Class Handout: “Mastery in a nutshell”

Intro and story

What Is Mastery? And its benefits.
A state without limits. Choice in everything. Never a victim.

Tools of Mastery
Intuition,  Ho’oponopono, Meditation, LoA, Tanden breathing, Will
Clearing/releasing, crystals, music, dance, ritual, GRATITUDE

Grounding, clearing, breaking tethers, filling with energy & light
Any activity that makes you happy and brings you a childlike joy.

Red Rose clearing method, Head crank method
(Both methods found at the wordpress address under class handouts.)

What is done is unimportant. What is important is letting go of all beliefs, blocks, attitudes, feelings and perceptions that say you are only human and limited. If an attitude limits, get rid of it, clear it.

Guideline: a Master has no limits. No walls, No boxes or definitions.
A Master is love. Only love. Anything more is to define the state.
A Master does NOT judge. A master is neutral.
There is no good or bad, there is only God.
We are all God and that is all there is.

Energy of Mastery: GBR
What it is. How it works. Friends along the way
We already have all we need to be masters, to remember.
The benefit of the energy is it speeds up the process. It enhances.

Using GBR
It is used through will and intent. That is how a master “rolls”.
Declare objective/intent, work actively with team to acheive greater good.

Working with your team
You have guides and angels. The reiki brings in more. They are there to help you succeed at awakening. Cultivate intuition as it helps communication skills with your team. And it is a team. You work together on the project of your mastery. You are just the lucky one getting to be the human. Be grateful.

Master Lightweaver, 208-409-6628


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