The Invisible Bigotry

For a while now I have been seeing a form of bigotry that is more pervasive and ingrained in the psyche of this country than any other bigotry out there. Now, I couldn’t say if this is true in other countries or just the USA. I just see it a lot with my friends and on line.

And considering that we create reality with our beliefs, this is really troubling.

This bigotry is “smart superiority.” Not intellectual superiority. Which is more about education and intellectual leanings. But “smart superiority.” You have probably done this. Every one I know has. I have seen it on TV and in the movies. Or more specifically, it is how we respond to TV and the movies. And thus, everywhere else.

It goes like this: We see a person do something stupid, just one little random action. Tripping, or making a bad choice while driving, or saying something that wasn’t thought out or well formulated. And we say, “That person is stupid.” NOT: “that was a dumb action or poorly thought out sentence.” But: “THAT PERSON IS STUPID.”

In our minds we are thinking that they are stupid. If they are friends we forgive them pretty quickly, we have to. They’re our friends, and we’re smart and so our friends only say or do stupid things, they aren’t necessarily stupid, that would reflect badly on us. Remember, bigotry, at its heart, is about ego.

But out in the world, someone we don’t know, oh yeah, that guy is a total idiot!

You see, we judge other people based on singular experiences. We judge people as good or bad, smart or stupid, based upon ONE random action we happened to be witness to. We make a broad statement of “truth” (also called a judgment) for other people. “That person is stupid” is a pretty broad statement of “truth.”

And we all do it. Well, I don’t because I am very aware of this process. But I used to. I would see somebody cut into traffic at a badly thought out (or NOT thought out) time and end up with people honking at them. I drive for a living so I see a lot of bad driving choices. So I would see the behavior and think that they were stupid. And frequently, I would even call them idiots! Now, I just judge the behavior. “Oh honey, that was a dangerous choice.” “Please pay attention. We’re driving here too.” Sure there is still some snarkiness there but I am not being a bigot. At least, not about relative intelligence. I am judging the behavior, as it effects me too. But not the person. And when we ONLY judge the behavior, we can learn from it. We can make better choices. But by defining them, we confine them to the extent of the judgment. Think about it. Tell a child that they are stupid and guess what you have, a child that makes stupid choices, REGARDLESS of actual intelligence.

And a bit of advanced Intel, in regard to how we create reality through Law of Attraction. Thoughts have energy. And when we project them out into the world (“You are an idiot!”) they have influence with other people. So if we go around thinking other people are stupid based upon singular actions, we are projecting energy towards creating a world of stupid people. Not the actions them selves, which are easier to change and learn from. But the people. We create a world of smart people making stupid choices. All from defining a person based on a random action made when we happened to be looking.

Change your beliefs and change your world.


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