Joy Ride,2012

I have a spiritual confidant that I write a lot and tell everything. Probably more than he wants. His name is Shawn Avery and his web site is He is an incredible spiritual intuitive, medium, channel, healer….bit of a list, fully activated lightworker and servant of Spirit. This is the letter I just sent to him.


I know it is a bit early but way cool dreams and energy work and just very cool.

Got to bed about 12:30 and immediately got some really interesting energy work, had felt a pressure on top of my head as I went to bed and that lifted soon as I was lying down. Felt a touch on my cheek.  Then there was this pressure on my mouth. I had complained earlier of grinding my teeth the last 24 hours, stressed. And here is this pressure on my mouth, very similar to placing a vacuum hose over my lips (no suction), and I could feel the energy enter my mouth and just shift around there for a while.

I had been so excited about the “joy ride” as it is being labeled, that I had immediately falling into fantasy about it. I am not sure why this caught my attention so thoroughly but I was all about going on the ride and learning things and having healings and taking pictures and uploading them to Facebook and joking with people and seeing my team and JC and giving him a big ol’ sloppy hug and introducing him to the other participants and just joking and teasing and having a wonderful time and we  were all doing our own “travelogues” with our smart phones, taking pictures and telling what is being seen and the people present and the ET’s turned off the gravity! And we are laughing and filming each other floating around. And then I finally fell asleep.

Kind of, lucid, mostly all night….4 hours and I dreamed that I was looking out the back window, over towards the intersection of Orchard and Franklin and I saw this football shaped ship just creeping along, about 100-150 feet above the buildings/houses over there and it had this slow-moving energy, like lightning but slow, no flash just continuous flickering red/blue/purple rope lightning out each end of the ship. And I wanted a picture so I got my phone and went out onto the back porch and saw off to the side, from around my house this flickering light and even though I want the picture of the ship across the street, I wanted to see what was around the corner too because it was in my yard! And I wasn’t having much success taking the picture anyway. So I looked around the corner. I never saw what was there but I know what it was. I was screaming…vocalizing, letting strong emotion out, like a scream, but more stress less fear. That is wrong, fear too. It was also overlay-ed with joyous laughing too. Not sure, complicated image. Healing and remembering and just stuff.

Then there was something about taking teachers on board ships to be reeducated because the old ways had to be obliterated from the mentalities of the teachers, too much violence and previous history. They were not being brain washed but elevated  (ascended) so that they could consciously educate. From a place of love, about history and science and whatever, this group was grade school teachers, so less formal on academics and more about how to treat each other.

And then it was the kids turn, they were to spend a bit of time on a ship and heal their duality thinking and feelings. And give them a fresh slate. And that is where I woke up. And I was some how working with the teachers/students. This is the first “to-do” dream I have had in a long time. I don’t know what it means, first thing I asked if my “calling” was changed, no idea. Confused enough now that I don’t seem to be holding fast to anything, kind of hope it stays this was, I was very grabby of the last calling. Too tight a grasp. So it will be interesting to see what happens.
Oh and the light around the corner of the house! It was the football ship projecting that energy lightning into the side of my house at my family! Raising their vibration, healing. I didn’t actually see this but it is what I know was happening.
Lots of healing, lots of other stuff I can’t remember. But this was “good shit, man” so I wanted to share before I go back to sleep.

And I am going to blog this letter too, just so you know!
‘night, going back to sleep here in a minute.


The “joy ride” referenced is an event supposedly taking place the weekend of February 4th, 2012. This weekend. It was arranged to take a group of people on board a space ship, a “flying saucer”  for 10 days to travel the solar system and more, not sure on that, the where to’s.  This event is being reported on a couple different web sites and the purpose is to jumpstart the disclosure process. Our government, all governments were asked to provide a disclosure by a certain date (which they failed to provide) to the public of the ongoing communications between the Extraterrestrials over the last 50-70 years. Years that provided technological assistance and advancement. Advancements in the area of energy and production and health care. Advancements that would allow all people to live healthy lives, free of disease and starvation and to live productive prosperous live. All people could have been living this way for a very long time. But because our government is owned by big business, the technologies were suppressed for the betterment of the few. The greedy and hateful.  The technology, that we have asked Heaven for but was given to the government, for protection and gentle distribution to the world for the betterment of the world, was claimed by those that felt they could better distribute it, and they buried it, their money-making methods were already in place and free energy technologies don’t make money. Optimum health technologies don’t make money. Clean Earth technologies don’t make money. Miserable people are easy to manipulate. Fear keeps people needy of the things the big businesses controls. Keeps us slave, indentured servants.

Here are the tags, look them up. Become involved, informed. ascension 2012, planetary ascension process, the great shift, paradigm shift, dimensional shift, spiritual evolution, lightworkers, Christ Consciousness. Maybe some of these will lead you to more. Shit is happening! We can not change our world until we, as individuals, grow up! Change the person inside to change the world outside. We are ascending people, be part of it. Choose and seek to be part of it. You must choose, as an individual. Let go of the fear, let in the love, and know you are “God”. We all are. God was never out there, God was always in here. In our hearts. God is calling you, please take time to listen.

Namaste Awaken Kristoss! (X3)


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