All is Light

I had this odd experience last night. I was at a Meet Up for people who are psychic and or sensitive, and we had a special guest and were in a new location. It seemed to be a good group, nice turnout.

But we had one sensitive who couldn’t, or wouldn’t “keep it in her pants.” She would burst out with odd observations, interrupting other people talking, telling them about the energy beings around them. Try to impose an energy experience on them. And it would be directed at people not even involved in discussions or readings. It was disturbing and distracting, to say the least.

At one point she told me, a gifted, talented, awake and enlightened being (if I do say so myself!), with a fairly high vibrational frequency (fact), that I had a demon in my energy field.

Wellll, FUCK THAT! I’ve been around that block a few times and I can tell you a couple things about “demons.”

1) ALL energy beings are of the Light. Everything is of the Light. Period, end of story, don’t pass go.

However, in this spiritual journey we call life, we can forget who we are and where we come from. We can move so far from the Light, that we become shadow-y. We can begin to get our energy from other people/energy beings. We can seemingly “disconnect” from our truth as the Light to such a high degree that we can begin to appear and behave in such a way that some people may begin to think of us “demons” or energy vampires. You know, people who have to be disruptive and a drain to be around. They are freakin’ exhausting to be around. Drama kings and queens who need others to be actively involved in their pageants. They seem to get high off of what ever emotional games they like to play.

2) We travel with an ever changing group of energy beings.

We call them guides, and or ancestors. Perhaps we refer to them as angels. All these beings, and many more, are available to us. We have angels to guide and educate us, some angels protect us. We have guides from our soul families that are here to help us learn the various lessons we set for ourselves in this life. We have deceased family members who follow us to assist, or heal or be healed.

And then there are the followers. Being that we invite along to learn from our human experience. They can be from any vibrational frequency. They can be in full remembrance of their truth as the Light, or seemingly “disconnected” from their truth. They can be thought forms. But…

3) They are only there because we allow it.

Because they were invited, by us, from some level of our being. Either our human conscious or unconsciousness, or our higher self invited them. AND, they have to be a “puzzle piece” that fits into our energy field. They have something, some info, or lesson, or healing, or exchange, that we need. This connection is two way and serves both parties.

Early in my awakening, I was approached by a dark lord. A dark ascended master. He tried to seduce me to the dark side. I know, right? I didn’t even try to find out about cookies…. Anyway, I was still fairly ignorant at that time. I didn’t know what was what, or what to be afraid of. Strangely, I was not afraid of this being. I was intrigued but at the same time I was very interested in serving the Light. And that desire allowed me to send the dark lord packing. I was not savvy enough to tell him to hit the road, in so many words. I didn’t really need to be. My heart was already shifting to the right place, my energy was already dedicated to the Light. It was a point of choice, to be sure. I could have gone both ways. But I had no desire to be an antichrist. And the path I am on, that was a distinct possibility. So, no. No dark lord for me! I think it would have been fun but I was already in love with the path I am on, so… Skedaddle. Va-moos.

I suppose my point is this, if there is one. There is never a reason to be afraid of the spiritual entities in our energy fields. Good bad, or indifferent, they are all there to serve our greater good in some capacity or another. We are here to learn about ourselves, in all our manifestations and truth, and that includes the darkness of our own fears.

The thing is, there is nothing to fear. Remember number 1? All is the Light. There truly is no exception to this rule. Ever. Just varying shades and degrees of Light. And all of them, regardless of their varying degrees of Light or darkness, serve the greater good. All the time, no exception. And why is this? Because all is the Light.

“How” they all serve the Light is a different question entirely. And for another day.

Be at peace, do not fear, and have a wonderful time. All is good. All is God.


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