Unity and Teamwork

An odd experience happened when I was probably about 21.

I was attending a Catholic church because my friends had decided to attend. One of the kids were Catholic, so we all just went with him. But we all seemed to be going through a phase of exploring religion, for whatever gawd awful reason.

I remember sitting through the service, and at a certain point I just started crying, for no particular reason. I just sat there crying my eyes out. And I would ask myself what that was about. I had a fairly healthy understanding of religion and what I felt were its purposes, and so I didn’t feel there was any real reason to be upset about the service or any of the aspects of the visit to the church. And the thing is, this happened all the time!

At the end, or at some odd moment, I don’t exactly remember, this woman asked me what was wrong and I admitted I didn’t know why I was crying and she gave me the whole, unrepentant sinner thing, the guilt, and thankfulness for Jesus and that was why I was crying. I was realizing my sin.

And there may be a small part of that. But I had a healthy respect for my own spirituality and was not easily led down that particular path. I felt guilt for a lot of things but not as a sinner. I KNEW that there was no sin. That we are all the children of God. That Jesus was not here to make sure we got saved. Even though those were the teachings of the Christian church, I had a deeper (I thought) view of what that was all about. I still don’t think my reaction had anything to do with Jesus and his teachings, but that is another blog/story.

What I do know, now, at this rather advanced date (it’s been 30 years!) and I even felt this then. What I felt, and still do, although I am working through it as I type this, is this: Back then what I felt is wonder and joy that people built such lovely houses for our Father Creator. I also felt cut off from my God. Separated from Him (Her It All That Is).

Now why I would feel that would not be as evident as you might think. This is still not about salvation. Or church community, although that is closer than the salvation concept (again, another topic). It is, however about UNITY. Unity with the Divine. With my team, and with my human family.

Now, from a very basic earth based perspective, we are separate from each other and from God. We stand alone in this world and we try to make connections with others, with groups that we can work with in harmony. Hopefully. It is part of why we make friends. Why we start families. So we don’t feel alone. I must admit, even though my own family isn’t as close as I would personally like, I am happiest at home with my kids.

But I still feel very disconnected from the world and other people. And it has always been this way.

Very much a stranger in a strange land.

And it isn’t what I want! I want the community and family and the group interaction. I want the close friends that see ME as I am and I don’t have to hide because they just wouldn’t understand. And in this place, right now, they don’t understand. They love and respect me. But they have no point of reference to understand me. And so for the most part I hide. I don’t talk about what or who I really am. Or who they are either.

I cry in church because I miss knowing the connection between myself and God and all the denizens of heaven. Heaven is my true home.

Heaven, however, is so much more and so different than what we have been programmed to believe it is. I am not even sure where we came up with the idea of heaven as a cloudy place where everyone plays harps. I suppose it is a natural evolution in conceptual interpretation. I too will refer to the higher realms as up there. And I mean the higher dimensions when I do this. Higher vibrational frequencies. Higher, larger expanded perspectives (I am already in heaven in this regard). So I suppose that is what is happening there. People heard or intuited “up there” and looked up, seeing sky and decided you needed clouds so you wouldn’t fall.

Heaven is a state of being. It is unity with the ONE. And interconnection with all that is.

We go out to explore and create. From the beginning of the beginning, we were intended to be adventurers. And co-creators of the universe with God. We have done this for upward of 18 billion years. I saw our birth, the Big Bang. Creation and evolution are two aspects of the same thing (different blog). Creation is like the bright idea to make something new or interesting. Evolution is the process of making it. Seeing what form it ultimately takes. Art rarely ends the way it was originally conceived. It evolves.

Back to Unity.

I woke up this morning thinking about how hard my team works, getting me all kinds of info, helping me to grow my understanding of my experiences in this dimension. Helping me to heal and break free of the limiting thoughts and beliefs I have of what is what. And this realization led me to realize that I am not doing as much as I could be. With all the info I get, I should write a freakin’ book.

(I receive informational downloads from the higher dimensions. How cool is that? I literally see this info coming in. It is written, looks like it is on paper, though that element is invisible. And it has structure, not just letters, but words and composition. However, it is usually in languages that I knowingly can not read. In fact, I suspect that they are the languages that Earth languages are based on. Because as far as I can tell, they are not from around here. Well, at least not from this millennium. When I first started to receive them I recognized ancient Sumerian and Hebrew. Karelian, Mayan, several Arabic languages. All kinds of middle eastern languages. Sometimes several all at the same time. Stacked on top of each other. Why I am receiving info this way, I don’t exactly know but it is very interesting to be sure. And I rarely receive the same language twice!….In fact, I don’t think I have received the same language twice. Last download I received was what I just spontaneously called “Extraterrestrial Native American” and that is what I believe it is. And strangely, I can kind of read crop circles. I have received down loads in the imagery that is used for crop circles, too.)

All of the information I receive is pertinent to what ever I am working on in my own growth and evolution. And my own growth and evolution mirrors some of the deeper growth topics of the rest of the planet too. When I wonder why I am going through all this, I know that I am “embodying” the process for others. I know, it can be a strange concept if it is new to you. “Embodying” just means that you are doing the work for others, so they don’t have to. It is like a gift. Spiritual evolution is hard work and can be scary. Facing demons is not for everyone. I don’t mean literal demons but the personal demons we all acquire over the course of several life times. It can be hard to break free of their influence. But to awaken, it must be done.

So, my guides have been giving me so much information and there are days where I will wake up and know things I didn’t the day before. And sometimes not. I will joke about it. Say I won’t know what I know until I open my mouth and hear what comes out. That actually happens a lot.

But what today is really about is guilt. Strange round robin…Because even if I don’t believe in religious sin concepts, it doesn’t change the fact that I still experience guilt. And all guilt is a judgment of failure. And I am feeling guilty for not writing up all the concepts I have received and come to understand. Even if they don’t get published, they should be written up and put in one place so that someday, they can be used, if necessary. And I am not doing that, not as consistently as I could be….time for healing and to release this process to the universe, or at least my blog site. Everyday is a new day, with a new opportunity to start a new.







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