Happy Ascension! Wakie-wakie!

When I originally wrote this I was still fairly asleep, lots of info but not so much real knowing, at the heart level. But rereading this was cool and I checked to see if my understanding had changed much. And to be honest, not so much. It has gotten deeper. It has gone to heart.

And we have progressed. What I did find interesting was the percentage that I provided. It is inconsistent with a percentage I got not so long ago. In the blog I listed 30% of lightworkers as awake. Yet a few weeks ago I got 17%…So I am thinking about that now. And wondering what that is all about. And here is my conclusion. The original 30% mentioned are awake lightworkers who have reached a high level of awakening and personal clarirty. Their vibe is high. But this new number…what does it mean? Well, what I am seeing is that, even though all on the planet are technically lightworkers, not all lightworkers are awake. Last years percentage was of awake/awakening lightworkers. The new percentage is everybody else. Wow! 17% of the population of the planet is some how engaged in an awakening process right now. Activated, shifting, awakening and raising their vibration. And the number grows all the time.

We did it! Are you awake yet? I hear snoring! Shusssssh, people are still asleep.


Yes, you! Reading this! You are, you know? Seriously! You are an ascended master! Surprise!

Did you know that? It happened a long time ago, back before you ever came to Earth for this project. Some other life, some other reality. You ascended in a blaze of light and love and glory!

“But wait! I don’t remember that!” You say. Of course you probably don’t! (Unless you are the rare ones who do! Lucky dogs!) But it is true! Long long ago, in a galaxy far far away, you ascended. We all did. It was kind of a prerequisite to be here at this time.

You see, the negative dark energies on this planet were cheating and forgetting their prime directive of harm none. That is why they are negative dark energies! And they were pushing to harm a bunch! Bastards! But who am I to judge, we all have our callings… So, anyway, they were pushing their own agenda at the expense and well being of every other being on this planet, including the planet! Again I say, Bastards! And it was setting up a very rapid downward spiral into Hell, soon to become their residence of choice. (Been there and I only visit under duress!) (*shudder!*) And Gaia, being the lovely being of light that she actually is, sent out a call for help! And we came running.

Now, the higher beings, wise and all seeing, knew this was happening, BUT! They are not allowed to intervene without permission from the injured party. Namely Gaia, in this case. That free will thing. Well, she asked and here we are. But it was felt that to better assist her in her ascension, because she was facing her ascension in the very near future, it was decided that the incoming beings be fairly advanced in their own spiritual knowing. And plans were made. So many plans! Ascended masters incarnating into the Earth matrix, extraterrestrials with their energy ships to help with energy issues, angels to tweak things and provide support and make sure that Gods plan for the planet be followed (there was always a general plan for Gaia), just so many plans and we are all part of it! We are here providing our puzzle pieces.

Well, where we are concerned, there are always games to be played and angles to be worked. Why? Because it is fun!  Silly! That is the only reason to do any thing. If it ain’t fun, don’t do it. Well, within reason. But it is not so much about the doing as the being. Ascended masters are having fun because they are fun, their moods and attitudes and what not, their very being-ness is one of bliss and joy, so they generally en-JOY every thing they do! Like I said, they have fun! So all these plans in the works and us coming in to help out. Here to play too!

BUT! and that is a big butt! If we all come in as ascended masters, then WE are cheating. There would be nothing to learn, since as masters we would have access to any info we wanted. So it was also decided by the higher powers that we come in blind and asleep! God is all about experiences, expansion and potentialities and that requires discovery. So we came in blind and asleep. And because of the parameters set up on earth, we have that lovely veil in place. And we forgot. We joined the current matrix in place to learn about our truth according to our own plans. Many people incarnated many lifetimes earlier to provide a proper karmic placement for their projects, I am one of these. I do remember my past lives and understand their importance. The role they play now. Everything is energy and energy has very particular rules to play by.

And from an energetic perspective, this is after all an energy process too. Having all these ascended master come in and starting to remember their truth creates an immense power and energetic momentum! Pretty much guaranteeing that Gaia will ascend without difficulty. Which is exactly what happened.

The higher beings hoped for an ascension of about 20% for the lightworker population (this does not mean we know or understand this, just that energetically it happened). They felt that would do what was required to get Gaia back on her original purpose.  But what they got was 30+%!!!

30%  of the lightworkers/ascended masters on the planet achieved enough awareness and clearing and vibration rising that they are ascended. Or rather, RE- ascended. They have dropped their density through healing and clearing activities. They allowed their truth to surface and allowed that info to be true, even when they didn’t feel it. They never gave up the idea that they were ascending. Never. They might have doubts,  or insecurities but they hoped and visualized and daydreamed and learned to trust their inner knowing. That inner knowing is where their true magic happened. And they are ascended (re-ascended!).

“But they are still here!” You say. Are they?* Sure their physical form is here, that is part of their choice package. Their plans. And it does take time from implementing a goal to manifesting a goal. Especially at this dimensional level. And there are things to consider. To understand.

The thing is, to be an ascended master is to be self empowered. No one else can do this for you. You must allow that certain things are true, like us all being ascended masters, even when other people act like butt heads. But more specifically, that YOU are an ascended master. Because you are.

You see, here is the big secret. This isn’t one of those post that says, “If you found this you were destined to.”  Although that may be true. It is intended for everyone, no exceptions. Every person on the planet Earth, born since something like the beginning of 1947, is an ascended master. Every one. With only a few very small exceptions. And you are probably not that exception. You are an ascended master, at some point or level of re-awakening. There are fairly consistent levels to this process.

So, there is that. Now what we do with that info is where it get interesting and very empowering. If you say, “OK, I’m an ascended master, why am I still here?” Well, I would say it is because you have not released the beliefs and opinions and expectations that create THIS life here, allowing for the next reality to come in. Just not enlightened yet. It is a destructive process. A difficult process. Best done consistently and progressively through intent and desire. Step by step. And there is only one person who can do that for you…you.

I can tell you the secrets of the universe, but I can NOT make you understand it. You have to challenge it and test it and play with it. Play it against your inner knowing. You become empowered by taking responsibility for your own awakening. That is how you ascend. Every step of the way.

Or it could be that you have already chose to be here for a while, helping the re-creation of Gaias’ human societies. The clearing and purification of the planet. A lot of people are doing this.  The thing is to take personal responsibility for your self in everything. You CHOSE to be here now. You made your plan, you are fulfilling your plan. You are not a victim. You knew the rules when you came in, you knew what was going on, and you chose to play here anyway. We all did. So, what are you here to learn? To experience? To contribute?

To be ascended is to release every belief that says you are not ascended. EVERY belief. Every lie that limits you in any way. Get rid of it. Look inside. Know your self. Accept your self. Allow your being-ness to be what it is, and keep moving forward. Don’t judge or compare. Don’t wait on others to do the work. You have to choose to release and to awaken and to ascend. The change has to happen on the inside, not the outside. You are your own Messiah! So get busy being it!

There is help. You are surrounded 24/7 by an awesome group of beings that you have known for all eternity. They are your spiritual brothers and sisters. And they are there to help you heal, and release whatever needs to be released. They love you so much. Their purpose right now is to help you progress in this adventure. But you have to ask. They are waiting to act on you behalf.

To  be an ascended master is to realize that we are already ascended masters and that we are all ONE. That there is no dark, only light. No fear, only love. Separation, fear and darkness or evil, are just rules we use to play this game. A contrast, if you will. We CHOSE to be here now, seriously, we did. We always do. Even when we weren’t ascended masters, we got to chose our incarnations.

But right  now, you need to allow that you are already awakened and an ascended master. Once you allow that that may be true, you can begin to move on to the next lesson, work through it and move on to the next lesson and so on and so forth. The lesson is very basic, though it has many perspectives:

We are God. How are you learning about that today?

*And now for that asterisk:

The new earth question/equation. What I have been shown, and later read from channeled sources is that there is to be a reality split. Not too long ago, the multi-verse that includes the Earth potentials came together and there was one Earth. Very short amount of time here. A cosmic second. Everything converged and then the new realities recreated them selves. This is not my forte. I play in multiple realities but I am not sure how they are created. My awareness and knowing tops out at about the 8th, maybe 9th dimensional level. And the multi-verse seems to be produced and split out higher than that. So, they came together and all Earths were one. And on the 21t of December, 2012, those realities split back out. Into three distinct Earths. Really a simple expression. Important energy shift, the ascension experience its self, Gaia ascended!

Gaia ascended and she achieved her higher self. A new perfected potentiality of her self. We do this too. Just part of ascension. We awaken to our truth, and ascend into our 5-D perfected form, this is traditionally a spiritual state, not physical. However, there are some quirks right now, 3 and 5 are kind of merging. So physicality with the energetic dynamics of the 5th dimension. This is going to be very interesting. Supposedly, this is a first! But Gaia still has her 3-D body, where we are living now. In a normal ascension, the body dies. No need for it. But that 3/5 merge creates some flexibility.  This Gaia is not dying! And it will eventually have a different ascension process of its own. I know, did I just confuse you? Welcome to the higher dimensions! It gets better, there is also a third Gaia, and this one is not ascending at all. This potentiality is the one that the dark energies are playing with, us too if we want to walk that path. And some will. Don’t worry, if you are looking at ascension and seeking the light, you will find it.

But as spiritual beings, we maintain expressions of ourselves in all dimensions we occupy before ascension.  So we are still on the 3-D Gaia. And also the 5-D Gaia if that is where we are in our developmental awareness. But multiple potentialities are being fulfilled. And there is that third Gaia, the purely physical form of Gaia, or rather Earth, that is playing out the dark beings designs. Remember there is no real darkness, only God exploring potentialities. But in this game there is an intense darkness playing itself out. So there are three Earth realities. Ascended Gaia, the new earth reality. The higher beings are calling this Earth A. There is the earth reality we are on, which is the reality where we clean up the mess, and the heavy darkness that has had control has been removed. We still have duality but there is no unfair advantage from the butt head group, I mean the dark energies, trying to take us all to hell to feast on. Bunch of energy vampires! So, we are here to fulfill this Earth potentiality, free of the heavy darkness (that is still being cleared up, takes time but it is happening. Remember this would be considered a trickle down effect. They are gone! But their human idiots are still here and awakening to their own issues.) This reality is Earth A/B. Then there is that Earth reality that is going to hell and destruction. The dead and decaying earth. Earth B.

Right  now, they are over lapping each other. And they are still splitting out. Some say it will take years. It is too soon to say. Our perception of time is different than the higher beings. To them, it could all be done next week. But to us it may seem to take a thousand years.

And our ascension is this way too. We realize our ascension (A), we clear up/release the density, before moving into our higher form(A/B), leaving our dense dead form behind (B). Three distinct stages. The planet is doing this and we are doing this. There are variations but I will confuse you another day….Or perhaps you already sense your variation???


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