The Stupidity of Opinion

I started writing this a few weeks back, just venting some frustration. And as I was reviewing for publishing or the trash, it dawned on me that the very thing I was so upset about is the very thing that happens in the higher planes. I will explain at the end of the post….hehehehehehe! *light bulb!*

Two bees in my bonnet this morning:

1) Setting the alarm to go off an hour before you actually intend to get up. My husband does this, then hits the snooze EVERY 6 or 8 minutes until he really wants to get up. Waste of sleep. And test show it is really hard on the sleep cycle. Why not just GET UP? I set my alarm for the time I want to get up and then I GET UP!

But here is the biggy this morning. And to be honest, I have been having issues with this for a while, just haven’t been inspired to write.

2) opinions where none were requested. What happens is this. I will be telling my adventures in what ever land I am playing in at the moment and other people will tell me what I “should” do. It would probably be ok if they prefaced with “this is what I would do.” But generally no. They say flat out “you should do this”.

I find several problems with this. The first is my knee jerk reaction. I feel insulted because there is an implied insult of stupidity. “If you were smart like me, you would do this.” And I may not think like others but I am NOT STUPID. But back to that topic in just a few. Now, I know that this is ultimately NOT ABOUT ME. People think out loud, offering what they would do. And most people or at least a lot of people I seem to meet, are very vocal about them selves and their plans and opinions. And being able to share opinions without fear reflects a healthy self regard.

The thing is, when we do that, offering our opinion in such a fashion, we are basically saying “I am telling you what to do because I know you are too stupid to have thought of it your self.” Really? Again, I know that this is not about me. It is all about them. It really is. Except for my reaction to the situation. That is totally me.

But this brings to mind that we, or maybe just a bunch of the people I know, don’t really know how to converse properly. We have spent so much time with family and friends that just tells us what to do that we never learn to guide the process of discovery. And maybe that is what conversation really should be about. Instead of telling others what to do,  perhaps we should ask them what they are going to do or want to do. Or what they think about something. Ask question instead of telling them what to do.

To be honest, this really is an issues for me. I am terrible about asking questions. I generally don’t go around with my brain engaged where other people are concerned. I have all kinds of opinions where my own issues are concerned, but I trust you to handle your own shit on your own. Perhaps I am as guilty as others and assume to know what others are about without the benefit or courtesy of asking….food for thought.

Now, another thought I had was this. Perhaps this conversational awkwardness is based on a general attitude I am seeing in society. The basic belief most people seem to have where other people are concerned. Make me a liar! Most people accuse others, especially people they don’t know at all, that they are stupid. It’s a type of bigotry! It is the biggest most frequent insult I hear from others. “That person is stupid because….” and the list is incredibly long! Driving, behavior, looks, job choices! You name it and someone somewhere thinks that it is stupid. And the irony is it isn’t about the “stupid” person at all. So here is the deal, we have been conditioned to express that others are stupid, which in mirror psychology means that we secretly believe WE are stupid. We judge others because we judge ourselves.

Well, I am OK there. I may get annoyed by them but I don’t make a character judgement. Or an intelligence judgment. And to be honest, I have yet to find a person who actually believes them selves to be stupid. Just haven’t found them yet. It is great to live in a place were everyone is so smart!

There isn’t a lot of structure to this blog, I am not a trained writer. I just write because I like to. I like to see my own “intelligence” in print. But what I would like to suggest is this. And this is my opinion and I am offering advise with out it being requested. Let’s be more compassionate with each other, allowing them to find there own way. Without forming an opinion. I find opinions very revealing. It shows me what others think is important and how emotionally mature or evolved they are. It shows me, and others too, what a persons true nature is like. Insecurity, lack  of sensitivity, lack of compassion. We have a country of emotionally immature intellectuals. LOTS of info, but little heart action. The mind without heart is imbalanced and prone to ego expression. This is not the self allowing or supporting good aspects of ego (self esteem) either, but the immature selfish fear based ego expression of judgement and hate.

Writing this has been revealing. I do judge. Harshly. Not so much  about stupidity. But emotional maturity. Instead of projecting my mirror onto others like most people do, I see my mirror quite well, without the need to project it. I see my own stupidity and immaturity. Yet I also see my own brilliance! Using the “mirror” might make it easier to communicate but it isn’t very mature either. And speaking heart truth isn’t such a bad thing.

And my heart truth doesn’t like others to project their opinions in my direction. Using me as their mirror….now if I could be a more interactive mirror….well, now, that might be more interesting!

That blog really sucks. I totally understand why it was sitting there as a draft. Boring, judgmental. Immature. But here is that insight I promised, this leap of understanding I just had.

For a while, I have been seeing how the higher beings influence us, pushing their energy towards us, hoping to influence us in certain directions. We get this from beings of light just as much as from beings of dark. And everything in between. It is kind of like they are blowing at us with straws to get us to move in a certain direction. Like we are little toy boats. NOTE: It is our physical expression that is being used as a toy. The thing is our higher selves are up there blowing our sails just as much, more so than anyone else. That is important to remember. So we are down here being “blown” about, thinking we are making our own decisions, when actually we are reacting to the energies of the higher planes being directed down towards us. YET we still have that free choice thing happening here. We really do. The thing is, we are being influenced by the higher beings “opinions”. Just like we are here, every day. What our friends think, family, facebook. All these out side sources “share” their opinions with us, hoping that we will go “Oh what a good idea, wish I had thought of that!” And follow up on that idea. Well, technically speaking, if we follow our higher selves guidance, feeling it is our own opinions of what we should do, we really are making our own choices and following our own star. Just a matter of perspective.


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