Holy Moly Daze

Got up today feeling guilty because I have been sick and not taking advantage of the incredible energies hitting the planet right now. Energies that are intended to assist the planet and her people in their spiritual awakening and ascension process. I’ve been spiritually lazy.

 But right on that thought, about those energies, the knowing came in that it wasn’t so much about those energies as it about our intent when we decide to use those energies. And I understood that there might be small shifts in the energy, and they may in fact be increasing, but ultimately it comes down to us creating our own reality. Choosing for ourselves when we want to grow.

 It used to amaze me to hear other people on line complain about not experiencing anything when we would have these really large energy events. A serious portal day, like November 11, 2011. All those elevens! 12-12-12 was like that too. And of course the biggy, 12-21-12. Huge! Massive! I personally had the most incredible days during those dates. Major shifts in consciousness. Wonderful mystical events. Quantum jumps in understanding and being-ness. It was wonderful! So I could not understand how other people, supposedly on a spiritual path, didn’t experience anything at all. What gives? What’s their problem? And that question provided the answer.

 Their “problem” was that they expected that they were being influenced by these energy waves against their permission. In other words, they felt like they were passive, a victim of their own awakening process. They were not seeing these times as opportunities but as spiritual duties, something they had no say in.

 OK, I have been there. Waiting for my guides to “decide” when I was ready to make a shift in understand or perhaps get some permission to make a shift on my own. Been there. Still doing that.

It is a fine line, though. We can instigate an awakening on our own behalf but if we are not ready in some way, either mentally or emotionally or spiritually, it may not happen. The problem there is the expectations. We think, “Ooow, I am going to ascend now!” and put all our belief into that and maybe even set the ritual or sacred space to do so but if our level of development isn’t there, it just wont happen.

 The thing is, we got part of it right! Setting the space and the intent to grow is excellent! In what way we grow, that is the failing. We generally are just not aware of the stages of growth and development to decide to what level we are to move to. But we can decide that we are ready to make a shift of some sort, by observing that we haven’t shifted in a while, and then open our selves to the energies hitting the planet right now, or even just the heightened energy field around the earth it self. Personally, I declare my desire and intent to achieve my highest greatest potential. Set my sacred space, and go quiet.

 Sometimes I will get massive energetic down loads. Sometimes informational downloads. And sometimes I will just get a little bit of tweaking. Those feel like little energy sparks off my head. But are my guides helping me to shift my thoughts into a more conducive arrangement. Those actually happen a lot! We’re rewiring the brain.

 The thing is, we create our own reality. Every day is a high energy day. Every day is the day we are going to experience something Holy and Divine! All it takes is a little intent to be holy ourselves and to live from that place on a regular basis. So set your sacred circle, light a candle (or not!) and open your self to the blessings and growth opportunities that the universe has in store for you. We are so much more than we realize, we just have to allow it to be true. And so it is!


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