Purity of Motive

Why are you ascending?

Well, if this isn’t a fun place to be!
I learned to do muscle testing today. I had experienced it before but had never learned to do it myself, on my self. So I watched a little video, and practiced a few times and saw the lovely value of what it can do. Not infallible but good enough for my purposes. And while playing and testing responses, I threw out “I am doing my purpose.”
Well, I had learned the finger lock method and when I made my purpose statement, my lock broke! What the F*ck???!!!
This floored me so I had to ask, “what is my purpose?” and heard clear as day, “To remind people of who they really are.”
OK…Wasn’t I doing that? And the answer came back “broken lock.” So what is my issues? And this is where it got real interesting. The answer was “wrong focus.”
There is nothing wrong with wanting to ascend. IF, big fat if! If your motive is the correct one.
Many people have been called towards ascension, as it is their right to experience it at this time. But they have gotten distracted by the reasons for ascension. And very few of the reasons cut the mustard.
So I started to look at the proper or correct or pure motive. I asked. What is the correct motive for doing this?
You’re going to love this!
“Because God wants you to.” How cool is that?
Because God wants you to.
God wants you to want what Gods wants for you to do.
So, now back to motivation.
I work with people both in person and on line, email, that kind of thing. And I am constantly seeing them go on about the benefits of ascending. Greater health and well being, natural prosperity, doing miracles, things like that. Oh, another I see a lot is, living in the new earth. Many people have been called and then got distracted by the fear factor of what is coming. The end of the world as we know it.
The current ascension process, for many but not all is no different that the Christian fear factor. Got to be saved or you are going to Hell. And that is still the WRONG reason for following Christ. Fear of Hell will not get you into heaven. Just like choosing to ascend will remove you from harms way when the big shifts really start to hit the fan.

I have been on the ascension path my entire life. Though only knowingly for the last 4 or 5 years. And those last few years have been powerful and dynamic. I have experienced things that humans just don’t get to experience. Healings with angels and master, adventures and educations that we have to go to other planets to experience. It has been a joyful and wild and crazy ride.
But in many ways, my motivation has been as corrupt as anyone else’s. Strangely, I never felt like I was here to ascend to the New Earth. But to stay and help those still working through it, help them get through their fear and pain. Help them to awaken to their inner truth in the face of massive change and upheaval.

Christianity has it right, on a few topics. We are to want what God wants for us in this life. But getting there is a bit of a challenge.


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