hasn’t been any improvements!” The thing is, the “improvements” are for the greatest good. And thus very subtle. “Good” is not necessarily comfortable, or same old same old.  We are in a massive earth and humanity changing era right now, and that takes time. We are trying to move forward towards a better future, but the problem is we are still hanging on to (and dragging behind us) the energy of the past in the form of guilt and anger, frustration and lack of trust. As well as the comfort of the familiar. We hang on to our old stories. They are important but not when we base our current and future truth on them. They are the past, let them go! Give thanks for the experience, do the Ho’oponopono for the experiences! And let the energy go! Your higher self will thank you for it. The history is still there, but the energetic influence will be gone, if you let it go. We can not change the future by dragging the past along with us.

Something to note from a higher perspective: We are not healing the world to make it a better place for us to live, though that will be a side effect, but to make us better, more awake people, worthy and capable of living in, and respecting a better place. See the perspective shift? As the old saying goes, sometimes we have to go through hell to get to heaven. We grow through trial and adversity, as sleeping beings. But by choosing to step into our higher, more responsible and awake truth, we can forgo a lot of the growing pains. The more people choosing the higher road, the ascended road, the easier or more productive the journey for everyone.

And another note from a higher perspective: “They” say, (all kinds of spiritually awakened people,) that if you want to change the world, you have to change your beliefs. Change what you believe to be true. The most incredible healing I have received from this process is my perspective. Instead of seeing horrible evil people everywhere I go, I see incredible people, from all walks of life, living incredibly difficult and complex lives, making choices that I am not sure I could make, doing the best they can. I see God in every person I meet or hear about. I see God having a human life. That is the most powerful and dramatic healing I have received from this process. I see God living a life full of challenges and joy and fear, yes, that is there too. But I see God, always. And I know that God can handle anything!!!

If you made it this far, thank you. If you “Grok” what I am saying, Yeah! my tribe! If you are unsure, give it a try on situations close to home, run the process for your family and friends. Choose to be responsible for the time it takes to run the method. Be open to what ever may happen. Watch and see if there are improvements or changes. Test it. See how it makes you feel. It is OK. I respect that this method is not for every one. That not everyone will agree with me or believe me or see the value in what I have shared. Personally, I find the method incredibly powerful. If only for my own healing. And ideally, that is what it was originally intended for. Personal healing. What is it they say? If you want to change the world, you have to do it one person at a time? Might as well start with yourself. I dare you. Become empowered.

Dear Heavenly Father, I am sorry. For imposing my beliefs of spirituality, and how the spiritual planes work, for sharing my opinions of how energy works, for possibly making people uncomfortable with how I communicate my spiritual nature. I am sorry, please for give me, I love you and I thank you. I am sorry, please for give me, I love you and I thank you. I am sorry, please for give me, I love you and I thank you. And so it is.


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