Just a bit of Faith

Well, where to from here?

I know where I started today and I suppose that is as good as any.

This week I have  been exploring the concept “The Three Days Of Darkness”. It is a term used in connection with the planet ascending in December. That whole 12-21-2012…thing…  Every so often someone will go “well, what about that? what is that all about?” and I have read some interesting ideas concerning that topic. And today I found the basic idea that “felt” right to me.

But in the same article, a question was asked (of a channeled messenger, an archangel) if all “starseeds” were ascended masters. And the angel answered “Yes”. Well, I wanted to call foul but looked at the article very closely. He asked a very specific question and got a very specific answer to it.

But first, a bit of back ground. A starseed is a person who is incarnating here for the first time, although not their first time anywhere else. They are usually incarnating on another planet but came to help with the ascension. I wrote about that earlier today…. they are technically an alien. They know the incarnation game but not the human body thing. There is a learning curve.

The thing is, if you broaden out that Q and A, you might get really confused. I did and I know better. You see, EVERYONE on the planet right now has ascended at least once before. Other planet, other incarnation on Earth. Everyone. But he only asked if the Starseeds had. Well, yes they had, as had everyone else. He didn’t get the memo. He didn’t read the book.

I did. The book is “What is Lightbody?” And it is channeled from Archangel Uriel. He is one of the beings/energies in charge, from the angelic realms, with the planetary ascension process. He set the rules for this current game. And everyone had to be an ascended master at least once to be here.

Now, I challenged this, I still challenge it, every time I write it and I write it a lot! All the knowing that I need to do my calling is in side of me, a heart knowing. And my heart says, “with the exception of a few individual cases and irregularities, everyone is an ascended master.” It does not matter where you are originally from, to be here now, you have previously ascended.

But the title of this piece is about “faith”. And now on to that!

The big problem here is that no one remembers that they are an ascended master…did you know? Well, to be fair, some do know. And an ascended master is JUST a person who realizes that they are God. That everyone is God. That every THING is God. That all is God. Now, I use the word “GOD” because it is super easy to write. But what I really mean when I do is this: “God/Source/ Spirit/Energy/Light/Creator/Universe/whatever you want to call IT that created everything. But that takes up an entire line! So God it is!

But one of the tags of this time frame is the energy coming in to the Earth plane. It is accelerated Christ energy. Meaning, it comes in and those who are open to it, depending on their choices and openness to it, begin to awaken to it. And we are seeing that all over the planet right now. People are tired of hate, and some are very busy hating the haters! But most are just interested in living joyful, loving happy lives of good health and well being. Good friends and family! Interesting activities. Emotionally and spiritually rewarding practices. A holistically well balanced existence. And that is the truth of the fifth dimension. That is how it is! And that is where we are going, if  we choose love over fear.

But back to the faith bit. To awaken is to acknowledge that we are more than our instinctive reactions. Physically, we are no different than animals. But emotionally, we are another creature entirely! Add intellect. Whow baby! Are we getting some where now! But there is something more, there is this force in the universe, that in odd moments, we become aware of, we become apart of it, in our thoughts and feelings. And it tells us  we are more. More than our thoughts and more than our feelings. And surely more than our bodies. We are more. But what are we? What is that glimpse hinting at? Well, I suspect it is “life, the universe and everything.” I suspect it is God. And we are part of it.

Well, that is great! But what does that mean? It is a nice cozy feeling. And if you seek it long enough and allow it to guide you, you awaken to the whole message…yeah, it was a message. “Hey! Kids! Welcome home! Glad to see ya. Got gifts for you! And you can live here all the time, if you like!”

Now, I would be arrogant to think you read my prodigal son blog. You should though. It provides background for my silliness here. But whatever you feel called to. The thing is, we are God, and have many manifestations of that. Right  now we are just breaking free of the limited view of this dimension. We can’t see home from here. At least not very well. But we are on a journey there anyway. And here come the faith part.

In the process of realizing that we may be more, if we exercise a bit of faith, and take a step, we begin to remember who we are.

When I started this my objective was to show how, taking a step in faith, that we are more and connected to God and of God, we become God. Not like the lame assed deities of old religions and mythologies. But a true expression of the Divine. A loving joyful being of Light.

My objective was to explain that if we allow this higher “truth” to maybe be true, it becomes our truth! That if we go, sure, I’ll allow that I might be an ascended master. And then we will become aware that we are indeed an ascended master!

But what I am finding most frustrating is this idea that we can not be an ascended master HERE! In the third dimension. It can not be done until we get to the fifth! Well, we are getting closer to that every day. The transition through the fourth into the fifth dimension happens in late December. The thing is, it is a knowing, not power. A lot of people are all about what they can DO as ascended masters. What they can know. It is true that there is a wall between us and our higher knowing and truth. And many believe that wall is only breached at death or ascension. Could be. I intuitively feel it could be done sooner. As appropriate by Spirits time line.  But we are already ascended masters! It is a done deal! Not because of any of the activities going on on the Earth right now but because it is part of our true nature. Our more complete nature. Animal, emotive, thinker, part of God, God. This last knowing is what leads to ascension. It is part of who and what we are.

I know this truth. I guess you could say I am a third dimensional ascended master. But that blasted wall! It is coming down!


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