And, we’re off!

OK, so I have been freakin’ out for a while because I was seeing how to create reality through our beliefs. Deep behind the scenes kind of stuff. Because of this I felt reluctant to get out there because I didn’t want to impose my beliefs on others. That if I am here to “awaken” people, then I am projecting that people need to be asleep. Like it is a bad thing. I have felt for a while that staying asleep is ok! And it is! It is what we have been here for.
But I just saw, that with all my visualizations, and I visualize every single day, small classes, big classes, casual conversations, introducing myself and what I do, I have been creating a very serious new reality for myself. But I always felt guilty for projecting the belief that people needed to be asleep, so I could wake them up, out into the world!
Well, I just realized that I am not creating people who “need” to wake up but people who WANT to wake up! Being a sleep was our truth, past tense. Waking up is our current activity. Our current calling, if you will. I knew it was mine. Why not every one else’s?!?! That is what the higher beings keep telling us! So, I just totally let myself off the hook for manifesting “sleeping” people to wake up, which I had been doing. I mean, they were totally asleep long before I ever got here! I did NOT create that! But now I have a bunch of people who are asleep and wanting to wake up! Better yet, because I have been neck deep in all the visualizations, I get the privilege and honor of helping them awaken! They instinctively want me to help them!

Well, I better get started!


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