Ready for the end of the world?

“It’s the end of the world as we know it and I feel fine!”

There are a few things you may or may not know about the end times. Which we are in, RIGHT  NOW!

1) The planet and everything on it is ascending*. Collectively and individually. This is a simple and yet complex process, depending on your perspective or point of view. And it really isn’t an end but a new beginning. A transition to something new. We go though this all the time, when ever there is something huge happening on the world stage. One huge event was 9/11. That changed everyone and served the greater good, though it may not seem like it. Duality must play its self out. This event, the “end of the world” is ginormous! It is energy based and will effect everyone in some way.

2) You have done this before. No newbies have been allowed to incarnate on Earth since 1947. That year marked the first full year of incoming ascended master ONLY. Those seeking to learn about the 3rd dimension were directed to other, less volatile planets. This particular process is a bit unique. Planets usually kill off their residents during their ascension. This will not be the case here, that was Gaias call. And Gaia is the one ascending here, you…

3) You volunteered to be here for this current event…enthusiastically, joyfully, excitedly, expectantly, blissfully, passsionately….you probably get my drift. You WANTED to be here and you had what was required to be an asset to the process. Every single person on the planet met the requirements. AND they brings something important to the mix. A puzzle piece. Ours to discover.

4) That does not mean that you were an ascended master in your very last life. Many people have run several lives to lower their vibration and set up karmic/dharmic paths to be in the right place at the right time for special callings/jobs in this life. Including another ascension process to help raise the collective vibration of society and the planet.

5) How it will actually look is still clarifying. It is anybodies guess. Even the higher masters and angels are not exactly sure how this will play out.  Ascension in and of its self is USUALLY done through death. That has been the path and pattern on Earth. You learn what it takes, you clear your energy and raise your vibration through good works, and you die. At death you ascend. But because of the energetic configurations in the galaxy right now, and being on a planet ascending and the galactic shift and just so many variables, it could go so many different ways…and it probably will.

6) You are not who you think you are. You are not your thoughts, or body, or emotions. You are energy. And that you perceive that you are anything at all is the mystery and magic of creation. That you are aware of you. Because all is energy. This is not new age hokum to confuse and mystify. It is physical truth, as observed by science. The mystery, at least to me (and I am open to understanding) is that energy is capable of being aware of its self. Oooh, mysterious!

7 pt.a) To ascend you are required to let go of some things. And once let go of, then to trust that all is OK. We will be required to let go of everything we identify with as our truth. Everything. This is much more complex than it first appears. Because we  identify with so many things….people, ideas, feelings, places, our bodies, jobs. Can you walk away from everything you know…not know to be true, although that is part of it, but everything you know? Just walk away? Leave? Let it go? Trust that it will be OK with out you? Trust that you will be OK without it? This question is an excellent measure of your spiritual maturity. Spiritually mature people trust the Universe/God/Spirit/Source/Creator/whatever you want to call it, to take care of all that is. And all that is important to you.

7 pt. b) And more complex because not only are we releasing or letting go of everything in this life but all lives. It is part of that raising vibration thing. Our beliefs and attitudes create density. Density lowers our vibration. And we carry all that density from life to life. Sometimes we can clear or reduce our density. But generally, we collect it. We seem to like doing that. Combined with how energy works, it just gets denser and denser.

8) But there is help! We have been getting a huge amount of help from the higher planes. Our angels and guides, as well as the beings living in the higher realms, have been sending energy to us at a progressively accelerating rate for the last couple of years. And on top of that, because Gaia is ascending, and she has to, we are benefiting from the very same energy influx that is effecting her. See, that is just it. There is incoming energy from the galactic core, the center of the galaxy. Our central sun. And everything that has blocked its normal energy from reaching us fully, has just about moved out of the way. There will be a “straight” shot here in a few weeks….literally weeks! And that nearly perfect clear shot will stimulate  our rising vibration. It has been doing this all along. But clearing the field, and the level will create a critical mass effect. And push us over the edge. That last 3%. Into the next dimension….it’ll be fun! It’ll be fun! It’ll be fun!

And terrifying. And because it will be frightening there are some critical points to remember. I have given you the background of what is happening to us in a general sense but there is something I haven’t touched on at all. Who we are.

We are not just human beings. We are ALL. We are ONE. We are God, or Spirit, or energy or what ever you want to call the substance of the galaxy. And it is all interconnected. And that substance is what makes us too. And it is self aware. When Jesus said we are all the body of God, this is what he was talking about.  All is God. We are GOD. And we are having a physical experience because we can. We learn about our self (GOD) through being out separate for a while. When Buddhist talk about the Earth classroom, that is what they mean. We are here learning what it means to not know ourselves. To forget for a while. Like a vacation. Leave our worries and cares behind and go play for a while. This is the one place (a third dimensional planet) where we are not “running” the universe! Because we don’t remember! But soon we will. And we will change. Ascend.

All is God All is One and All is Ascending. And all is Perfect. There is only one thing that makes it not perfect. Our limited  perspective of what perfection is. And our limited judgement, of self and others is what creates density. Our guilt for not being perfect the way someone else determined perfection to be creates density. Our association with what we believe to be true creates limitation and density. Belief in anything that denies our truth as God creates limitation and density.

Here ‘s an insight: When God sees us, God sees God. And God knows Self as Perfect. Without limits. Joyful. Creative. Passionate. So anything that denies what God sees is a lie.  And the lie serve a purpose too. So don’t sweat the lie! But try, for a minute to imagine that you are an individualize expression of God. Out playing. Learning something new. Playing a part. Looking at things from a different perspective. Because we are all INDIVIDUALIZED expressions of God. Unique and rare. Special. And our perspective is created from all the experiences we have ever had, in ALL our lives and incarnation and alternate and parallel universes and realities and potentialities. We are GOD! Get over it. And remember, so is everyone else.

I have a few questions for you. Take a deep breath and relax.

So, will you allow that you are more than your body?

Will you allow that you are more than your feelings?

Will you allow that you are more than your thoughts?

Will you allow that you are more than the things that you do?

Will you allow that you are more than a creature of this planet?

Will you allow that you may be an ascended master?

Will you allow that you may be an expression of God?

Will you allow that you may be God?

Will you allow that everyone else may also be an ascended master, and an expression of God and thus God?

It is so.

Now you are awake. Let the lies fall away. Let the truth flow in. Let your density fall and your vibration rise. Let your truth be known.

Namaste Awaken Kristoss!

Namaste Awaken Kristoss!

Namaste Awaken Kristoss!


* Ascension is a spiritual evolutionary process. It can be done multiple times, in multiple 3rd dimensional lives. It is a continuous process. What makes it unique is when it transcends dimensions, as is the case with our current ascension process. We are ascending from the third dimension through the fourth to the fifth dimension. The entire galaxy is ascending. Reality will change as a result of this. Should be fun!


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