Tame Adventures

I have decided that I must be at Mt Shasta for the May 20th 2012, solar eclipse. If you were to ask me why I would say I was called to be there. And if you know anything about being called to something, it simply means that you really really want to do something. In this case, I really want to be there!

Once I am there, I am going to camp! And to be honest, it is a bit early to camp. And there is lightening storm warnings already in effect for the week I am going to be there. The weather could be colder than expected. And it is already expected to be cool, mid-30’s at night and 50’s to 60’s during the day. OK, just checked and we could see rain…..

Well! I want to be there and I see no reason to not go…well, one or two maybe. Like I don’t camp. I have been camping but never by myself. And I never had to do anything. And those times, I was a kid. So I am having to learn this from the ground up.

Strangely, the things that concern me the most are the mundane “mom” kind of things, like food. Which is weird because that is the one area I feel fairly competent about, I have no doubt that we will be eating ok. Caught that? Yeah, I am going with my daughter, she decided she wanted to go too. It should be a good experience for her, I don’t think she has camped either. Maybe as a baby, we went once and it wasn’t that exciting.

Then there is getting there. My car is going into the shop that week. I need the entire cooling system rebuilt. Before it cracks the engine block. So, I will be renting a car. Hopefully NOT a small car. I am finding that camping takes a lot of room just for the stuff! And we are taking stuff to stay warm, and dry, and hydrated.

And I just don’t have a clue!

I’ve been talking to my friends about this and I learned something totally unrelated to camping: 1) People like to tell you how to do things! And sometimes they just don’t shut up! I had mentioned to my girlfriends about this trip and one of my friends is an expert camper. Grew up camping, used to play in the SCA and that has several large camping events a year. And she has lots of advice. But to be honest, I don’t remember a word she said. Because she would not stop going on about it. Not giving me the info I had asked for but giving me everything she knew!…about camping. I appreciate her knowledge. I am thankful to have that resource. But her need to communicate and her ego of  knowing about the topic at hand, way over shadowed any information that I might have gotten out of it.

And something else. I didn’t want her to tell me anything. And this is the other  insight I have gleaned: 2) People like to figure things out for them selves. On all topics. Well, I suppose mentally curious people do. People who have a smidgen of confidence in them selves do. I can see where a person who is not very confident might appreciate others telling them how to do everything. But I suppose that is not me. I like to figure things out for my self. The methods don’t especially matter. There are several ways to heat food, the simplest is to stick it over the fire….I must remember to take the marshmallow tongs, we can cook things and eat them and cook things and eat them. And it would be tasty and entertaining too. Bringing the marshmallows would be good too.

The thing is, while I am “gleaning” my realizations, I am seeing the application of the information to my “calling.” I am to be a spiritual teacher, healer, what ever else I am required to do. And I have been advised to keep it simple, without judgement, and to allow others to find their own questions to ask. To not share all I have to tell, in MY need to communicate.

So, if you told me you were going camping for the first time by your self, I would tell you to expect weather extremes, dirt, bugs, and to burn more physical energy doing anything. And from that, you would have a good idea exactly what you needed to bring to be moderately comfortable.


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