Irresistible Forces


Not nearly close enough encounters with a twin flame.

It has been a tough day, I put my foot in my mouth more times than I would like. I started this blog to give my ego a healthy (and safe) outlet. My other choice is to speak (write) indiscriminately on other people’s pages and blogs. Something that ultimately is not very respectful. So I was to blog. And I did a few. But ego wanted a bigger audience and then got carried away. And now I am in the dog house…..maybe, not sure…..

I just realized that starting on my story about twin flames but talking about my crappy day also fits using the tag line of irresistible forces because it pretty much sums up my day!

My mistakes are mine. I wrote all morning, did a blog as well as wrote on other people sites. Sharing my views and what I feel is important to the world. Yet, I know perfectly well that everything is perfect and working out for the greater good. So I don’t really need to say anything at all. But that didn’t stop me from dumping my belief that everyone should endeavor to raise their vibration as quickly as they can and hurry up about it! And if you don’t benefit from a higher vibration, quit yer bitchin’!

This seems to be my lower attitude about the ascension process. I know the truth of the matter but I get so tired of people whining about the ET’s not showing up and what is happening and when are they going to awaken (Are we there yet?). I keep wanting to say, “Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus but he wants you to buy your own fucking presents!” My lower attitude suck the big one. And I shared this attitude today very abundantly. And I was grateful for the opportunity….to insult people. Which is ultimately what I did. If any of you should happen to find this blog, I am sorry. Your journey is perfect as it is. But please stop whining, before I smack you….

But back to that irresistible force thing. I was going to write about twin flames. That seems to be a topic that many lightworkers find fascinating. But today there were other forces at work in my life. My rudeness was not my intent. I felt I was doing a service. I felt that what I said had value. I was careful to be clear and to the point. I was careful not speak over anyones heads (or so I though, got flak anyway). To not add speculation as to how this ascension would look. As no one really knows what it will be like, best to leave it alone. But I also forgot that everything is perfect and doesn’t need my input at this time. If I need to write this shit, I am to do it here at MY blog site, not anyone else’s.

But there was a force. A drive to write, to communicate and educate. To share what I know to be true. And I know a hell of a lot! I have been shown so much and taught so much and I understand how the universe works on so many levels or dimensions. And my insight to the ascension process is remarkable. Not complete by a long shot but very complex in info.  Subtle.  The people I have met and the things I have done as a mostly 3rd dimensional being. Incredible! Another reason for this blog! Share it here. Let people see what it could be like. Instead, I dumped on everyone today….well, at one site.

And I couldn’t help myself. I had felt an overwhelming need to write, to communicate yesterday. And there was no one to communicate with! I felt cut off, lost and the pressure was building and pushing me to share …. something! And today, there it was. Newest channeled blog. I had no intention to respond. I didn’t even read the blog. It does me no good. I know that they are fine with out my input. Everyone has their own journey and it is all perfect. But out it came! And it wouldn’t stop! There was so much energy behind it, so much drive. After something that happened to me later today, I started wondering if I might have allowed some one or thing in that was pushing me. I was trying to channel yesterday……

Not that I was influenced to say anything I didn’t mean. It was all my truth. My views. But I know better and I have venues. And that being, and there was a being, is gone now and the tethers were broken. I have no fear of that event but I have no education in that direction. I was told I would channel and I have channeled my higher self. I had wondered however, if I was to channel some one else. Fortunately they were not of a lower vibration than mine, I knew that much, beings of light need only apply. But there is some room for shadow, and I see that it would be easy to allow someone in and then not notice they hadn’t left. I have greater respect for channeled info now.  And greater hesitation….

So that is my unintended story of irresistible forces. Now on to the one I started to write!

Twin flame!?!?!?! where are you!?!?!?!?! Come out come out where ever you are!!!!!

I want to hump your bones!

Well, that is the feel. The overwhelming desire to merge with our twin flame… What I have noticed is that it is natural and instinctive to want to merge with our twin flame. We are two parts of one being, separated at creation for the purpose of experiencing “life” from different perspective but with the same energy blueprint. And we all have an energy blueprint and it is unique to each one of us. Except for our twin flame. They have the same. Any differences are an illusion, like gender or the appearance of age. It is an illusion for what ever purpose it serves at the time. Life or educational.

When I first started my journey I did a lot of higher dimensional classes. Learned how to heal and build/manipulate energy. I know that there are classes at the higher levels for everyone to participate in. To learn things. It isn’t uncommon to read from a lightworker that they received “down loads” or took classes during their sleep. Everyone does this at some time or another. It really should be picking up here real soon, too.

Anyway, before I continue, I want to explain the “dream filter”. Everything I see in the higher realms, if it has a back ground of some sort, has gone through the dream filter. We all do this. This is our subconscious’ way of  “decorating” our dreamscapes. We may totally be working with our guides to learn something while we are asleep, but the subconscious mind will say, “Hmmm, we’re sleeping and the deep mind is active so we must be dreaming. What is happening? OK, let’s decorate it this way. These concept places ‘match’ what is happening.” Carl Jung was all about archetypical concepts of the subconscious mind. The dream filter. There is a lot of consistency to it. Dream filters are very similar, except for cultural differences that will influence it. But some times it is hard to figure out why we are in a furniture store with snow on the floor, after hours! And then leaving and giving Dr. Who a ride. There is a whole other blog!!! So now you know what I mean by dream filter.

I was having a class on team work and energy play. And my dream filter made it a quidditch match. With the brooms, and a spongy ground, we were sinking up to our knees! And my twin flame went chasing through! Screw the match, I want to screw my flame! And I knew, even though this was my first encounter, that he was mine and I was his. When I woke I felt so guilty. I’m married! I ain’t supposed to be lusting after some guy I hadn’t seen but knew to have gone past. Anyway, I took off after him and I think I failed the test I was taking. There were a lot of test back then…things that actually looked like test. Oh,and if I ever caught him, I don’t know. I will get other opportunities.

A few months later, I had another encounter. I was going through a lot of energetic configuration and my energy flow didn’t always line up properly. There was some indication that there had been some  sort of damage along the way. And to do what I needed to do, need to do, present tense, I needed to be “contorted” to line things up correctly. To create the proper healing alignment. This is the feel, I am not sure what was actually happening. I had a lot of massive healing sessions back then. Wonderful sessions. Made me feel guilty for screwing up my energy field so badly. Not that I was consciously responsible. Still felt bad about it.

So one day, I had lain down for my afternoon nap.  I think I was even sleeping when I became aware that I was lucid and that I was “tied up” in a chair with leather straps and chains (kinky!) and this man…twin flame alert!!! (also in leather and very “dangerous” looking!) is working with me to line me up just right. Energy is running, and I know he is pushing me to shift just a bit more, coaxing me to tighten down there, shift over there.  Very much a physical process on the spiritual planes. Or so it seemed. Totally about energy flow. But the whole dream filter of leather and chains and bondage…and then to run kundalini energy too! Wow! Just wow!

Then not too long later, maybe a week or two, I was talking to my friend Shawn who is also a lightworker. He had just mentioned that he had a dragon sitting on his back porch. I thought that was wonderful. I’d had several experiences with shape shifting already, as part of training and shifting to dragon had been a blast. So I knew I was a dragon somewhere in a parallel reality or other planet or some thing.  I was very excited for him.

That night, I went to bed and was immediately aware of a dragon in the air over me. I could “see” him with my second or psychic sight. And I started talking to him in my head. And as I am talking to him we move closer together. Not my physical body, but my energetic body. I guess you would say I was astral projecting. We were to merge! I had heard about this from Shawn. He does this all the time with various guides and beings for the purpose of healing and education. And if you don’t know what it is, it looks like spiritual sex. My first thought. I knew that is how sex is in the higher realms. Two being in spirit coming together. But it is different too. Goes back to the concept that all is one. However it can be fun too.

But that was not our purpose. It was another healing. So as we go to merge, I comment that it is kind of awkward and he replies that it would be easier if I was a dragon too. I am a dragon too? Yes. And I instantly shift to dragon and we merge. And I promptly fell asleep.

It has been a while since I saw my twin. There hasn’t been as much need or there are other issues that I am unaware of. But two days ago, he showed up for just a minute. There is a funny thing that spiritual beings will do and that is mimic. Beings from all levels and dimensions will take on the face (and body type) of some one else. Now, it is ok. In spirit, we “know” each other. If we have met even once, the memory is perfect and we know each other. Thinking of my mentor, if he is available, will bring him to me. Because I know him and we have a connection now. Even when he dresses as Dr. Who. So, when we see some one different that we haven’t seen before, we will always know them for their true identity. (Unless it is a new person.) The disguise is for fun or to teach something. Maybe to comfort.

Two days ago….he shows up. I don’t remember what I was dreaming. But suddenly he is in my face, and all I can think of is pulling his face down to kiss him. But he was being some one else, Arnold. The Governator! But different. Not sure yet why he was like this or why I got the impressions I did. Arnold, but softer. Rounder, much better looking! Almost pretty. With great hair. And he said “trust….” felt like there was more to it than that. But all I got. Teasers.

So now I have the blessing of an encounter with my twin and the enigma of “trust”. Works this way a lot. We don’t learn from direct communications. Has to be a challenge. Babies don’t learn to walk by being held all the time…


Another thing. Generally we do not  incarnate with our twin flames. Because we are one, it is considered safer if one supports the incarnating one. One in spirit, one in body. Helps to maintain balance and energetic health. Healing as needed. And twin flames are not the same as a soul mate. A soul mate is someone that we build history and common causes with over several lifetimes. Similar lessons.  Changing roles. Twin flames would just be screwing all the time and fighting the rest of it. Too much alike (the same person!), same challenges. Boring, except for sex and then maybe not even interesting sex. Now, on the higher planes, it is a blessing and a joy. But still no contrast or growth.

However….!?!?!….not going to go there… 😉


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. H
    Feb 22, 2012 @ 06:26:30

    Have you thought that perhaps part of this twin flame isn’t really a separate entity, as you sort of describe “him”, but being touch with all sides of yourself, the things you don’t manifest in this life time, but are and can be otherwise. I think you have more to discover of this entity. Perhaps it’s that you need to learn to love and trust yourself more, and embrace all sides of yourself. Perhaps it isn’t as much of a separate entity so much as it is you, just in a form that is perhaps easier to digest and understand at this point of your journey. This is the very concept of Ying and Yang. Just another name for the same thing, truly.

    Sometimes our 3D understanding of the world only uses “filters” that we would understand certain steps in our process easier. It’s kinda of like the Bible for some people. As a kid, God is a creature sitting on a cloud. As we grow and mature, and understand the world differently, we may realize God is a far more complex singular entity. Then later, we realize that God is everywhere. Then realize we are God. We are just as much God as plants are God. We are truly and irrevocably interconnected entities and as such, if everything and all is God, including ourselves, and by that, becomes the dual nature of God. If everything is God, then nothing is God. Do you follow me? 🙂 The last statement is the release to the freedom that is choice, and with that, unconditional love and understanding. It’s also the hardest concept to understand and accept, and to really embrace the infinite power of it.

    You’re right. Everything is perfect, a marvel. Your journey, our journey.

    So be patient. I love to see you grow.




    • lclambert
      Feb 23, 2012 @ 03:14:51

      Thank you for your comment, H! I appreciate the chance to reply.
      Of course every thing you wrote is true. And nothing I haven’t thought before. I see how my thoughts (article)could lead one to assume that I see everything as separate. Of God but still separate. Mostly I am moving through seeing everything as expressions of God. All is God and we are just expressions of that.

      The Twin Flame thing was just something fun to write about, I needed the outlet and that was the right one to share. I don’t actually see twin flames as separate people. And other than being two expressions of one expression of God, I don’t know much as there really isn’t much out there that isn’t romanticized crap.

      Early in my journey I had requested info from my guides, about the hierarchy of “heaven”. I wanted to understand the “higher” dimensions because I was playing there and wasn’t sure “where” I was.I was working with masters on a variety of projects and there wasn’t a there at all but we were still there as individualized expressions (beings). It was fun but I had no context. What I eventually was given was a conceptualized image. I am still understanding that image, the math of it started coming in today, mostly as a prompt to think about it because of your post! So thank you! What I was shown was a rugged conical mountain. I knew that the top represented Source/God. The bottom represented the limited perspective but immensely expanded expression of Source, all of us in our limited self awareness. “I am an individual, separate from you” kind of thing. The images’ concepts were many, there is understanding about “climbing” the mountain, being the mountain…you probably have a very good idea how far I could drag this out. But I don’t want to spend all day enumerating the layers of info I could find if I decided to break that part of the image down. The thing is there is a second image over the first! And that one takes the first infinitely bigger than the mountain does. Because everything isn’t just “looking” up or down but sideways and up ways and in ways. Multidimensionality is complex and it is possible to understand it here but it is more that I can personally write about at this time. I would need to go multimedia! Get a white board or something. It is exponentially trans multidimensional. I started to see the math for it today, it isn’t a hard equation but it does require space to draw it out.

      Anyway, the second image was a field of diamonds laid out in diamond shape, a point at the top and one at the bottom of the mountain. This represented awareness. At the top, the top only knows that it is the top, but as it looks “down” it sees and knows that it is all the points going down the mountain, too. I felt the rows of diamonds loosely represented the levels or dimensions. And each diamond represented an awareness too. So at the top we have one awareness but as it move down or away, it becomes two awareness’s, and we create the concept of duality. And each level goes exponential in the dimensions and the alternates too. Each awareness is exponentially multi-transdimensional. We are making a lot of parallel and alternate realities very quickly here.

      And all is one, all is just an expression of the one.

      So, after all that (sorry 😉 to answer you question: Yes I do know my twin flame is an aspect of “me”. We are literally two halves of one whole. That is the number one reason the urge to remerge is so great. That is what flames do, if together they feel compelled to remerge. And that is generally why they don’t incarnate (3-D) together, it creates a very limiting distraction from exploring the personal expression of singularity. Of separation. And that is really what this experiment has been all about. And the twin flames are expression of a larger group which is an expression of a larger group, and so on and so on, until the groups shrink back into being the One again. The wide part of the diamond pattern is about potential awareness going on. We all know our many expressions and what they are doing, we know our groups and how they remerge towards Source. …The info keeps surfacing and I hadn’t planned much time for this letter! I get multi-dimensional down loads and so I have the knowing, I just haven’t needed it until now. I wonder if my brain will start hurting! It has been a heart knowing but is beginning the shift to brain knowing now.

      After writing all that I went to see if I had addressed your comment well enough and saw that I really hadn’t at all. If I understand your first comment, and I am not sure I do. It almost sounds like you are asking if this experience is like working/playing with thought forms? What I experienced was a thought form of something I needed? That I am? Well, yes. Comes back to perspective there. Isn’t all of this a “thought form” that we agree to play in? But considering the nature of reality, thought forms are individualized expressions too. So they are then a being, to a certain degree. And to be honest, I didn’t come to this idea of twin flames on my own. I just knew I had screwed up a “test” and I didn’t know who that character was. The understanding came in later, from my guides.

      Ultimately, it doesn’t really matter, just the knowing that we are God. And all the rhetoric is just games ego likes to play. The trick is pealing the layers away to reveal we already knew we were God. Out playing.


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