Class Handout: Red Rose Energy Clearing Method

Red roses have very high vibration. And as a tool of visualization it works well. We have all seen them so it is fairly easy to visualize. This is a good exercise for clearing energy we have put out into the world.

Using the red rose as a focusing tool helps in a variety of ways in the clearing of issues. You can take a situation that seems to get you all wound up, place the situation in the rose and then visualize it blowing up! Ka-boom! If it is a friend who is pissing you off, maybe blowing them up is not such a good idea. But your feelings about them, yes. Another thing you can do with this energy rose is to send it out seeking energy you have put out into the universe in the form of ugly words or thoughts  directed at people or situations. The situation that pisses you off, maybe a political person. They have done nothing wrong, we are  not blowing them up. But your energy and anger that you sent out at them, ah now, that must be pulled back. But energy has energy and must follow through or be stopped dead in it stack. And thus we blow it up. But there are two parts to this. You can’t just blow it up and let it go, you must heal it and your self! To heal a blown up rose situation, you must visualize blowing up the energy and REPLACING it with love. And gratitude. Love the lesson being learned from the irritant. And there is a lesson. Can you find it? Why oh why does that thing make you mad? Is it a mirror? Are you like the thing or person who makes you mad? Love and forgive your self. And blow up the energy. It is not your place to interfere with other peoples energy. Only your own. They have the right to make the messes they want. We are not energetically attacking another person here, but clearing personal energy we released into the world. YOUR energy. From your thoughts and action. Your words . And nasty visions.

So, the method, there are a few applications here.

1) This is for attitudes you are having problems releasing. Visualize the rose in your hand, make it blindingly red, glowing. High vibration. Exquisite. Now, take your attitude that is bothering you and place it in the rose, shove it in there. Pack it down tight. Fill the rose, let the emotion of this attitude flow through your being. And right into the rose. Now, when it is filled to the best of your ability, see it float away from you to the middle of the void space. Focus on it, knowing your attitude and negative emotions are packed into it. And blow it up! Ka-BOOM! Take a deep breath. And another. Choose to be free of the emotional ties to that attitude. Know it is gone. And it will stay gone unless you fall into old habits of engaging in those thoughts and attitudes again. Let it all  go. Be at peace.

2) This is for collecting and neutralizing energy that you have sent out into the world for any reason. Visualize the rose, make it red and big and beautiful. Let it float in space in front of you. Enjoy looking at it. Can you spell it? Can you see how velvety it is? Isn’t it a wonderful thing? Now, it is floating, gently turning in the space around it. Now, tell it to go and gather all your personal negative and angry or hateful energy that you have ever sent into the world. Gather all of it, every little bit of it. From the nasty comment to the other drive while driving home yesterday day to the fib you told when you were three. Go gather all of it! Now. While the rose is gone, this may take a few minutes, rest quietly. Peacefully. Forgive your self for being human. Love your self for being human. You are wonderful. Be thankful for your opportunities to be incarnated here now. The lessons and games you get to play. Love your privileges and your blessing. Feel the love and gratitude. And now the rose returns, be grateful. The rose is heavily bloated. Much larger than when it left. Thank the rose for doing the collection of your negative energy. Now, with it floating in the air a bit in front of you, blow it up! Ka-BOOM!!! And know that all that negative energy from your life  has just totally blown up and you are free! That energy has been neutralized and returned to Source Creator.  Feel your gratitude. Really feel it.

3) This clears situations with other people that you know, friends, family or coworkers that you have argued with and/or hurt. Through words or actions. See a large mirror, make it very ornate, gilt on the frame. Make it a mirror of wealth and value. And in the mirror see the situation that needs clearing, the argument or hurtful event that you wish to heal. Let it run, but do not become emotionally engaged again. Leave the emotion in the mirror. Just let it play out, be neutral. Now as the event finishes, visualize another rose. Make it beautiful and red, glowingly healthy. Now see the mirror start to fill the rose, it is like the rose is sucking the mirror into its self. Filling it up. See this until the mirror is gone and all you have is a beautiful red rose again. Have it float out to the center of the room. Blow it up. Ka-BOOM!!! Be thankful for the chance to neutralizing the energy and for any lessons you may have learned. If none were apparent to you, ask your guides to help you see the lesson, so that you may learn from it. Be thankful. Love your friends or family from the event. Be at peace. Let it go. Let it go.

Those are the three basic methods that I know for the red rose. It is very adaptive so you may find other ways to use this blessed  flower. Namaste. Peace be with you.

Lightweaver and Captain T


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. ema
    Mar 17, 2012 @ 18:39:21

    I had to laugh at this one, as I can see you blowing your rose up. However I agreed that the energies need a catalyst to change them, to release them. the physical change that occurs with destruction is the foundation of the phoenix. Purged, made stronger and free. Thanks for this post.


    • lclambert
      Mar 17, 2012 @ 19:06:02

      Thanks Ema. I don’t personally use this one much. Once in a great while. I am more of the seek and energetically hug type of person. But I got this from both Shawn Avery and Lisa Flores and it is effective when done right. And I need it somewhere central as I am referencing it in my class as an effective clearing tool. I am advised from handing out too much stuff. Keep it super simple and allow spirit to play more and ego (the writing bit) to play less. Much easier said than done.


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