The Nature of Service

One of the things I have been learning about is that spiritual service takes on many forms. Sometimes it seems dark or dangerous or foreboding. Sometimes it is light and joyful and kind of sweet. Hearts and flowers and that kind of thing. And there are those that seem to have specialties. A lot of lightworkers in the world  have settled into the flowers and rainbows and hearts routine. And that is perfect, for them. They are holding the light and being of service where they find them selves.

But one of the most profound insight I have received on this journey is this, and it involved the person I will mention, although he is not an exception but the rule. If God went to Jesus and said, “Son, I want you to go play for the dark team for a while, create fear and hate and insecurity. Cause war and hardship.” Here is the insight:  Jesus would say “When do you want me to start?” And he would put his all into it. Which is not inconsiderable. And he would have a wonderful time, because he is being of service to the greater good, which is ultimately God.

God does not distinguish between light and dark, right and wrong. All is God and that is what God sees. No morality. I mentioned that to a Christian the other day, that God was amoral and flipped his wig! Was kind of fun! Today, I was yanking all kinds of chains at a site dedicated to the channelings of extraterrestrials. I was intentionally shaking things up. It is part of how I am of service.

The thing is, there are many ways of being of service to the greater good and they are not always encouraging or enlightening. Some services are provided to challenge us to be our selves, to think for our selves. To find our selves, our truth. To make a choice. All of life is really about finding our way home, to find our truth, of who and what we are. And if it is required, a higher dimensional being (including some 3-D ones!) will flat-out lie to us to get us to see ourselves differently. To wake up.

If we are too dependent, they will play that up. Lazy, they will play to that. They are trying to provide a mirror for us to see ourselves in. “See how lazy and dependent you have gotten? we will help you with that, here are our promises to you….Do you actually believe them?”

I do read the sites, some of them anyway. And so far the ET’s are mostly being honest. They are reporting what is going on in a broad sense. But for those who require more, I think they lying their asses off to help individuals to see them selves differently. To provide that mirror. All problems that we see as being  “out there” are actually a reflection of what is inside us. Impatient for the ET’s to show us, then you are really being impatient with your self to get a move on and start your own ascension process. Until we make some effort in our own ascension process, we will never see the signs that we think we need in order to begin.

And the reason is simple. We know what is truth. But as 3-D humans at this time in history, we have allowed ourselves to be blinded. We still know the truth, but we are lazy and this has been encouraged. And that plays into our personal journeys.  Some of us wanted a challenge and some wanted a fairly easy ride. Neither are good or bad, just what is needed for that expression of God. And by “that expression of God” I mean us. We are God! We are expressions of God. And we are  exploring different things, different ways of being. Different ways of rediscovering who and what we are. And it is all perfect.

So some of us, and I am beginning to include myself in this list, some of us are here to awaken people in a rather rough way. I tried calling and no one heard me. Then I tried yelling, just a bit. I was ignored. Well, I am yelling now and letting you know that if you don’t get your ass in gear you will miss the bus! Later, I will start the shaking.  It will get worst.

Information and disinformation is a mirror. And it is of service. And what is disinformation to you may not be to me. Depends on point of reference. I see what the ET’s are saying and I see the truth of the messages. And the lies.

And it is not just the ET’s. My guides will yank my chain and allow me absolute misery if it will help me awaken to a greater degree. Make me wait…….still waiting!……..tired of waiting…….

Yet I know that the journey is moving along beautifully for myself, and everyone else too. You may not see it. But I look at the news, not too much, that is to get drawn into the nitty-gritty and that is a distraction from my journey. But I see enough to know that things are moving along exactly as it should. I see the patterns of this ascension process we are in and it is on track. Not sure how it will play out but I feel it, see the energy moving in the process and it is building up to something…exciting! I can hardly wait!…Still waiting!…

And that is as I want it. If this thing breaks loose too soon, as many people want it, many minds and hearts will be lost. Damaged. And God does not want that. It does not serve the greater good. Many people will back slide and have to start over. This slows momentum.  This is ok but why? If waiting a bit longer will help more people to awaken to a much greater degree, then lets wait a bit longer!

Each of us is in service to the greater good. God and each other as expressions of God. And growing in spirit, raising our vibration serves the greater good. Waiting joyfully serves the greater God….good! Taking responsibility for ourselves is for the greater good. Releasing fear and its sub-emotions of hate and anger, is for the greater good. Choosing to trust the process and relax! is for the greater good!

But, sometimes we have to kick your butts out of bed, and that is a shocking awakening…..are you still cozy under the covers? or have you awoken yet?

Your choice!


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