Service and the Space Ship

I am finding this whole awakening process full of confusion and contradictions. And it is not because the universe and ascension are full of contradictions. Which it seems to be. I “get” the practice of balancing on the tip of a needle. I am totally there most of the time. But once in a  while the universe or God or astrology (or solar flares!) will knock me right off my peak and I plummet to the ground, scraped and bloody because I thought I knew something so intensely that I couldn’t even entertain another concept to move in and try for my attention. And thus the reference to the space ship in the title.

The Extraterrestrial concept is by no means a new one to me. And currently it is a very real part of the ascension process happening here on earth right now. As I mentioned in an earlier post, my first memory is of being visited by ETs….and not especially liking it. I was very young, I screamed bloody murder. And I had several not quite comfortable visits as a teen and as I became sexually active, the visit increase dramatically. I guess you could say I was an abductee. Although I never got the idea that I went anywhere. They always came to me (they folded space).  And I stayed put. Even to this day, I generally don’t go to the ET’s and I work with them. Yeah, you read that right, I work with them. I channel on rare occasions, a lovely  star ship captain, who I will call “T”. First time I saw him, he reminded me of Emperor Ming, from Flash Gordon. His clothes were a bit over the top and he had the precise facial hair thing going. I am not sure if this was for my benefit or how he truly is. My mentor also likes to shape shift into someone else, for my gratification and amusement. Bit of an inside joke there…ok, ok!!  He appears as Dr. Who, from the  David Tennant years. And my mentor is ….OK, Jesus. So, Dr. Who, he saved the world every Christmas….ha ha.

ET’s…so I have this ship captain I work with and sometimes channel. He shows up here in my blogs sometimes.  And I find his degree of involvement to be a fine thing. But here comes my problem, there are something like 8000+ space ship around Earth right now, either cloaked or fifth dimensional. Some come in to observe, some are supporting different lightworkers, like me. Some are here to make a mess of things and challenge the preconceived ideas of the residents here. To challenge our beliefs of self and our place in the universe. And unless they come to you personally, there is little way of really knowing one way or another who is who and what they want here.

Well, there is kind of, but we haven’t been taught how to do this. We have been taught to seek the truth out side our selves. To seek statistics and histories and reports and what experts say and all kind of other people playing at being experts. OUTSIDE OF SELF. What we don’t seem to know or realize is that all the info, all the truth we need, is right in side us. It may not come as statistics and reports, may not have much details.  But the info is like a load stone, pointing to the truth. And learning to use this “load stone” is the most important thing each of us can do. Because it can help us to find the truth when all around us is lies and confusion. Distractions. Misdirections and propaganda.

But back to the ET element. Here now, operating on earth. The thing is, I don’t know which ET groups are telling the truth. To read other peoples channelings, and there are several very consistent ET channels out there, from what I have read, they are all telling the truth…..but here is the rub. They are also lying. They make promises that it is not their place to make.  They encourage dependency on them from “young” lightworkers. “See how we will come and save the planet and the economy and keep Gaia from having major upsets and as soon as enough of you invite us to land, we will help you to ascend with our machines.” I am literally hearing this from the ET channels. Some, not all. The real ones, the good ones are speaking of the personal effort needed to ascend. About being quiet inside, to listen to that ‘load stone’ we all have. To visualize how we want it to be. To love the journey and the privilege of being here. That we are already masters, we just need to remember and take that step, make that choice.  They are more focused on helping us find our own way, it is after all our planet. We should be the ones to fix things, right now through visualizations, next through efforts as masters.

I personally read the ones that try to empower. That is my load stone. The ones that say, You are god, you are a master. You are capable of fixing this entire mess with your mind and heart. We will encourage you to figure this out and to be beings of love. That is your truth, not some helpless human on planet Earth. You chose this mess, you all designed it, you were never a victim of it. It was all in good Ascended Master fun….Which you are. Remember? A Master? No lie, that.

But this very minute I hear the baby lightworkers going, who will fix the dark villains in our story? We see the bad guys, they are slowly trying to kill us. We can’t get rid of them, where are they? They are taking alllll our money, giving us chemicals that make us sick. How can we, poor lowly humans with no self esteem, how can we save our selves? Help!

The thing, from what I have learned, is that there is no such thing as a villain. So there is no victim. There is no dark. All is God/Source. Sure, not all choose to play in the light, that is their choice. And sure, it is true that their choices can and are unfairly impacting others. The thing is, the energy of the universe is very predictable, it follows patterns. Some patterns are seen, many more are trans-dimensional and can not be seen.

But we know them anyway, law of Cause and Effect. And it states quite simply, “that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.” In the spiritual arena, we call it Karma. And we just can’t judge anothers’ karma against the backdrop of a linear world. For several reasons. One, karma doesn’t know time, it can “get you” at any time. For another, maybe we are the bad guys in another reality, and being the “victim” is our karmic retribution in this timeline. It is just the roles we chose to play. Because we are all God/Source.

I need to remember this, frequently. I get wound up with the lightworkers who need me, though they don’t always know this, and I too forget that we are all just perspectives of God, out playing and learning and growing. And  that all together, we are GOD. Sure, how we handle ourselves is important. But at the same time, we all do finally find our way home, back to Source.  But sometime we have to live a little hell before we can live in heaven. But hey, we all have our own choices to make. Our own lives to live, karmic roles and contracts to play out.  So even when it is all bad, it is all good.


Lightweaver & Captain T



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