Class Handout: Head Crank Method

Why oh why it settled into this particular name, I don’t know but it did.

The Head Crank Method (HCM) is a super simple way of raising personal spiritual vibration. This is for the purposes of ascension and enlightenment. Not necessarily in that order.

Vibration is directly related to the degree of enlightenment or awakening a person has. A person with low vibration will have low spiritual comprehension. They may have basic religious or spiritual  ideas but they usually are mental or ego based and thus mostly ineffective. The persons life is not productively effected. A high vibration, however, makes it very easy to understand spiritual topics deeply on both the mental ego level and also the emotional spiritual level. Thus their understanding produces profound spiritual change and growth. A deep realization of truth.

Endeavoring to understand a concept will help raise vibration, acting upon a concept as though known to be true also raises vibration. In other words, taking a step in faith.

And it can also be done from the other direction. Raising vibration in other ways can invite more concepts in to be learned, and since the vibration has already been raised, the understanding is faster and deeper and more productive.

Here’s the method: Visualize a knob on the top of your head, like an outdoor faucet spigot. It has a lock position. When pushed in, it is locked. When pulled out, just a bit, it turns freely. Now reach up and pull it up that little bit. Now it is free moving. With full intent, turn the knob in the right direction (what feels right to you is the right direction) and turn it several rotations. You may feel a tightness in your head developing. This is good, you are raising your vibration. Keep turning until you feel it is enough for now. Push in. Done! That is it! You can do this as often as you think about it. You can use you physical hand to do his or visualize your hand doing this. Either works. This isn’t about you believing me when I say this works, this is about you choosing to believe it works. This is an energetic process and the universe is made of energy. Be an energy worker. Raise your vibration.

Now go crank your head!


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