Karma Dharma For Us Drama Llamas


Q: What is karma?
The topic was brought up at one point during my MeetUps group and it resonated for me and here I feel compelled to write about it.

There are many definitions and ways to describe what Karma is but the one I found at Dictionary.com speaks to me the most and it is the one I feel describes the populist view of what karma is. Here we go: Hinduism, Buddhism, action seen as bringing upon oneself inevitable results, good, bad or either in this life, or in a reincarnation: In Hinduism one of the means of reaching Brahman.

In the spring of 2010, I had received 5 of the 6 symbols that would make up my energy modality. And I was learning about what it meant to be a spiritual being having a human experience. I had spent the winter learning energetic self defense from some really massive and funny warring angels. So I was feeling pretty safe.

I am not sure how this one started, but I started to see the massive gift that karma is. This gift of opportunity that we give to each other. Remember, this is from the higher perspective. This is how the angels and masters view the physical incarnation process.

So, I started to see how we plan our lives. How, before we incarnate, we connect with others to provide experiences for our personal growth. We make “Karmic Plans.” Frequently we have past experience with them. We make arrangements to interconnect at appropriate times for an energy exchange, that on this level appears as conflicts. And these conflicts can take millions of forms. From fights and violence to simple silly arguments that are more about letting off steam than about resolving disagreements. Anything that challenges us in any way, and provides an opportunity to grow. And some times it is nothing more that a sentence or two that challenges our understanding of our existence. And other times it can be massively life altering.

And the really big events are very definitely arranged in “advanced.”
I started to see how some people, those we revile as evil and hateful, take on massive karmic loads to provide opportunities for us to grow. And that term, “Karmic Loads” came into my understanding at that time. I saw how they agree to allow the world to hate them for the benefit of our growth.

Now, at the human level it may seem that they are just rat bastards out for themselves, following that inner voice or ideology or philosophy, what ever moves them, to achieve their ends. If they were producing good works, we would celebrate them but when they do something horrible, we hate them.

Yet, from the higher perspective, are they any different than anyone else? Is one spiritual being better than another? At the higher level, ALL IS ONE. There is no distinction in value between one being and another.

I appreciate that this comes down to judgment. Some would say that it does matter. That they had a choice. And I am not so sure. If you found your calling, that one thing you knew without hesitation, that you were to do, and to deny it would bring depression and personal pain, could you pass it by? Maybe.

And then I would probably look at you, and see where you are coming from. We can only judge or evaluate from where we are. But would we judge harshly if we knew Heaven did not? Would we condemn a person that Heaven reveres? Well, maybe. Actually, we do this all the time.

In February of 2009, I died. Middle of the night, one of my guides came and got me and told me it was time to go. I was dumbfounded, to say the least. I sputtered and stammered. I could not form a sentence to save my life…well, actually I did.

I had been sound asleep and suddenly I was lucid. That lovely dream state where you know you are also awake. And I was in my place where I have really odd visions. When I get ear infections, I have visions, and this was the place. I know, weird, right?

So I am looking out over this plane, and below me there are these people and I see these rings of light radiating out from them. And here is where my guide walks up to me. So we are looking out over all these people and I know what I am seeing. I am seeing their lightbodies. But for the point of illustration, in this experience, they looked like stacking dolls. Little tiny human in the middle and progressively larger energy bodies surrounding them. But fluid, flexible. And massively huge! With my awakening in September of ’09, I could feel my lightbodies going out to what works out to about 2 miles, and that was only a couple rings. We can be as big as solar systems. energetically speaking.

Anyway, I could see them intermixing, overlapping. Interconnecting. And the idea of how it must be in large cities came in and I started laughing my ass off!

So I asked my guide, “How can you tell us apart? In big cities, where were are all jammed together.” And he just laughed right along with me. And gave me a download to explain the experience. I suddenly understood about dedicated attachments between guides and their human, about training and preparation they go through to get good at telling us apart. About light/energy signatures that we all have and they learn to recognize. Several different ways, it would seem. And then he turned to me with that line, “Time to go.”

And I stammered and sputtered and blacked out. But a few seconds later I heard my own voice “I want this life.” And I drifted back to sleep.

So the point is, sometimes we don’t have a choice. About fulfilling karmic plans. I didn’t have one, if I wanted to stay here. And our survival instinct is the most powerful instinct we have as humans. I have a friend who was also warned about following through on karmic promises. His guides actually killed him twice to get their point across. We have the choice. But if it would cost you your life, could you make it? Are you truly that strong? That loving of others that you could make that choice?

Now some choices are easier than others, both my friend and I are here to help the world awaken. But we can lose something in the process. I am here to help with ascension. But I am not “human” anymore. I don’t feel or think like others. My emotions are much different. I am a freak. I scare people. I am rejected constantly, while others put me on a pedestal. Eventually I will totally leave my family to function as a human ascended master, going where I need to be. No family life for me anymore. No regular loving relationships. No coffee with my girlfriends. It wouldn’t be safe for them to associate with me. And I have seen enough of my future to know there will be violence towards me. I have seen being shot at least twice. Not that it matters at that level. But there will be those who try. It is already happening. I have had attacks from people being controlled by what we could call “demons.” My angels provided protection.

I have NO regrets. But I wanted to illustrate that there are challenges to making karmic choices. And we shouldn’t be too quick to judge others.

Anyway, I don’t think there is much of a moral high ground here with any of it. We make the choices we do to the best of our ability in that moment.

Originally I had seen the karmic load that Hitler took on. He wasn’t just some random sociopath. He had a karmic contract with the people he killed. And I also saw how much karma he has on his shoulders because he did what he did. And in the higher planes, these contracts are gifts of love. Profound and powerful gifts of service, not easily made or upheld. To be of service to such a high degree, though the world may judge you harshly, is a powerful gift indeed. Though we may curse them, heaven does not. Heaven blesses them.



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