Energy That Awakens

Golden Braid Reiki Or GBR is a high intensity energy tool of spiritual awakening. It combines the standard Usui reiki with Kundalini, White Gold Christ energy and the pure intent of Lightweaver, who is the central being of this energy, and a high level energetic healer from the 7th dimension. This is a channeled energy. All reiki is. (See “How Reiki Gets Here”)

There are several modalities within the hands on healing arena. Some are taught, some are attuned. They are all about using intent and desire and visualization to call into play and then direct universal life force energy. The purpose is usually to heal energy blocks within the body that create illness. And all illness starts with an energy block or imbalance of some sort.

So when a reiki practitioner goes to do a healing on you, they will invite both of your guides and angels, any masters or higher angels and beings they may feel is appropriate to attend and they will set intent to heal you to the best of their ability. They will call or invoke the energy. And they will lay hands on you. To a certain degree. Each healer usually develops their own methodology after a while but it is usually much the same.  Set intent, bring in the energy, lay on hands.

In the summer of 2008, I decided to follow Spirit to my calling and was ultimately led to reiki. During my second attunement, I received a new symbol, which promptly took over the reiki, making it its own.  Ten months later, after many adventures and experiments with the energy, I received my masters attunement or awakening. I am still not sure what the event was, I just know it changed my world massively. After that, over the course of two years, I received and was attuned to five more symbols. Each symbol deals with aspects of how we function at the higher levels. Unity, manifestation, communication, true identity. And different levels within each one, as appropriate for each individual. Just like regular reiki it is very adaptive to each person and their needs.

The primary way that this energy works is through that first symbol. Its purpose is to consistently and systematically raise vibration and help the individual to release the blocks, beliefs, attitudes and perceptions that make up our idea of who and what we are. Especially where those beliefs contradict the truth of our relationship to Source. The energy is totally focused on getting the person from being just a human to being a child of God and thus God. Without limitation.

The reason the energy is here at this time is because we are going through a planetary ascension process. And that means that everyone is awakening, to different understandings and perspectives. We are awakening socially, and culturally and personally. And those awakenings are reflected all through out the world.  What was once considered the truth or the way things are, is being challenged and tested for validity and effectiveness. And what doesn’t work is going away.

The world is rapidly becoming transparent. That means that we can see everything. We need to see everything. The tools are in place but there are those that are still holding on to the old, unhealthy and hateful/harmful ways of thinking about the world. As if everyone is an enemy. For this planet and her people to survive, we need to get to the place where every single person is our ally! We will see that we all have value and something to bring to the table.

The energy raises those beliefs, attitudes, blocks and perceptions that tell us we are less than a child of God. As the blocks are raised, they need to be looked at and released. This is a continuous process. It does not happen over night. Healing the mind and heart takes time. However, this energy is getting progressively more powerful and the time it takes to heal or release a block is decreasing in time. Blocks that took me two to three weeks to process in 2009, are only taking 24 to 36 hours now. And these are the big daddy issues. The ones that make up the foundation of personal identity. And they all have to be released. To know self (and everyone else) as a child of God, we must become nothing so that we can become everything.

But to get there requires a bit of work. We have had some really bad ideas and beliefs about the world and each other for a very long time. Ultimately the attitudes were just plain disrespectful. To ourselves, and to each other. To the earth, who is a living being in her own right. We used what ever excuse, be it politics or religion or social class to impose our wants, not our needs but wants, on other people, claiming it was in their own good when the only person it really served was self (or group).

Those types of beliefs are very deeply ingrained into all cultures around the world. There is a great deal of shifting there right now but that is mostly happening through bloody hard work at the individual level. The thing is, to make changes that will really stick, we all must shift our understanding of the world too. Our beliefs are what create the world. So we must release the beliefs and blocks that keep us enslaved to a victim mentality. To the belief that we are not of value unless we meet certain arbitrary standards. That, unless we must stomp all over another to take what we want, or we won’t have anything. Which is counter to the higher truth that as children of God we are given all that we need.

Earlier I mentioned how a general reiki healing might go but now I want to address how mine works. I send my reiki out into the world almost every day. Usually passively through thought and presence. I have a huge energy field and it gets around…Believe it or not, my thinking about you awakening, helps you awaken. When you are actively choosing to awaken, the energy intensifies even more.

So, lets say you call or email, asking for  an attunement/blessing. Both words work. I will give you a basic instruction to be open to achieving your highest greatest good, what ever that may be. Only God knows and it is totally perfect for you. I will give you basic reminders about making a commitment to being open to this ever day. Part of spiritual growth is being open to spiritual growth. And that is what this really is. At no particular time (since time doesn’t actually exist, the blessing will get to you when you truly need it) I will send you the blessing. I am really good about sending them as soon as I receive the request. But like I mentioned, if you aren’t really open to it, you wont notice it.

What you might notice is that you seem to be dealing with more emotional issues than you were before, as they surface to be released. You might notice that you are vibrating in the middle of the night. You may notice the increase of lucid dreaming and the increase of intuition or psychic abilities. NO PROMISES! Intuition seems to be the most noticeable side effect of the energy. And the reason for that is that it is very helpful to be able to talk to your guides and receive their help as you struggle to release the issues in your energy field.

The most important thing to remember here is that we all have beliefs that are counter to our higher truth. And that higher truth is that each and every one of us are a reflection of God, a child of God. Not the way any religion portrays God but how God is…and isn’t. God…is expansion and potentialities. And that describes us too. Or it should. Say yes to the possibilities that are you!

So the objective is to release the confining definitions that we use to describe ourselves and accept the definition of unlimited! I am everything! You are every thing! We are everything! And that is what the energy does, it helps us release the limitations we live with, for what ever reason, and helps us to accept that we are everything.



I do not charge for these blessings. I am a tool of Spirit for the greater good. If you are interested in a blessing, we do not have to be together for this to happen. I do the blessings energetically or astrally. There is no time or space so the energy goes where it is directed, without limitations.

If you would be interested I would be pleased to address your group on this topic. I enjoy giving group attunements and healings as the numbers make for interesting dynamics.

I am blessed to be able to help you on your journey.


You can contact me at:   or   ph. 208-409-6628    or

(I may be shifting that site over to word press soon but the address will still be valid as I own the domain. And none of the site info will be lost.)

Namaste Awaken Kristoss!




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