Collective Subjective Reality

What you believe creates your reality.

Change your beliefs, change your reality.

So here is a bit of what I have been working on the last couple of years.

I was seeing how we indeed do create our own reality, in our immediate personal environment. How as being of light, masked in our sleeping human form, we still function as our higher truth does. And our higher truth does Law of Attraction “24/7”. We are continuously manifesting our truth and co-creating opportunities to fulfill our truth. This is what I have been seeing. This is how the higher beings work.

At the human or physically manifest level, we manifest our “truth”, more specifically, our beliefs 24/7 too. Except because we are part of a collective consciousness, it is defused through the larger community, not just the individuals immediate environment. Which is great, when you think about it. Some people believe shit! And some people believe contradictory things. Some people have beliefs about other peoples health and well being (other peoples beliefs about me seem to be effecting me! pisses me off!). I feel that because some if not most people are empaths, some people pick up on other peoples beliefs to a detrimental degree. I believe being an empath is part of our natural state, and we lose it or subdue it through social conditioning and programming.

So I am at the point where I am having difficulty allowing my own truth, my higher truth, to have dominance. Do I flow with the universe, allowing outside forces to influence me, or do I deny all influences that are not my truth. And how do I shift this from being an act of will, to an expression of personal truth?*

At this moment this looks like a declaration of intent. A selective shielding process. Is this as simple as denying consent to influence? Or some such jargon? I will have to play with that and see what comes up. Talk to my team.

I don’t want to deny all influences, it provides an excellent opportunity for healing larger issues. But maybe I should just make a list and heal those topics in a group session, as a larger impact healing/clearing. Perhaps shield and then ask, on a regular basis, for something that needs my help.

Well shit, I seem to have come full circle on the topic of shielding! I felt it was unnecessary but it is making me fat and weak. I don’t like it! That is not my truth!

*OK, I see that the act of will is a step to expressing personal truth. It is a decision we all have to make. Being awake sure seem complicated some times!


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