Choosing Happiness

Choosing to be happy is such a hard thing!

And yet it is the key to being happy. It is so easy to fall into the belief system that says that to be happy, certain things must happen first. You know, “When such and such happen, I will be happy.” “When I do what ever it is, I will be happy.” But we live in a dynamic miraculous universe that works exactly opposite to that popular concept. The universe says, “When you choose to be happy, happy situations, people and events, will find you.” That is how the Law Of Attraction works. And the universe is all about the Law of Attraction. Assume the mental emotional attitude of that which you are hoping to achieve, and then it will come to you. So, if you want the happy stuff to find you, you have to be happy, not the other way around.

But it seems so hard!

And it is. We are so heavily programmed in this society to believe that happiness and all it’s related emotional states are the result of things happening to us, that we spend all our time searching for those things, only to be disappointed time and time again. We do this with everything that has an emotional outcome, “I will be happy, joyful, blissed out, content, successful and prosperous just as soon as such and such happens.” The media teaches us this continuously. Happiness is a product you purchase, or work for and towards. Something totally OUTSIDE ourselves. That we are incapable of being happy unless we bust our butts achieving or buying it.

From the moment we are born, we are programmed to certain mental and emotional states. Also, beliefs structures of how others think the universe is and how to function within that universe to be “safe” and “successful.” And they work some what. Careful narrow paths can suit most people. But not all people and not all the time.

And that is where I am today. Wondering where the happy is in my very structured life. And not finding it for the boredom and ennui that I experience all the freakin’ time! You would think that a healer teacher of deep profound spiritual truths would have a clue about this. Well, I do and I don’t. There is a concept out there that goes, “We teach what we most need to learn.” And I teach the meaning of life. Among other things. “The meaning of life is to live it.”

Another is the use of affirmations. And here is the one I was just inspired towards:
I AM wonderful! And I have a wonderful life! That pretty much covers everything.

The thing with affirmations is that they are not necessarily an observance of life but of the intended observance of life. We may have a fine life, perfectly ok, in all ways. But if our attitudes and perceptions is that it is dull or miserable, then that is the life we will experience. An affirmation is a simple tool to help redirect the mind away from its tendencies of judgment and comparison, of which it is very good at! And move it to allow a new idea to take hold, one that brings hope and encouragement into our lives. And we experience what we believe to be true. So if we can change our chosen perception of reality, then our reality changes to reflect that new perception.

So let’s raise our glasses to being wonderful people having wonderful lives!


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