Our 1000

I was perusing my files, looking for a particular article I might have written (seems I haven’t written it yet!) when I came across this little article. I wrote it in the spring of 2013, and I suspect it was in response to something I had questioned. If nothing else it seems to tell my story, in one degree. And I have had a ton of validation from psychics and spiritual intuitives that this is mostly true, that I am being held back, shrouded from public eyes. It kind of explains why every time I run a class, no one shows. I always try to provide timely topics and insights but I am just not drawing them in. My higher truth tells me I have cleared any and every block I could possibly have on this topic, so it isn’t me. And it isn’t you.

I hope this reaches the people I feel it is intended for. Blessings of light and comfort.

…I was waking from a nap and over heard a comment from my guides. This happens once in a while. Some comments are just for me and some times they are to be shared. I am never sure which. But I am writing what I heard here and maybe you will get to read it.

“We have 1000 people around the planet, ready to go right now, this moment, if need be. We have been holding them back, holding them down. They have been waiting.

“What will happen is we will let them go and they will have their “final” awakening. As a wave. And then they will help others awaken fully, helping the next group to do their final clearing and purifying. And so on and so forth.

“Some will awaken those they came to awaken and then leave, to go to other projects and explorations. Others will stay and heal and educate others to help others to awaken. Some of those who stay will explore healing and guide The New Perspective, to become more enlightened within organized groups, leading and taking care of practical systems. No more profiteering at others expense. But a holistic approach to all aspects of the human experience. The fear-greed cycle will be broken.

“We will not force people to awaken. But give them the choice. That was always the goal. What will happen is they will find that they will want to awaken to a much higher degree just so they will be happier and more productive. And this will happen in stages. But it will get much easier each round. The jumps in awakening will be greater and more productive in each subsequent wave, till only those most resistant and hard core will be asleep, and then only because they choose to not mingle with the rest of society. This is their choice, help will be available to them if they require it.”

I find this reassuring. Both for my self and for the greater good (humans on earth at this time). I get so frustrated waiting sometimes, that any validation I get, even something written a while back, helps me. And I hope this helped you. That it sheds a bit of light on this process we are going through, the form and nature of this “Great Shift” we are participating in.



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