The Big Bang

In the mid-nineties, I had a dream, and it was repeated in the fall of 2010. In the dream I am out in the middle of the universe. And it is dark. Nothing there. Suddenly there is a flash of light and this central sun is just suddenly there. But it is in motion too. It is roiling and bubbling. Light bubbles overcoming each other, just like in a boiling pot of water or soup.

And out of this writhing mass of light bubbles, there were these streaks of light, shooting off all over the place. Some with long trajectories and others with fairly short runs. Just shooting out all over the place.

And some were heading towards me. I don’t remember being concerned about this. I watched these streaks of light flashing towards me and as they went past, I noticed they were intelligent. Alive with intent and joy. And I knew they were us! Heading out into the universe to explore and play and create! To evolve. I knew that we are from that central sun. And I knew that central sun was God. A mass of intense light and being-ness. Some call it love. Very definitely a belonging. That we belong with and to God. That we are of God. To use the cliche, we are created in Gods “image.” But also that we belong to us. And that it is our job, our purpose, to head out into the universe and explore and create and play.

And we call this creation or evolution. There really isn’t much difference, unless  you try to define and limit God and “his” workings to the very narrow parameter of our existence.  Because it all happens instantaneously, over and over again, ever second of every day. The universe is created over and over again, instantaneously.

And as we moved away from God, or Source, we experienced every thing, as God. We tried every thing, as God. We created everything, as God. And this is a joyous process! And we never forgot who we were. That we are God!

But since creation is expansion also, we eventually moved away, so far that we did indeed forget who we are. But it was intentional. We had done every thing else, experienced it all. And it was wonderful! All of it. But because we knew and were one with Source, there was not much left to experience. Yet there was still energy expanding!

So another experiment was tried. It is all just exploration. We are like the most creative and open-minded and hearted scientist ever. As children of God, we knew we could do what ever we wanted, because every thing brings “glory” to God. So we created Earth.  We had made so many planets and solar systems and just everything. But Earth was to be different. Earth would hide from the truth. As  beings of Source, we can incarnate as anything, be anything, live the lives of anything. And we did! But we always knew that it was just a game, something new to try. We always knew who we were. We never forgot. Even when at our deepest drop into a game we always knew where we came from and who we were.

So the game of separation was devised. Earth would be beautiful, with so many different species of everything on it. Representative life was brought in from all parts of the galaxy to live here, to exemplify beauty in diversity. It is considered the Garden planet of the galaxy.

So we came and began the lives of separation. Forgetting who we are. Living our lives as if this is all there is. And the experiment has been a success! We have truly forgotten who we are. We think we were either created here or evolved here. (Both are true!)

But because we are still Source, in our truth, reminders were provided. Our siblings would visit to remind us. And depending on our depth into the game, the forgetting, we would see it as other than what it was. It is recorded in ancient Sumeria. The truth is laid out for those who choose to see. The truth is reflected in so many other places, as well. But we are still allowed to live the dream, the game. To awaken slowly. We have been so deeply asleep for so many years that to awaken us without consideration of our experiences and to respect our choice to be here, would damage the entire experiment.

We are the children of God and as such we have no limits. We chose to be here. To live the dream of separation and limitation. To forget our truth.

Part of the game was to see if we could awaken on our own. Part of the reason that the clues were provided was to help in that. Some saw, others did not. And to make the experiment even more challenging, there have been blocks placed to help the illusion. We have been “lied” to, “denied” information. Told that we were sinners or smart animals. We were conditioned to trust and to not think for our selves. To become “sheeple”.

And there were those who joyfully took on the task of keeping us asleep. Right up to the point that they felt it was their right to keep us a sleep, to benefit from our ignorance of our truth.  But they were also living in ignorance, they forgot who they were too.

But it is time to awaken, to remember. For every one. The game is changing. There are new adventures awaiting us. But first there is that awakening to get through. And it is a process. A type of healing.

Assistance is available. There are so many people who have awakened to their truth, their knowing of self as a child of God, and thus God. There are those who came here specifically to help with the awakening process. To bring in the tools and advice to help everyone awaken. To bring in the energy needed to awaken everyone. Because living in ignorance of our truth lowers our energy, our vibration. And that was part of the experiment too. So it is all good. But it is time to wake up. To clear the sleep from our eyes, to remember. And to return to our true state of high vibrant energy.

The time is now. This experiment has ended and it is time to shift to the new one. But no hurries. Everyone will awaken in their own time.  That is part of the experiment too. You may not know this but you are awakening. We are all awakening. What a fabulous journey of exploration this has been!

Namaste Awaken Kristoss!


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