Once in a great while, I channel. And sometimes there are little oddities that come through. This story is from one of my guides, aptly named Mara. I am assuming this is one of her stories/experiences. I received this in June of 2012.


The child was beautiful and mysterious.

The old woman watched as this child, dressed all in black, with her glossy dark hair in ringlet, sat to tea in the local salon, acting as an adult but saying not a word. When the waiter came to see what she wanted, she simply looked to him, her eyes full and open, and then she leaned back and placed her napkin across her lap, like a proper lady.

While she waited for her tea, the child would nod her head towards empty spaces, as in greeting to acquaintances passing by. The old woman watched this and though the child quite mad. Which many in the area thought of the child also. But those who have come within her field of influence, knew her madness came with great blessings also. With the touch of her delicate small hand, wounds and illness were healed. Comfort was given to those grieving, for again with the touch of her small hand, she showed them the friend or loved one “on the other side” seeming to be well and happy! Some thought she was a demon but could not fault her use of her gifts for good. And those who would raise hand to or call to have the child imprisoned, so found that to besmirch the local Earls daughter…well, was not a wise choice.

So on this particular spring day, the child in question, after being released from her after noon studies, went for her tea, as was her custom. She pictured what she wanted and the waiter “knew” and brought it straight away. When she was finished, also as her custom, tossed down several coins, what ever her father had left her that morning, just for this occasion, and she skipped out of the salon towards home.

And the old woman watched in amazement as this dark brooding child, ate her sweety with her tea and left, leaving an “excessive” amount of monies on her table….which the old woman picked up, intending to keep, letting the waiter think the child had left without paying.

But the child is strange and those who have met her, and been blessed by her presence, adored her, even if they are a bit afraid of her. And so, the waiter, being one of her adoring watchers, felt complete and utter protection and suspicion of the actions of the old woman and kicked her out, after retrieving the earls monies.

And the old woman was mean spirited and had gleaned the child’s location easily enough and hurried to the child’s home.

She met the child out side the grounds of the estate, and began to chat away. The child listened and mostly ignored the old woman. The old woman went on about studies and the child needing a governess to tutor and guide the gentle young mind, to help bring her to know her rightful place in the world. The child, not being much for speaking, being more mental in her efforts, continued on her way. Seeking her sanctuary within the walls of her fathers house. The old woman looked on in amazement at the beauty and opulence of the house. There was a bit of the feel a grieving, as there was much black and other dark colors. But the furnishings were elegant and plentiful, the paintings on the walls were by artist the old woman had heard of or seen in galleries. It was obviously an old, wealthy and well maintained estate.

And the old woman thought it would be perfect for her! If a bit dark.
At one point she queried, “Are you grieving child? You wear black and the furnishings too are dark. One would think there had been a death.”

The child replied “Mum is gone now.” and continued onto her rooms. And the old woman continued to follow! For there seemed to be no one about! Where was the house keeping staff, the maids and butlers? There was no one to be seen. A house of this size required at least a staff of ten, if not more. The house and grounds were extensive.

And what rooms they were! The furnishings were as opulent and comfortable as the rest of the house. She had hundreds of books and illustrations and drawings, obviously by the child, of places that where far and away from this quiet little English country side. So the old woman thought they must travel a bit, which she would quite enjoy, as governess!

The old woman felt great hope of an easy time of it. With no one about, she could wander off with almost anything and no one would know at all! The child was simple, didn’t speak much. Obviously the Earl paid the town well to watch out for the stupid child, keep her from harm. And what harm is there in an old woman? A granny? Obviously in her own mourning because of her own unrelenting black clothing. Who is to know that she is as dishonest as the day is long. And looking to “work” in a wealthy home. As nanny or governess.

The child set about putting her morning lessons away. Today had been Latin, she could speak Latin but no one seems to be able to keep up. Her teacher, though a brilliant linguist with the written word, was not as good at the verbal languages as she needed. His German was good, as hers was not, she wanted him to stay a bit longer. The old woman saw the pages of long hand the child was putting away and snatched them up. “What is this foolishness? Young children should learn the Queens English! Not this foreign gibberish.” At least, the child thought, she was intelligent enough to recognize a foreign language.

But before the child could remove the pages from the old woman’s hands, she opened the stove gate and threw the pages into the fire! But the child was silent. She didn’t move, after the first instinctive reaction to save her mornings work. She relaxed and watched the silly old woman. “And this too? What is this garbage?” waving around the pages of German the child had worked painstakingly hard on. The reading was easy but for some reason the speaking and writing were giving her difficulty. In her head, she was saying, Please, please do not burn those too. But the old woman had her ideas and felt it was her right, threw the pages of what she considered a waste of time, into the fire.

“A young girl should learn to be quiet, well, you have that part well enough. And to be seen…alright. But to also be sensible, and not spend frivolous time learning languages that no one can understand anyway. You should be learning the Queens English…” and the child spoke for the second time to the old woman “The Queen does not speak English, she is Russian and only speaks Russian.” And the child smiled, thinking of the Queen needing an interpreter to make love with her husband the King!

And the child, only a slip of a girl of seven, began speaking to the old woman in Russian. Telling her of the dark shadows she saw around the old woman and that her death was probably not far off and that those to greet her on the other side were not very nice at all. It might be good to pray to Jesus soon as He is the only one who could possible help you avoid those ugly friends on the other side.

This long discourse from the child in what even she recognized as Russian, only angered the old woman more, and she was very angry to begin! The old woman riffed through things, grabbing up papers to throw in the fire and a doll that was seated at the study table. And pocketing any valuable trinkets she also saw. In her reach to throw the doll into the fire, a man came into the room. “Hallo, what is this? Who might you be?” he politely asked of the old woman.

“None of you bloody business!” she replied with about as much grace as an ugly old shoe! But it paused her in the act of destroying the doll.

“I quite disagree. I am tutor here and this is my student. I take great pride in her studies, that you seem to be burning for some mysterious reason.” And the child said, in her clear french, “She burned my German practice.” And he replied, in Italian “Did she now?” They both sighed.

And what he didn’t notice was the old woman picking up the vase from the fireplace mantel. The child, even with her back to the old woman, did indeed have the proverbial eyes in the back of her head! Told him, in her broken German,”don’t turn your back to her.” This got his complete attention, for he had been fooled by the old woman demeanor of appearing elderly and frail. Which the old woman played up, as she had aged greatly from an opium addiction. But managed to survive and thrive! So she used her less than flattering aged appearances to, well, rob people blind! And with great success, which she took pride in. She may have lost her youthful looks but she gained wealth and experience.

The tutor, being as adoring and protective of the child as any that there was, sided to the servants tube on the wall and asked, in Italian, for assistance from the Italian gardener, a robust man of thirty and asked that he waste no time.

The child, still with her back to the old woman, began to pray. In Hebrew, a language she knew fluently but could not share with others as it was not a language her father encouraged. And she hadn’t “called” for a Jewish teacher yet. But soon.

She prayed to her Friend, asked Him to help her and this old woman, who was lost and in the Dark with no friends to help get her Home. She asked that the woman not be harmed, that she see Him, her Friend, soon and learns of his love. That she just take her dark friends away from this house and leave her to her quiet studies, her languages and her memories of other places and times and bodies. Other lives.

And she told no one, just HIM. And he understood. And HE watched over her too.

While she was talking to Him, her friend, the gardener arrived and with the tutor, they escorted the old woman off the property, and to the locale constable. There, on her person, they found many small valuable things that had been reported missing from shops and the public markets.

But as she was a woman, after all! They didn’t really want to incarcerate her, as they lacked the facilities. As the local goal was empty at the moment, they decided they would keep her until a man was arrested. Which could be a day or week, and she would then be released.

And the child quietly played with her little doll, the one that almost saw the fires of hell for her self! And she told stories of far away places and other lives that she had lived, and people she had met. Children she had had. Both as the mother but also as the father, and she giggled at this oddity. Being a man was indeed a strange and wonderful thing. But being a girl was better. Seemed more comfortable.

And she redid her German studies.


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