Ascending the Dimensions

I was feeling the need, and the prompt from Source, to do up a little essay on the dimensions and “what they look like.” So I did a little research and found…a bunch of theory. I wanted it straight from the horses mouth but wasn’t finding it on the web. But I did realize that I already have the book “Straight from the Horses Mouth concerning Spiritual Dimensions” on my bookshelf! Or more appropriately known as “What is Light body?” By Archangel Ariel, Channeled by Tashira Tachi-ren.

I quoted  very heavily, and I tried to put everything in quotes that needed it. But I also paraphrased a bit, just to trim words off. Not that it needed much. So I am sharing this source of information with you. I do not know if this book is still in print although I am sure you could find it in an on line book store, I did. This is a wonderful little reference source and worth having for your library. I will say, that when I began my journey, it made no sense to me, only as an abstraction. Now, I see where I function on a regular basis and I also understand what that means.

Spiritual growth is the deepening understanding of the dimensions and our interaction with them. We may not think of them as dimensions, that is a quantitative word. But as we become more, we understand our relationship with those different dimensions. Spiritual growth and ascension is just the expansion of understanding and awareness. Of knowing.

We are already fully trans-dimensional. The level at which we function consciously is totally based on our degree of comprehension and knowing. Not as a theory or an idea or an abstraction but actually knowing how to play there. The difference is like looking at a map and seeing the streets and natural geographic layout of the area. But to understand the place you must go and visit the place. And the knowing becomes real and alive to the individual. So understanding the dimensions is like that. The realization of occupancy is what makes us to understand.

We already “live” fully and completely in all dimensions right now. Every instant of creation start to finish. Our understanding at the deeper levels and our voluntary participation in those realms reflects our level of awareness and occupancy.

Integration of all dimensions is desirable and requires willingness and effort to release our beliefs of what is true or real.

According to “What is Lightbody?” We are third dimensional, which is matter based.

The fourth is astral and that is emotion based. These together make up what is called the Lower Creation World. This is where the game of separation is carried out.

The fifth through ninth dimension make up the Mid-Creation Realm. The fifth dimension is Lightbody dimension, where we are aware of ourselves as a master and a multidimensional being. In the fifth dimension, you are completely spiritually oriented. Many lightworkers come from this dimension.

The sixth dimension is where the templates for the DNA patterns are held. This is for all species in all worlds. This is also where Light Languages are stored. And it is made up mostly of color and tone.  This is where consciousness creates through thought and is one of the places where we work when we sleep. We can have a form, if we choose but we are more of an “alive thought”. This accounts for those dreams where you are looking over your own shoulder and seem to move around but are unrestricted by a perception of “physicality.”

“Seventh Dimension is pure creativity, pure light, pure tone, pure geometry and pure expression. It is a plane of infinite refinement and is the last place where we perceive ourselves as individuals.”

Eighth is the group mind or soul level.

“Ninth dimension is the plane of the collective consciousness of planets, star systems, galaxies and dimensions.”

“The tenth through twelfth dimensions make up the Upper Creation realm. The tenth is the source of the Rays, home of the Elohim. This is where the creation designs are made to be sent to the mid-creation levels.”

“The eleventh dimension is that of pre-formed Light– the point before creation and a state of exquisite expectancy, just like the moment before a sneeze or an orgasm. It is the realm of the being know as Metatron, and of the Archangels and other Akashics for the Source-system.” There are a variety of Akashic systems here; planetary and galactic as well as for the entire Source system.

“The twelfth dimension is the One Point where all consciousness knows itself to be utterly one with All That Is. There is no separation of any kind. You know your self to be completely one with All That Is, with the creator force.”

As I look at this I realize that we are capable of being in all these dimensions at any given time. I personally have visited and worked in the seventh dimension, the energy I channel is created there. I know that as I work…Jesus says to stop “working” to ascend and just be…as I ascend through this fifth dimensional process, I am also ascending through the seventh dimensional process too. I have seen my activities there too. And pretty much every where in between. And if you are on your own journey of awakening, you will recognize that you have also been to some of these other dimensions to greater or lesser degrees. We are all of these dimensions, the only thing that shifts is our awareness of where we are. Our realization that “I am a master!” “I play in energy, folding and twisting it to make other things and movements.” “I travel between realities!” These are the clues to your growth and development. Your being-ness.

We are  already there! We just need to raise our vibration (required to recognize and KNOW that we are anywhere) and acknowledge that we are already home, we’re just playing along the way.

I want to thank Archangel Ariel, for sending this information to us.

And my personal mentor Jesus, who keeps me humble when I think I am all that…. Stop laughing at me! Never at you, always with you. And always with you. Love you, go get ’em Tiger! Twit! love you too……

Please feel free to share this with your own favorite sites. Where ever you feel it could be of service to the greater good. I just ask that you reference it in its entirety. Or provide the link to this article. Thank you. Namaste Awaken Kristoss!


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