Ascension Madness!

This is so embarrassing!

I’m ascensionist, and I forgot that this is an illusion!

I got so wound up in the “he said she said” games happening on Facebook about spiritual awakening stuff, that I forgot the most important thing of all!

We are already awake! We are already ascended! There is nothing to achieve! Nothing to purify! No evil to defeat! No planet to save or to heal! No nothing to do EXCEPT!

To enjoy the illusion for the gift of growth and experience and fun that is available here. The music and dancing, the playing and creating. It is all just a game we play, a story we tell ourselves.

And I forgot and was getting all worked up about what I am here to do to save others from being asleep! How dumb can you get?!?!…DON’T ANSWER THAT!

But seriously. I forgot, no big sweat. I remembered before I did anything too stupid. Like publish this somewhere that others can see it…, I’m going to do that!



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