Awakening of a Reluctant Healer

Rose. That is the color of my heart chakra. Not green. I was shown this about two years ago. Didn’t know what it meant. So, I looked it up. Healer’s heart. What the heck?! I had not seen myself that way before. Had sought understanding into who I was but healer was never on the list.
But things were changing. I had committed to my journey and my guides had lead me to a reiki healing that revealed a rose heart chakra. And since the healer also provided reiki classes, I took one. Still felt weird. Didn’t like the table, it hurt my back. And if I was going to put my hands on another person for healing, I wanted them to be healed right this minute! Not after five to twenty sessions. It felt like it should be immediate. I guess I had too much awareness of spiritual gifts.
Being a spiritual healer sounded about right. But that is a gift of spirit. You don’t just decide to have that gift, it is given. But I trusted my guides and followed their prompts. I took reiki to mastery. And in the course of that class, I received a new symbol that  lead to my own line of energy. Eventually received a masters attunement for that symbol and then the rest of the symbols started coming in. And their attunements. Six so far, master attunements for all.
But there is a problem. NO ONE wants this energy. I can understand not wanting the attunement, as it is a life’s commitment but no one wants the healing. And I see this is where my reluctance comes in. Because I don’t want to be a healer, so I don’t even try to think like one. Or talk like one.
I heal multidimensionally and in parallel universes. Truly. I am aware of so much and yet, I can’t get out there to heal! I know it is fear. I have been given the gift of healing. But I am afraid of where it will take me. And I already KNOW where it will take me. Because I have been shown. And to get there, I have to get over my fear. Work through it, challenge it, reject its power over me.

When I was in college, I belonged to a Catholic youth group. And we were talking about fears. A friend said he was afraid of mediocrity. I said I was afraid of greatness. And I don’t think it is that uncommon. We think we want fame or fortune, usually together. Or maybe just the fortune that fame can bring. But I’m not even going there! I don’t ask for money. No set rates. But that greatness issue….
And as I sit here writing, I feel my guides surrounding me, helping my thoughts to heal, coaxing the issues to the surface for healing and release. Fear is a tenacious beast, and is not easily dismissed. It will find a new issues to attache to. It is a battle. It is THE battle….
But it is OK! I have no worries! The journey is the blessing of my life. The gift, just something to share with others on their journey of self discovery. And that is the real journey, finding ourselves, finding our truth.
So here is an invitation. Call or email me, ask for a healing. It doesn’t matter where you are. This is an energy process, not a physical process. I can send it to you anywhere. And if you don’t like it, ignore it. It will not force you to awaken faster than you want or can handle.

Lisa at: 208-409-6628   or   or


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