“Healing the Human to Find the Divine”

When I first started my journey as a high powered energy worker (boy, wasn’t that a surprise!) a simple little “cliché” came to mind. That would be the title of this article.

The thing is, after working with the energy I channel, I have come to realize that that the cliché is bass ackwards! That to find the Divine within ones self, which was the objective, you must allow that you are already Divine!

My purpose, as I saw it originally, was to help people find their truth as divine beings of light and love. Easy enough, I have tools and perspectives and intuitions that lead to that very thing!

But I just saw, after several years of frustration from watching other people trying to heal the body to make room for their divine manifestation (the body temple concept) that I have been doing it too! Different approach, to be sure. But with the same limited perspective of imperfection. We all know that we live in a holographic universe. And we all are trying to purify ourselves to make way for our higher truth to come in. To BE God manifest. But we are already God manifest! We just sleep through part of it. Now we are waking up!

But I have been bandying that cliché around to explain what I am doing. Even though I have been focused in what seems to me to be the right direction, I still have been healing instead of allowing.

It is like that quote, “It is not ‘When I get everything into place, I will know peace.’ It is ‘When I know peace, everything will settle into place.’” Everything is already perfect, we just have to allow that to be true. And that takes practice and understanding.

I have been healing from this perspective for a while. Clearing the blocks and beliefs that deny our truth. And it can be a challenge. Depending on personal will, the ego can throw blocks and confusion back into place almost faster than we can clear them.

And we are not taught to be strong willed. It is something beaten out of us early on in school. Or at home. Children are naturally strong willed. They want what they want and they want it now. We, in our ego mind, conditioned by society, decide that willful behavior is bad. So we set out to break the will. And for many people that is exactly what happens. We become complacent. Accepting of the status quo. Not willing to shake it up, not willing to rock the boat, as it were. And so when we need to make things happen, we sit and day dream but it never gets done. We’re not willing to do the work on ourselves to make it happen. It never manifest.

But I digress….wouldn’t be the first time!

So today I am changing my cliches. Be Divine to Heal the Human! It is what we are here for, to realize our own inner truth as a Divine manifestation of God. And then to allow that truth to permeate all levels of our life. BE God manifest. Be the master. Instead of the slave. No need to “break free”. The slavery is an illusion. Just accept the truth and let it settle into your life. I am God manifest! I am perfect! All is perfect. So why try to heal what is already perfect? Change the inner belief and allow the outer one to shift on its own. It will. And when enough people believe this, wowzer!


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