The Prodigal Son, Revisited

An ascensionists perspective.

“Dear Dad,

“How are you doing? I miss you and I wanted to let you know I am on my way home. I felt it was time to contact you. The inheritance you gave me when I came of age, well, I have been spending it rather freely. I have made some of it back but mostly, I have been enjoying myself.

“The biggest investment I have made with it has been traveling and experiencing all there is to experience. Boy! Have I got stories to tell you! You’ll love it. The people I have met, the ones I have loved, the places visited and where I have built homes, absolutely wonderful! So much beauty and exciting things to do. I have had many jobs, collected a ton of skills and talents. I can pretty much do anything I want. Building, creating, fixing, you name it and I can do it.

“But the biggest adventure of all was learning about myself. About how I was different than everyone else. But also how I am pretty much the same. And the most profound thing of all is how much I am like you. I look in the mirror any more and I see you. And I realize how much I love you. And I miss you. Dad, I’m coming home! It will be a bit yet as I have traveled far away. But I feel like I am home, as I address this to you, like you aren’t very far away at all.

“I look forward to the day when I walk in the door and can embrace you and share the stories of my adventures. I am a good story teller and I have it all recorded so I wouldn’t forget a thing. Just so I could share all of it with you and the family.

“And Dad? Thank you. Thank you so much for allowing me to choose. For the adventure of a life time. I am so blessed to have a parent like you. One so loving and supportive, so allowing! Letting me go out on my own, to grow into adulthood and find out who I really am. Wow! You are just the greatest.

“I love you, Dad. And I look forward to seeing you again.

“~With infinite love, your prodigal son”


I see the stories of the Big Bang and the Prodigal Son as the same. One the analogy of the other. It is a story of energy and  creation. Of self exploration. They both tell of the “child” taking the gifts of the “father” out into the “world”, to explore and learn and grow into adulthood. To have adventures, to love, to play, to create and to experience all that it is possible to experience.

The basic structure is the same. Our journey and evolution mirror the process of the universe. We go out and at some point, we return. We hit apogee. That point where inertia falters and gravity takes over to pull the object back to the source of the projection. Just like throwing a ball up into the air. Our energy sends it flying but then it weakens and the inertia fails, the ball pauses, just a tiny bit, before returning to the hand that tossed it. That tiny pause is the apogee. Then gravity takes over.

From the moment of the Big Bang we have been traveling out, growing and having our adventures and right now we  are in that place of apogee. The place where our inertia is faltering and we are beginning the long slow return towards source.

It has taken us very long time to get here. Mystics say about 18 billion years, science is also in that ball park. And the story of our journey is the story of physics and astronomy. And our story of how we became what we are is the story of religion and mysticism and physical evolution. There is some truth, and  some lies. But mostly it is  exaggerations and over simplifications. And  it is simple. We expanded, evolved from our pure spirit/energy form into a dense matter form and are now in apogee and starting the long ride back to where we started, to re-merge with the Source of what we are. What we came from.

We have been in apogee for a while and we are at the very brink of that inertia failure. Just a few more “seconds” and the gravitational pull at the center of the galaxy will pull us all back. Some have already felt this pull of gravity. Other will feel it much later. But the bulk of us here are getting that transition right now. The call to come home. Hearing this call is a personal issue. We all have a different moment to hear the call. It is as if a hand full of pebbles were thrown into the air, some would fall earlier than the others, but they all fall according to their weight and density.  But we all will hear that call. Sooner or later, it makes no difference.

But every time I get into this story, in my mind it becomes a story of children playing, staying out till the last moment before going in. And the sky is darkening and the mosquitoes are coming out to suck on us. We are tired and hungry and dirty and the game has grown stale. But we see the light of the house, bright and welcoming. Always there. And we know that is where our parents are waiting for us. For dinner and baths and hugs and cuddles and story time before bed. Then we go out and do it all over again tomorrow!

And we will.


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