Enlighten Up!

Spiritual “weight” loss

It is time to drop some density!!!

 You are perfect!

And here is why.

From the moment of your creation, you have functioned from the place of your truth. You are predisposed, but not locked in, to be “interested” in certain things and to see the universe in a certain way. No one else sees or experiences the universe in exactly the same way that you do. You are unique.

Because we are energy, at the moment of the Big Bang, we each exploded out into the universe in our own individualized expression. Where we were, and who or what we were next to in the explosion, subtly effected our course and trajectory. This shaped our journey and disposition. As the universe started to develop into an actual place, as we bumped up against others on their own unique trajectories, we were slightly modified within ours. Those that we seemed to bump against a lot, we developed similar patterns that eventually became interests as we grew and expanded in our individual energetic expressions. These expressions are what shape the universe. Combined with certain physical laws, the universe grew and expanded, and so did we.

And the thing about energy is it has a polarity. It is drawn to similar energies and repelled from dissimilar energies. Basically, like likes like.

Now, the process of ours and the universe’s evolution is a very complex one. Shifting from energy into matter, well, that is a lot of “like likes like.” You get a lot of energy in one place and you have a thing. Science tells us that there is a lot of space between atoms. But when they are similar and all together, you have a thing. I suppose we should be thankful that we are the sitters, instead of the chairs.

So, we evolved. We became beings. I am missing pieces of this particular puzzle, the “how’s” of us moving from a fairly simple energy to thinking feeling energy, I don’t know. Whether the being-ness came before the thinking feeling, or the other way around. What I do know is that some how, when the Big Bang happened, and we projected out into the void, we took a part of that source energy with us. And that source energy is SOURCE energy. God energy, if you will. All That Is. Everything in the universe comes from this Source and everything will eventually return to Source. So, you see, we are God out exploring and creating the Universe. We are Co-creators.

Well, there’s a little bit of background. But what about the perfect part?

The thing is, real perfection is just the way things are. When we look at an animal and think, “Wow! That critter is cool! Perfect for its environment, adapted to its food source, good camouflage. And really cool to look at.” We know that that animal is perfect, just the way the universe evolved/created it.

The thing is, we were created perfect for our own set of situations. We are perfect.

The problem comes in when we look at others and judge them as not perfect. And if we judge others, then we are judging ourselves twice as hard. We can concede that we don’t know everything about someone else. So we don’t think it is fair to judge them too harshly. But we live inside our own heads and we judge ourselves harshly, pretty much 24/7. It takes discipline to stop the judgment. And awareness. And currently, we are not encouraged to be aware. And considering how judgmental we are, we do get exhausted pretty easily. Wrestling with judgment is a time consuming process, at least until the basic understanding of perfection comes in.

But there is something else. We are energy. And our thoughts and feelings about things attract more energy, and that is how density is created. So, the more we think about something, good or bad, to use a duality term, the more energy that thought has. And when these thoughts reflect a lie, like we are not perfect for whatever reasons, that energy becomes dense and slows down our vibration. And we start to carry that density around with us every where we go. And this density is what separates us from our knowing of our perfection. Kind of a catch-22 there. I feel sorry for the first person to believe in imperfection, what a load of karma they much have!

But all is perfect. Never forget that. If there is a being out there somewhere carrying around the guilt for doubting their perfection, it was planned that way. It was an evolutionary step to bring us into physicality. Which was the next step at that time.

But times are a changin’! The universe oscillates and it is time to evolve again. This time, we are regaining our knowing of perfection AND we get to keep the physicality! Energetically the universe is raising its vibration. And either we keep up or we will eventually energetically collapse. Probably not for a few thousand years, maybe more. We have been in this physical density for between five thousand and five million years. Depending on which channel you talk to. The channeled beings generally don’t tell time too well, comes from not living in a linear reality.

So, here we are. The vibration of our planet has been dramatically rising for the last twenty plus years. And since our planet actually has an intelligent soul, named Gaia, she is regaining her knowing of perfection AND keeping her physicality! And according to my own experience, she has already shifted to this new level. We call this ascension, for those of you not in the know. Gaia has ascended.

The thing is, unless we get our shit together, we will never get to experience this. Well, maybe. But not necessarily as a physical being ourselves. We can always visit anywhere as energy, or perhaps the word “spirit” might suit you better. And we will regain our ascended state if we exit through deaths door. But if we want to go along for the ride, we need to saddle up and release our own lower vibrations and density and remember that we are perfect beings of light, too.

Something you should know. We were chosen to be here for this. We have the skills and the experience to be of assistance with this process. For both Gaia, and our own ascension. One thing I don’t see too often is this following bit of info. But it is part of my knowing and I trust that. Here goes: All humans on Earth, born between the mid 1940’s and the mid ’80’s, are experienced in ascension. We have all done this before, in varying degrees.

Here’s why it was planned this way.

All energy goes through certain patterns of expansion and contraction. What that means for us is we ascend and then we descend, just to ascend again. Becoming more spiritually complex  each time. Huge time span here. Planets go though this too. As where we have already had several ascension cycles, most of us anyway. Being a planet, Gaia is experiencing her first. Because her evolutionary process is so long and drawn out. As it should be for a planet.

However, it was never intended that she go though this alone, but occupied with indigenous animal and plant life. Well, the human race falls under indigenous animal life. Our actual evolution on the planet is questionable and ultimately irrelevant, so I won’t go there. The thing is, when Gaia’s ascension process was due to start, we were acting like idiots! We started playing with disruptive energies. And this process on our part totally derailed Gaia’s ascension process. She started to physically die. As where her energies were to supposed to start rising, they actually started to lower.

Being the spiritual being that she is, she called for help and we came running. But only “the best of the best of the best!” were allowed to incarnate here. Only those with a previous experience with ascension were allowed to be here. We had already forged our path. This would be necessary. We were coming in blind to our higher truth. To be in a physical incarnation at this time, we would also be born “asleep.”

If we came in awake, our vibration would be too high and we would be ineffective in fixing the problem. Also, there is a little matter of free choice on this world. Which means that we have to choose to help, not from our higher knowing but because we look around us and see that we are killing the planet! And the minute we decide we want to help in some way, we begin our awakening process. The second we become aware that there is a problem larger than our little petty problems, we start to wake up.

Here’s the cool thing, because we have walked the path of ascension before, once we start it again, it goes much faster this time! Ascension usually takes several life times, and tons of clearing and avoiding other people and just bunches of limiting things which ultimately are not any fun. But as reawakening masters (that’s what we are) we can be in the world, as we awaken! So we can have normal lives. And as we (quickly) walk our ascension paths, our momentum helps raise Gaia’s energy too. And also those who are still sleeping. Which is OK, by the way. Everyone has their perfect time to wake up, it all works to the greater good. So don’t worry about it, be happy that it is all planned out.

And for another thing, we are not alone doing this. We are surrounded on all sides by everyone else who wanted to help. There are several thousand extraterrestrial crafts around the earth right now. Numbers change as they cycle in and out. Taking turns. Energetically this is a great show! And there are so many sending their love and support to Gaia, and us too. Everything that can be done, without violating our free choice, is being done to assist in this project.

And all we have to do is to release the lies, and their density, from our energetic fields.

And I can help you with that. I’m awake, and helping others to awaken and to drop their density is why I am here.

I am an energy channel. As both originator(3rd dimension) and source (7th). The energy I channel is designed to accelerate vibration. Well, the benefit of raising your vibration is that density falls away!

But wait, there’s more!!!

I also energetically run a clearing process that releases specific densities from the energetic field. You know, mental emotional blocks! Any belief or attitude or opinion that you are not “all that” is a lie. You are so all that! And perfect too! But all those opinions, gathered from many life times*, weigh us down, making it difficult, if not impossible to understand and know that we are perfect. And not just perfect but PERFECT.

We are manifested expressions of God. Remember where we came from. We are that God spark, mostly grown up. We have all the tools of our Source Parent with out the bulk of being a galaxy. We get to go and see the small picture. There is a huge value in that, and one that Source is thankful we are taking care of. Source only knows Source. But us as Source, we know and experience everything, from an individualized perspective. Because of our own unique energetic signature, we see thing just a bit differently than anyone else. Just a bit. We make God omniscient. We make God omnipresent. We make God Omnipotent. God made us and we make God. There is no time, everything happens simultaneously. We are co-creators with God. We are God.

And we chose to be here and pick up density, so that we could shed it and ascend.

Are you ready to drop density? Here’s a quick and dirty method for clearing density. Identify and belief you may have that limits you in some way: I can’t do that Because…I’m not good enough, smart enough, pretty enough, those kinds of limits. Or the big one, “I’m not god, Source, All That Is” Focus on that thought/belief and follow after me:”All those beliefs attitudes and opinions that I am not_____ all that energy is NULL and VOID, and so it is.” Apply this to any limiting beliefs and they will fade away.

A quick way to clear Karma, see my “Healing the World With Ho’oponopono” post.

For more info, drop me an email at: lisalambert@cableone.net

*Due to the nature of time…that it doesn’t exist, it is just an illusion to maintain a linear perspective. According to quantum physics, everything happens at the same “time”. So, we all wanted to incarnate here for Gaia’s ascension, and to be here we had to drop our vibration and gain some density. So we came to the party early. Many life times early. Since time doesn’t exist at higher vibrations, we “time traveled” to be where we needed to be to set our experiences in motions. Not all of us, there are a few who came at the last minute but most of us have been here off and on for several lifetimes.


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