Harry Potter…?

Immediately after I woke from this dream I wrote it up to share with my spiritual confidant. I saw many lessons for my self, about coming out of hiding and sharing my truth with the world.  I seem to be trained to help people release the limitations of being human. I know that sounds odd but the limitations are many and they keep us dependent and dis-empowered from our truth. And I am all about higher truth. We are God, is there any other higher truth than that? Well ok, All is God. Law of One. Only universal law, everything else is just rules for the different games being played in different places.

So I have this dream and it is timely, because I literally make my self sick trying to balance between being too pushy and not pushy enough. And of course it isn’t really about being pushy at all. But sharing my God given truth. And as I said, I have a bit. I present to you a simple and yet potentially complex little dream. Try not to get hung up on some of the language, like the title. No lightening bolt scars…ummmm wait, I have one on my wrist, does that count?
Enjoy, make of it what you will.

I’ve included most of the email thread between Shawn and I so you can see what our thoughts were on this.

Feb 16

Lisa to Shawn
I see that this is a very complicated…and not so complicated letter. I had this crazy dream and I am seeing that it is so many things at once. Prophesy and insight into what I am going through, my “beliefs” of what the world is going to be like. Just all kinds of things. And I need to allow it to be what it will be. Real soon here. Soon I will sit with it for a bit. See how I feel about it then.  I am being moved, I think into shifting into something more. Feels really weird right now. Not bad or anything but…weird. Ears are buzzing and clicking like crazy. Some discomfort. I suspect I am being shifted for easier channeling. I have a person, T*****. That is the name I got the other day when I was channeling. He is ok sitting beside me. I think rules are in place and we are good to go. I think this is the ET I met the first year. The ship captain I met. Not positive but I think so… Enjoy!

Odd dream. Seemed to run all night and with this one element: Harry Potter characters. Except they weren’t them, they were us, lightworkers. And something huge had happened, the world had flooded like over night. People were living (barely) on makeshift rafts if they couldn’t find a high point to live on. And all the magic using kids were hiding from some one. And we were trying to fit in so as not to draw attention. Some “sold” out and were doing anything they could to afford their high place. There didn’t seem to be any work(?). I really need to break this down by elements and then try to interpret it. I feel this is future events and I want to be clear about what I was shown. Mind if I do this here? Good!

Flooded world- Water usually represents spiritual energy in some form. And that seems to be the feel here too. BUT if we are talking about future events then it could also be literal. I always feel like these kinds of things run on multiple dimensions so the 3-D could very well be literally a flood of the world. As well as the spiritual flood.

Hiding- weird hiding scene, hiding behind some mattresses that had been brought out side to air. I keep hearing “rest is over” . It was like we were trying to stay under the radar of those in power. But all over the place, flying our brooms. Trying to connect with some one. Connect with each other, finding our classmates…..[ I also see this as indication  for me to start being more active in my energy work and the various activities I have with that, I am very much a “sleeping prophet” right now and need to be out there. That rest is indeed over.]

I am hearing a narrative….[This was while I was writing up the letter] “When it shifts, there will be some chaos. Those trained to order will be keeping the order. But their “order” is wrong, old standards. Lightworkers will have thought they weren’t required to go through this, that they were to be taken off planet for this. Only kept safe, destruction was minimum, safe to leave most on planet. Insecure lightworkers seeking each other. Some lightworkers lose faith, don’t trust them selves or previous experiences, sell out, make a living how ever they can, many settle in to using gifts purely for money with no concern or intention of helping for greater good. People adrift, many more lightworkers activated but not knowing and unsure how to think or feel about experiences. Those on the ball seeking numbers for support, to start helping people, still doubting personal plans, still needing validation as to what is happening. Know they have their “magic” but not sure what is appropriate to do to help people. Avoiding military to stay loose, maintain personal freedom. Major chaos for a while. What is necessary is to allow things to settle. To trust the process of weeding out the “crap” and allow military to clean up devastation and return modicum of order. Lightworkers to do the good work in a quiet way. Tell what is happening and to help empower people at the personal emotional level. Allow those who seek overt power to have it. It is an illusion. Empower the people, this will empower the societies of the world. Revolution of peace, for the most part. (Yes I know I am channeling.) Society will bounce back, take months. Ugly. Clean up. Reorganization. This is for the lightworkers who stay. Many will leave, home to where ever, then help support those who stay. This is us. Many lightworkers will be confused, no bright shining new world, not HEAR the message that it must be built inside head and heart. Believed the stories told of the higher realms as new earth. New earth will happen but take years, political mess to be reorganized. Social problems will be crippling. Many areas of dark will be destroyed so as to start clearing that energy from planet. Diligence to avoid it coming back. DO NOT DOUBT! laws of the universe have different “play” on different dimensions and must  be followed through. 3-D physicality must be observed. There is the split. One Earth to new higher vibration, and the old one that still needs to ascend. [How much of this is me and my limiting thoughts? What is ascension? –Expansion, expand ideas of what is possible.] There are those who want a second chance to “save” the earth and her societies/people. To create the world the “hard” way. Hard work, negotiation, clean up. Tools will be available after small delaying tactics. New earth is this vision. It will be cleaned up. Old earth occupied by those who didn’t want to grow up, to awaken. Walls are thin. Much back and forth between the 2. This is the next world we have created. Many lightworkers will be “gate keepers” helping people through, one at a time. Some (like me) will bring large numbers through. We have been prepared for this by the natural disasters that have come before. But changes will be massive and require much greater changes than before. The year Katrina went crazy, there were multiple disasters close together and people worked through it. Same old problems will have to be delt with. Decided that methods must be changed. Fixing and rebuilding in areas that flood or hurracane will not be allowed any more. We listen to Gaia, she doesn’t want us near certain coastlines any more. We will listen to Gaia, as to where to move or how to live. Nothing primitive, technology is availible to help people bounce back. (Prosper.) People must be flexible. Willing to adapt. MUST find new ways of doing things. No help to non-adaptive people anymore. Insurance money will not be available to replace homes in areas that are hit every year. Adaptive people will grow and prosper, inflexible or vibrationally dense people will be helped to awaken, lots of light work in these types of communities. Save everyone…provide the opportunity to everyone to choose to save selves. I will be VERY busy! “[Some of the comments came through both of us, I feel kind of vain with some comments but I wrote what I heard, and he said “I will be very busy!” ]

OK, I have felt this to be true for a while, more detail than I had allowed my self, but pretty much what I had thought. I would really like to know what you think, if you can get back to me today. I would like to post this soon. Day or two. I have felt that there is a lot of fantasy in the lightworker community. “If I think good thoughts real hard I will be free of pain and lack and have everything I need and do the things I love and play and have fun.” I see no difference between that fantasy and this potential reality. I see them as the same. The difference I am getting is that they have different conceptual timelines. A lot of lightworkers seem to think it will be instantaneous. 12/22/12 will be a whole new shining world, very heaven like. Maybe this is only me. But something does seem to shift. Maybe it is the shift in power. Maybe from this point on, change can actually happen with out major revolution and blood shed. If there is a massive shift, planetary shift, maybe Lemuria rising like some of them are predicting, or a pole shift or some such earth shift, the pressure of trying to keep order and help so many people at the same time, will allow the government to allow those with a clue to step forward and help out. Maybe it is exactly what is needed.

Magic users- lightworkers…obviously!

Broken social order- post disaster chaos, issues that were important, will come to a head and information will take on a new light, new understanding.

Police state- Welllllll, I am not sure it will be a police state so much as a police keeping the peace state.

But in the dream, I am not sure about that. It felt that we  were hiding from those who didn’t want us to be plying our trades. But it could also be a time mash up. We are pretty much keeping under the radar right now, some are doing their work or selling out. Probably more than I realize and most are waiting to go to work for real and others are doing whatever they think up. And it is not just waiting, it is just stages, I know this. I am doing different things than I will be doing later. Same for you and everyone else. Different jobs at different times.

But I do feel like I am hiding sometimes. Not sure why. I would think this release will be very freeing. I feel like I need to hide this. At the same time I want to share it, if only as a blog…I think I will share there. I have followers on several sites so I will post as a dream/channeling and keep it simple. Draw no conclusions. No I think the conclusions are important too. I need to share what I am feeling. That is part of it.

Well, that was fun. And as I reread it I see that it is now. We are being flooded right now, energetically. Many lightworkers have sold out, doing what they can to make a living. I see that I have a judgement here, probably jealousy that I am not making money and it doesn’t look to be coming anytime soon. But my attitude isn’t that great there either. Many are hiding behind the dreams and are pretending to be a sleep still. Like me…I think I am coming out from behind my resting state. Because I was one of the people hiding behind the mattresses, keeping a low profile. And it is alright, but I also need to check my beliefs for limitation. I got that note in the middle of the channel about releasing limitation. And I do have hesitations about stepping out. OK, I see what I am working on today! I know, don’t work. But seeing and releasing limits is a good thing. But I may just be with it too and see how things move round.

Well, that was interesting. Very multidimensional! Letter on top of story on top of dream on top of psycho-babble! Multidimensional! Sweet!

I have got to go.
Later gator!

Shawn to Lisa

Feb 17

That is a very insightful letter. I believe you should post it as it will put you out there and thus help you come out from behind the proverbial mattress.
The things that you mentioned in your email are happening at this very time and all the so called light workers are wondering why they aren’t making any money or there aren’t people coming to them for readings is due to the fact that they have lost sight of their true purpose. They have lost the soul connection with Creator and Creator’s purpose.
Many will doubt and hide as things are not as they expected or imagined them to be. The first wave will be bringing them back to the light and then retraining them to help everybody else.
It will seem like a waste of time but for Creator it’s all worth it.
There is a lot more to say on the subject but that’s not my purpose yet. It is interesting to sit and watch people scurrying around like mice in a maze. That’s why they (guides) have been stressing to you to sit and just be still as when you do you become much more aware of your self and that which is around you. You are tasting it now but don’t stop or become complacent with your stuff.
have a blast!
Spiritshield (Shawn)

Feb 17

Lisa to Shawn

Hey darlin’ !
I am finding the walls of expectation out there. Lots of lightworkers of various flavors are very confused because they are not seeing what they feel was promised. I see the promises but I also take everything with a bit of salt! I have been trying to explain about the energy build up. About how it needs to happen just right or it will not be a happy or productive transition. I keep trying to encourage people to do what they can to help them selves, the meditating and intuition development but they want the ET’s to save them.

And I think you are right…what did you write…about soul connection. The doubts come in and we wonder what am I here for? and the things we were shown are just not happening yet. And I have felt like I was to be back here helping people really quick. Do as much clearing and releasing as possible now before, so I can come back faster.

Anyway, I had kind of figured the dream was about my own current journey phase. But I see that it is no different than anyone else’s. I am just lucky to have this guy who can remind me to chill once in a while and get back to center.

And what I have seen is correct. I am just seeing it out of context and so I have no sense of the time line. I redid my “about” on my blog and am now promoting myself as a teacher/healer. I said with a focus on energy but really it is about being a master, what it is and isn’t. I feel that very strongly. Kind of reverse awakening. This is what a master is so anything else is a lie. Let’s get rid of it.

I am rambling now. I know what I am doing, although I have poor discipline. I felt I was doing well to declare my emotional intent this week and then I had that dream and it all flew out the window…but not really. I had wondered about honest feelings. And I still have some questions there. Choosing state or allowing state to blossem naturally. But it is more about not being victim to emotions. But if emotions were raised during meditation states for releasing or whatever, then it might be ok…I feel I am missing something here. Maybe how I am defining things. Or maybe I am still trying to match the happy lightworker chickies who are happy happy joy joy all the time. I feel still, calm. Nothing happening, no emotion. It really is ok for my state to be calm. Allows me to see when I am irritated at the hijinks of others.

Now, something you might really be able to help me with, There are times when I just don’t give a shit about communicating. And I had mentioned the being who wants to channel with me, but beside me. Is this being, guide, angel..I think it is ET. His name is T***** (?). Is he just a guide to help me write? To clarify my topics and keep up motivation? I do much better when he is here, should I be asking him to help? I am having a lot of difficulty with motivation and depression. It looks like depression. But only in the “down” mood….. I just found the resentment…for everything! Kids, other lightworkers…anything that “imposes” on me. Well that is something to work through soon. I see that it is just 2 more sides of the same coin. Service or selfishness. Means I need to be more mindful of what I do for me and what I want to do for others. Nice if they can be both but not always possible.

Anyway, I am going to meditate for a few, going to a mardi gras party here in a bit and I haven’t really set intent for today. And my ears and sinuses are messed up. Clogged. Lots of clicking in my ears. Post nasal drip. Makes it hard to sleep. So I want to go ground and center in temple and makes some intents for the rest of the evening. Should be challenging. I do so much better when I set intent for my emotional state. State of heart state of mind….much better.

Got to go! I will put that out as a blog. And then post it on facebook and galactic channelings. That seems to be my group. Maybe it will spread from there….

Later gator,


Well, whatcha think? Kind if intense, eh? The dreams are better than the ones I was getting in the eighties, then we were evacuating the planet for good, as a lost cause.

T: It is important to remember why you came here at this time. Very important…we all have jobs to do. Places where we are needed. But we wont know where unless we release the dreams and fantasies. YET, at the same time the most persistent ones are the ones for you to look at the closest. The ones that sing in your heart are the ones you are to love and live. And trust. It won’t be easy. Nothing worth while ever is. And this is so wonderfully worth it. Consciously creating a new world, with the gifts of mastery to help you, never been done this way before. It will be exciting! And challenging. I am jealous! Be at peace, allow your truth…YOUR TRUTH to surface and take comfort in it. It is yours, no one else’s. Allow it to blossom and love it, it is your gift to your self and to the world. It is exactly what you came here to share at this time. Be at peace. And just be.



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