I found you!

Hiya! this should be fun….for me! And I hope that you enjoy my stories too.

I am a bit of a spiritualist…I know, woo-woo! But that isn’t what being a spiritualist is…usually. I have to admit that I have had more than my share of woo-woo events. And that is actually why I started a blog in the first place. To share my stories.

I am going to try to post them is chronological order but if I feel moved (by Spirit!) to write on a different topic or concerning something else….I will! Even if I am not moved by Spirit….

A little background. I am a middle class, middle aged American woman living in Boise Idaho…Hey come back here! There is something about living in this area that creates a very powerful energy field for spiritualist. I have met some very gifted and talented men and women here. Not that I consider myself one of them. I am a different type of critter….I am still discovering what, exactly.

I do know I am a seeker. I really should stop thinking of myself that way. What with the Law of Attraction manifesting what I believe to be true. I probably should find a new word to describe my journey. Well, there it is. I am a journeyer….a traveler. Truth be told, I am the prodigal “son” heading home. We all are. And at some point I will write about that too.

Part of the reason I want to write for you, is to tell about the experiences and the lessons I have learned from the light….and the angels and the masters and the extraterrestrials. My family of light. Our family of light. I don’t mean or intend to pontificate but I feel that this is very important. That everyone comes to know of our true relationship with these beings of the higher world. They are family! And not just the family members that you remember who have crossed over, although there is that too. But all of them, all of us! We are family! And even though, on this plane we can be hundreds and thousands of family trees apart, in spirit it is less then a breath. We are one.

We are one.

But for right now, I want to share my tales of spiritual adventure and awakening. Namaste Awaken Kristoss!



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