How Reiki Gets Here

This is for anyone who has ever given or received a channeled energy healing…..others are welcome, too!

Those of us who do Reiki know the story of Mikao Usui, a Japanese businessman who decided to figure out a way to heal the body by healing the mind. And being a man with Buddhist tendencies, he sought answers the Buddhist way. He sat in a monastery, fasting and meditating. On the twenty-first day, a mystic beam of light came down to him and illuminated his mind, heart and soul, showing him how to heal with his hands. Which he proceeded to do with great success.
This is a wonderful story, from the Earth plane perspective. But did you ever wonder how the energy gets here? This is what I was shown:
In the seventh dimension a group of multidimensional energy healers and workers will come together to create and send a healing energy to the Earth plane. They do this by designing the energy according to need. It will be “commissioned” by one of the Councils or Brotherhoods from a higher plane. Then they will set up the collection grid. This is a circle of those energy healers and workers. There will be varying numbers, with one in the center, like a wheel with a hub. The center being is the primary channel. As each being collects unfocused universal life force energy, they filter it through their heart chakras and then send it onto the central being. As they gather it, their intent creates a particular filter, a “coloring” and “flavoring” of the energy. All the filters impose a purpose for the energy. As all this energy is channeled into the central being, they too are affecting the energy. The central channel fine tunes and adds any special energy at this time (some ascended masters will infuse the “mix” with their energy to impose their objectives). Once this energy configuration is in place, it is sent to the central controls third dimensional self. From that point on is distributed through healings and attunements.
The central “hub” being and the third dimensional person are the same spiritual person, just different aspects of the one. The higher dimensional being is very aware of their third dimensional selves. The other way around? Not so much. If Mikao Usui knew that he was receiving this energy from his higher self, he never mentioned it in any of his writings. Needless to say, I do know that I am receiving my healing energy from my higher self.
And that is why I feel it is necessary to push my reiki. I know what my energy is here for. It is here, in a nut shell, to awaken people to who they truly are, which is a Child of God.
When I went to spiritual intuitive Shawn Avery, asking what my new reiki symbol was for (I had had no success in figuring it out in the previous ten months), I was told it was a power symbol of awakening. And the being who is the Christ energy, was at my masters attunement and he confirmed that this is so.
This energy wants to travel but it needs people who wouldn’t mind spreading it. It moves through casual touch and proximity. The more people who have the healing,  the more people that will benefit and begin to grow in their Divine knowing.
Since this is an article about reiki, it might be helpful to know that this energy does not negate Usui Reiki or any other energy modality. It is administered as a blessing. And the blessing is an attunement. There are no symbols to receive with the attunement.  You will not need them. The energy seems to amplify any spiritual gifts, including  reiki.
If this is of interest to you, visit the web site. It is very eloquent and will save us some time. Then bring your more specific questions to me and I will try to answer them as truthfully as Spirit will allow. And just maybe, this will be the next step on your spiritual journey.
Namaste.    Lisa’s cell #208-409-6628


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