“Bridesmaids”, Ascended Version

Totally odd dream. Dreamt I was in a wedding party. And there was something about a sympathy pregnancy and a “baby bump”. Really weird, it even weirded me out in the dream. A couple odd elements that found their way into my dream. Saw a picture of somebody’s baby bump on Facebook, cool but thought calling a third trimester belly a “baby bump” silly. Oh well.

Anyway, in this dream, us girls in the party were all getting manicures and our make up and we were each taking turns choosing our shoes. Why shoes and not dresses, not sure. Not sure who was actually getting married at all. Just know that this one girl seemed to be in charge. And she was running the show and trying to impose her beliefs on our experiences. So, the shoes came out. Five or six pair of really cool designer shoes in varying styles, colors and prices. What was not varying was size. They were all ridiculously small size fours. Seriously??? What adult sized woman has size four feet? I understand that very small women can have really small feet, and that is fine. But that was not the issues in the dream, even the gal coordinating didn’t have that small of feet!

Well, my ire was roused! It is what originally woke me from this dream and shifted it to lucid. I started going off on the silliness of bringing in super small shoes for us to try, not making real sizes available and planning that we would naturally gravitated towards the shoes that reflect our color choices of the day. And how we would feel humiliated by our huge feet! By MY size 11 wide feet! And how ridiculous I would feel in those itty bitty shoes. (They weren’t so bad, there were a nice pair of brown mules I liked.) But the woman coordinating this bridesmaids party was sitting on the counter in front of mirrors, kind of smugly swinging her feet and enjoying her high style and good taste and slimness. Openly sneering at me in my larger than life body and feet. My overly full body-ness was disgusting to her, and she enjoyed embarrassing me….or trying to.

So, in the dream I get on this rant about fashions’ concept of beauty. Going on about how limited it is and how we can never actually achieve the objectives of the “art.”

And then I went ascended master on her. I started showing her her self in the mirror. First how God sees her. Which was exactly the way she appears. Except simple, unadorned or made up. But light, shining, healthy. Then how she sees her self, which shows the make up and the clothes and the shoes and the hair. All “perfect”. But all like armor, hiding a face that was distorted and ugly. Every thing out of proportion. And a body twisted and deformed, and mostly unformed. No detail or shape to it. Like she never really looked at herself in the mirror. Lived out side of her body, never really in it. Then how others generally see her, which was a combination of the healthy God perspective and the over made up perspective. Kind of as a vain and arrogant perspective of how others thought she thought about herself.

And then again how God sees her, but more importantly, how God FEELS about her. Where God saw her as a simple exquisite beauty of shiny light, what God felt was so much love! So much joy and delight. Total and complete acceptance. And yet there was a slight hint of sadness too. Because though God saw her true beauty as infinite and glorious, as it is! God was sad at how she saw her self. As ugly and lacking real grace and charm. Unaccepting her beauty, as it is. But only allowing it to be hidden by outer standards of fashion and beauty. Self judged as vile and evil. To be “improved” upon. Fixed or hidden.

I am thankful to say I am at the small lessons stage, where most of my big lessons have been learned and I know the objective, and just need the reminders when I stray. And I was straying. Word came this week that plans and programs were full speed a head. Many plans had stalled or were redirected or were put on hold during Gaias ascension. Nothing really wrong, just waiting until the time was right, depending on our plans. And it looks as though my plans are back in motion again. The filler plans have been released and shelved until later.

And the first thing I begin to do is to plan my new ascended form! Silly me! So this dream is about seeing myself as God sees me, as perfect and shining and fully accepted. AS I AM! And this is my goal too. To see me (and others) as fully accepted, and perfect and shining and SO LOVED! As we are! To actualize that Divine view, from God, of how we are in Gods Eyes, to see others for the light and beauty and perfection that God so loves, AS WE ARE!

And so it is!

Footnote: I do realize that each woman in this dream, including the preggers one, is an aspect of my self. The vain, ultimately insecure woman in front of the mirror. The shy quiet girl next to me, trying to go unnoticed. A couple of ladies that were just hanging out, watching the show….seems I have seen them before??!!! The very pregnant Bride. That is so me right now! Spiritually, I am about to give birth…to myself! And the ascended bitch on a role! I seem to have a temper and it also seems to be associated with my ascended form, not sure why, but have been seeing this trait all along. Kind of scared of my ascended bitch form! A LOT of power and passion there! Something else to accept this week! I feel what I feel and I Am the I Am that I Am!


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