The Perfection Manifesto

I have been working with the concepts of perfect for a while now.

I have come to believe, deeply and passionately, that the universe is perfect. That we are also perfect. And not because of, or in spite of, our “imperfections”. No. I do not see our  “imperfection” as imperfect. I see that every single aspect of each person, of each situation, of anything at all is perfect. Just perfect. No qualifiers or quantifiers or exceptions. ALL IS PERFECT. 100% of the time.

I also see that all is “God.” And that God is perfect. And that God only sees perfection. So if God is perfect and only sees perfection, and God is everything, then it follows that all is perfect. I know, simple logic. Not very complex. But you try seeing every single thing in all of creation, the entire galaxy, as perfect. Can you? Without judgement? It is a challenge, to be sure.

But that is where I am. Seeing perfection…And yes, that makes me God! But so are you! Simple logic again, if God is everything and we are part of that everything, then we are God by association.

One other thing that I have come to believe is that because God is everything and God is perfect, God only sees perfection. For those of you with the Christian persuasion, it means that God doesn’t judge you. God sees you as perfect. God is looking at its self when looking at each and everyone of us. Which supports the idea that we are God, too.

But simple logic aside, I see the universe as perfect because I am an energy worker. I see the universe as energy. It is what I experience on a regular basis. It is what I know. I have too many consistent experiences to disregard them as fantasy, or delusion. I do not base my assessment on anyone else’s views or experiences, but my own. I have to live with my views and experiences, you do not. And I allow and respect that…because I see perfection! My path includes energy play, almost daily.  There are other people out there who do energy work, of various flavors and so they understand my perspective. They see, experience and deeply know the value of what they do. So I am not alone here. But my perspective may be a bit more “out there”.

I have mystically seen the creation of our galaxy twice now. Both experiences touched me deeply. Profoundly. It showed me how the universe created itself, sending energy out to the farthest reaches of space, to evolve into planets and suns and solar systems and everything else that is out there. Like us. I was shown this for several reasons, 1) to show our passion and curiosity and drive to create. And it is intense and immense. But 2) to show me how energy works. The patterns that it creates. There is no random patterns in energy. It may seem random but that is more an issue of understanding. Meaning, we just don’t get it yet. And that is mostly because it hasn’t been scientifically discovered, or validated yet. We are moving in that direction very rapidly now. Soon we will understand the nature of energy very well. Until then, it will seem kind of chaotic and without pattern.

And the thing about seeing patterns, is one of perspective. Namely our perspective is very limited. We can only know what we know, from our personal perspective. We can learn from others perspective and even believe it. But until we know, from our own experience how something is, it is just hearsay. And there isn’t much that can be done with that.

Which leads to why I was shown the Big Bang twice. It is part of my personal education. From my guides and angels. Masters too (Jesus took me to see it the second time!) My path is one of overcoming cultural and societal programming, concerning the nature of perfection. Of God. Of everything.

Or more specifically, the nature of imperfection. It is what we are taught at every single turn. We are imperfect. There are times when I still believe that and I have experienced it to be a lie. We are not attractive enough, smart enough, strong enough, not so many things enough. We can never get away from it. Everything in society is constantly telling us that we are imperfect and if we do begin to show a bit of backbone and decide that we just may be “enough” we are called vain or arrogant or egocentric. We can not win for losing!

And it is a lie!!!!!

We are perfect. It is true that we can get carried away with our “reasons” for our perfection; looks, intelligence, wealth, personality, whatever we like about ourselves is a point where we can become a bit egocentric. But that is perfect too. Perfect because it reflects our truth. Our energy patterns. Which can be very complex, when you start considering reincarnation..but we won’t. We are perfectly complex enough with out dragging potential past lives into this lifetime.

But did you catch the part about our energy patterns? We are a manifestation, to use a new age term, of our energy patterns. Patterns that we have been playing with since the creation of the galaxy. Want to reconsider reincarnation? Oh-kay…We have been traveling through the galaxy, at the energetically appropriate speed since day one. Some have faster speeds and evolve faster. Which is perfect. Others travel slower, evolving at their own rate, which is also perfect. There is no race. We are just moving along as our energy dictates.

There are sciences that study and interpret the patterns. That respond well to the energy patterns. Spiritually intuitive people play with these methods a lot. Tarot, Astrology, I Ching, Runes, Numerology. Just to name a couple that I personally have experience with. But then there are the “serious” sciences. Physics, in all its incarnations does exactly the same. The difference is that Physics studies the energy and it’s rules and movements, where the others use the energy and its movements to relate the energy into practical uses. Personal uses. I fully believe that they are fast approaching the middle ground where they see that the one side supports the other side. Boy, wont that be fun!

But I have strayed from the topic of perfection. But that is perfect too. It allowed me to share some perspectives I have gleaned over the years, working with energy.

Where I am at now, is the very fine line between seeing everything as perfection and choosing to change perfection. Early on, my spiritual mentor, an ascended master of some repute, showed me that to heal or transform shape, we MUST see everything as perfect. Yet, being human, I found difficulty seeing perfection and then wanting to change it. I knew that until I saw everything as perfect, I wouldn’t be able to transform or heal with my hand to the degree that he did. And he was very accomplished at healing, greatest documented hands on healer this world has seen. So I trust his assessment of what is needed to heal. But I couldn’t break free of the belief that the only reason we heal or change is because of imperfection.

Change of topic: Perfection….you’ll see.

The problem that I was having with healing is that I was judging my desire as inappropriate. That I was to see myself as perfect but that to want to change after achieving that mental emotional state was contradictory. I was judging what I wanted as a “less than” state to which I was striving for. I was evolving into my own mastery. I should be above those kinds of wants. But, as God, I can want anything I want. I am a manifestation of my energy. And my energy has some very definite wants. I am a creation of God, who am I to judge what I want? Everything I want is perfect. Everything you want is perfect. We are guided to what we want and need for growth and awakening and enlightenment.

Enlightenment. The other side of perfection. Enlightenment is knowing the self and accepting the self as a divine manifestation of got it…God. And thus, perfect. What we feel, desire, dream of, is perfectly divine. We are God. We want what we want because we are predisposed to want it.

Now, in my own mind is the argument that some desires should not be acted upon. And this is true. Most are not required to be acted upon. This is where we actually look to know our selves. Try to understand why we want what we do. What lessons does it serve and the purposes does it fulfill? This is the process of enlightenment. Awakening. Not an easy process, to be sure. Especially if you have been taught to judge everything as “good” or “bad.” By any standard.

Perfection! Full circle! Now, if we look at the universe as perfect, and allow that it is true, we can look at our own lives as the curious, interesting things that they are, and maybe see our needs and desires and thoughts as something other than confusing or embarrassing. Or sinful. Allow them to guide us to greater personal enlightenment. And, maybe allow that we are perfect, as we are.

And maybe now we can love ourselves for the perfect beings that we are. Just because.

I AM perfect……so are you.

NOTE: I know I skipped over a few things, but that all wanders into theology and evolutionary sciences that I don’t really feel qualified to touch on. I see us as energy, which I have also discovered mean “spiritual”, so I favor a hybrid of religion and evolution. Just what has spoken to me through the years. Throw in the ET’s and we have an interesting mix of conflicting belief patterns and intuitions. Not to mention, known and unknown history. Bit of a mutt ideology. That would probably be another post….

Thank you for your perfection…






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